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Love Crystal

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My heart was thumping and my feet shuffled clumsily as he held me. I didn't know what I was feeling at that moment but one thing was clear to me, I wasn't scared, I felt very comfortable in his arms.. staring at him, not knowing what to say . The look in his eyes captivated my entire being.. "I'm so..r.r.y" he stammered, taking his hands off me.. "I only wish for the old days . I'll be leaving now" he added. I still stood at that particular spot, speechless, imagining what just happened.. "I was very conscious, I wasn't sleeping. How come...? Old days? Who's this guy?" I thought to myself.. I stared till he was out of sight... I went to the kitchen, met my mum drying dishes and I joined her.. for a while, no one said anything to the other and I didn't because my thought was already occupied

"It's just so visible you know?" "What?" I turned my gaze to her direction.. "your curiosity" she replied.. I really don't know how she does those things but she's really good at it. No matter how much I pretend, she knows and that bitter truth, she never fails to pour it all out. "I don't know what you are talking about mom". I tried avoiding her eyes but the smirk on her face was very visible

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. "There's only one way to clear your doubts. You are this type that hardly shares things, especially when it has to do with your emotions but then, it's not the best" though, I won't admit but I know she's right. On a second thought, perhaps, she can tell me about him. That dark cloud that's always over him, by chance, she might know why.

"Mom that guy..." I decided to open up "go to bed honey." "But mom listen..." "I said go to bed..." she said softly but then, I knew she meant every word so I couldn't argue.. I slept with the same thought..

Gabi's POV

We arrived home safely and everyone went to their respective rooms. I couldn't sleep. each time I close my eyes, i see queen laughing with that Doc. I felt really restless. This was one of those nights I'd call her , though very late but she wouldn't mind. She would always say those sweet things that eases my stressed heart.. and her voice began to echoed in my head, her last words the previous night before the accident ..... "You are stressed out, i feel it.. Pondering where u went wrong, it's alright... Can you please not bother that heart? It hurts me Are you tired? I can hold you but not your worries, not your discomfort.. If it's ok by you, can you lean on me just this once??".... But then, it seems those days are gone. I felt totally helpless, shattered and finally, I slept at the early hours of the morning...

I heard a soft knock on the door... "I wish I will be left alone" I muttered.. the knock came again and the slightly opened. "Bro, dad is back. He just arrived this morning". The nodded, gesturing her to leave. It doesn't make any difference to me if he's back or not. He's never around, we only know he exists through phone calls and he's obviously going to leave soon. So I really don't see anything to be about. I got up later, freshen up and went down. "Good morning dad" "morning son. How's it been with you?" From the look on his face, he looks happy , I guess mum and Cynthia have been feeding him with latest gist. "Um.. it's been fine.." I forced out a fake smile to avoid further questions. "Anyways. Um.. I'll be heading to my house now" I said to no one in particular. "Come on Gabi, your father just got here and you are like this?" "Loosen up a little bro" Cynthia supported. "Gabriel, come and sit down. You won't get through this if you keep acting this way" my dad added. I couldn't resist or argue with them so I sat down. They talked and laughed but then, I felt out of place so I left them and went to my room.

Later in the evening, I heard a knock on my door "come on in. The door isn't locked" I was surprised to see my dad. It's been ages he last did that and he only did whenever he's angry. "Yes dad, are you searching for something?" I asked keenly. "No son, I want us to talk" he sat beside me. "Talk about what dad? If it's business, please I'm really not in the mood" "no son I want to know how you've been, how have you been coping? Please talk to your father. You clearly need someone to talk to and am here. Please give me a chance to be a father to you " I felt cold hearing those words I've longed to hear from my dad for years. I felt this joy within. I fell on his shoulder and wept. "Pour it all out son. Sometimes, you don't need to act strong. Pour it all out" after some minutes on my dad's shoulder, I explained everything that happened so far and how I felt. I poured out everything to him. "You love her and this is certainly not the time to lock yourself up and cry all day son. This is not the time to feel down. Sometimes, life gives us what we don't expect but deep down, the solution is there . Her heart need you, help her recall everything. This is the time to get your woman back. Prove to her how much you love her. Don't let anyone take her away from you but then, I must warn you, do not act violently, do not fight for love with your fist but your heart cause it's your greatest weapon. Okay?" He concluded. For the first time in my life, I felt very happy to have a father. " thanks dad" I muttered. "Now get up and face life son" with this last words, he left my room.

I felt very motivated to get the love of my life back. I've now found the key I've been missing. I got up with so much faith and went downstairs." Gabi" my mom called out. "Yes mama pretty" I said cheerfully. My mom was surprised seeing the sparkle on my face "what did you do to him?" She said referring to my dad "big boys talk little girl" we all laughed at dad's reply and yea, I enjoyed the rest of the evening..

Queen's POV

I spent the previous day at my mom's place but then, I had to return back to my house. Trust me, there's nothing as staying alone. I love my space so much. I had to clean my house and prepare for work the next week. I was busy cleaning when my phone rang "hello doctor Williams. Good afternoon" " hello beautiful. Can you just call me Williams and stop being too official?" I smiled and nodded like he could see me. "Where are you?" "At home. Cleaning" "do you mind if we have dinner later?" I'm not much of the outing time... "oh no ..

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. I'll be busy. Maybe next time." I rejected "okay.. catch ya later" "alright doc" I ended the call. Few minutes later, my door bell rang. Who can that be, I thought to myself cause I don't remember inviting anyone over. The door bell rang again for the second time "yes, I'm coming" I shouted a little annoyed this time. I opened the door and met a surprise.."you!!" "Hi" he replied... Who is that? Williams or Gabi... let's find out in the next episode.. and don't forget, the comment box is all for you.. let me know what you think

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    wow! Thanks a lot. please don't Take forever to post d next eposode
  • Olaleye Adedamola picture
    Olaleye Adedamola
    Awesome, pls don't belong to send next episode
  • Queen Allie picture
    Queen Allie
    next episode coming sooner than expected
  • Anwoju Opeyemi picture
  • Abigail Edos picture
    Abigail Edos
    Nice... If she has amnesia how come she remembers having her own apartment? Except we'll assume she was told by her family. Not trying to let this story down but I have to be sincere. When a person has amnesia, she will have to be reminded most things, like having a job,family and their names even reminded of her own name, where she works, the route to her house, she can't even go out on her own cos she might not remember how to get to a place, and for this story it doesn't seem like it. It just seems her amnesia affects only Gabriel and his family. Thanks for the story though.
  • Happy Godfirst picture
    Happy Godfirst
    Gabi fight for your love
  • Gracious Grace picture
    Gracious Grace
    Interesting story! I've heard of someone with amnesia who remembered everything except the last person she thought about, so it's possible @Abigail Edos. Good work Miss Queen.
  • Prince Andy picture
    Prince Andy
    The person at the door must be Gabi
  • damskid picture
    Kudos sis
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