Love Crystal - Episode 25

The Unpredictable End

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You know, sometimes, the fact is not always the truth. People most times see only what we actually want them to see and not what they are supposed to see. 

Though I was shaken after hearing Des say everything he said but I will never play with his feelings. 

When Des drew me up and kissed me, I never responded cause I wanted him to pick out a point that I wasn't ready. My eyes were open, unlike the usual when the eyes are close but then, I saw Gabi behind the flowers. 

The rage in his eyes was like a burning hell . I felt like I have seen that look before, I felt Des was in trouble. I actually don't know why I felt that way but it all came upon me like I have known Gabi for ages and I was doing something wrong. 

For all I know, I've only known Gabi after my accident but from the look on his face, I smelled trouble. I felt he was going to beat the heavens out of Des and I wanted to prevent that from happening. 

I wrapped my arms around Des, closed my eyes and kissed him back. I guess that convinced Gabi that that was what I wanted and he walked away. I felt guilty but I had to do something to stop him from venting his rage on Des. 

On a second thought, why do I feel this way? He is not my boyfriend. So why do I care about what he thinks. 

Immediately Gabi walked away, I broke the kiss

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. I could see how happy Des was but if only he knew why I kissed him perhaps, he might hate me. 

" That was my first and i'm happy it's you. I'll trade my world for you. "

Hearing it was his first kiss, I drew back to take a better look at him. 

" Yes, it was my first and in case you are wondering, i'm not sorry I kissed you. It was the best moment of my life. "

I remained quiet cause I didn't know what to say to him. Double guilt, am I this terrible? 

" I love you baby. I will wait for your answer but please, make sure it's a yes. "

I turned and ran into the house. I could imagine the smiles on his face. I didn't run cause I felt shy, I ran because I couldn't stand myself anymore. When did I become this thing I am right now. What's with this guy Gabriel. Why do I always feel that my life is tied to his? Why do I consider him unknowingly in every decision I make? 

I kept wondering and my mind flashed back to when I and Lucious had an argument. 
What did he mean by ' there's a lot you don't know. ' and Gabi also said the same thing when we were going to the airport. Gosh! How could I have ignored all this? I guess it's time to talk to Lucious but first I need to call Gabi and tell him why I did what I did. Maybe this guilt will.... 


It was a beautiful evening. Mom has traveled and Cynthia has gone back to school. It was quiet and I decided to go round the garden perhaps, think a thing or two and clear my head. 
Strolling in the garden was cool at first until I saw Queen and Des. I wanted to walk up to them but I decided against it. After watching for a while, I decided to leave but then, Des drew Queen up. I wasn't comfortable with the way he stared at her so I stood behind the flowers to avoid been seen.

He pulled her so close to himself and kissed her. From the way she reacted, I knew she didn't want it and I felt my blood boiling. All I wanted at that point was to beat the day light out of him for messing with my woman. 

I almost took a step but then, I noticed Queen wrap her hand around his neck and kissed him back. His hands moving and caressing her. I felt my heart shattered in pieces .

I walked away but the image refused leaving my head. I couldn't cry, that's the one woman my heart had refused to stop loving in the arms of another man. 

I took my car keys and drove out. At some point, I couldn't control it anymore. I cried, I cried till I couldn't find anymore strength to cry. There was no one to talk to. I felt my heart bleeding helplessly. 

All I want at this point, is to forget everything. I want to forget Queen and this curse of a love that I feel so deeply for her. I want to be free from her love. 

I drove round town and finally, I stopped in front of a night club. About stepping out from my car, my phone rang. It was Queen, 
' the she devil ' I muttered and smashed my phone out of anger. I stepped into the club, perhaps, a few bottles can help me forget the harsh reality of life. 

I drank so much but the pain was still there, flowing in my veins. 

" You are hurting as much as I am right? "
I heard a feminine voice say. 

I turned and saw this beautiful lady sitting next to me. Probably hurt too cause she had reason her cheek. 

" Excuse me..? "

" yea... I said you are hurting too, right? "

" Yes, I'm hurting badly. "

" then maybe we can console each other. Tell me about her. "
She took a bottle and filled her glass. 

" I love her very much but she now has amnesia and I saw her kissing someone else. Can you beat that? Lol...  I sound like a fool right? "

" I wish Michael has amnesia too.

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. I would really be happy instead. But they are not worth our pains right? "

" Cheers to the broken hearted"
I raised my glass. 

" I'm Phina Anderson and you? "

" Gabriel Hugine. "

We drank to stupor. It was really late and I wanted to leave but she was too drunk that she couldn't even get up. 

" Come on Phina, let's go. "
I drew her up. 

We got to my car and I helped her in. We drove round town but she doesn't seem to remember the way to her house so I had no other choice but to take her to my house. 

When we got to my house, she started vomiting. I took her to my room, laid her the bed and went back to clean up the mess. 
When I finished, I came back to check on her but I met her crying. 

" hey! "
I sat close to her. 

" They are not worth us right? "

" I wished our hearts understands that. "

She drew close to me and planted a kiss on my lips. I didn't resist her, perhaps, it could help me forget. I took off her top and kissed her back. We laid on the bed and..... 


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