Love Crystal - Episode 24

The Unpredictable End

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Hello everyone, please welcome the newest characters in the story: Phina Anderson and Micheal Edwin.

There's no feeling better than that of waking up in the arms of the one you love and who loves you too. Though we've had series of arguments and disagreements for the past three years we have been together but i think with every fight, we grow stronger.
The morning i would say is awesome. i was already awake but i couldn't leave Micheal's side . i kept staring at his face, smiling and imagining how our children will look like. Lol... crazy right? i kissed him sightly on the lips and he opened his eyes.

" Good morning honey. did i wake you up?"

He stretched and sat up without responding to my greeting neither did he smile. This is strange or maybe, he is not in the mood this morning.

" Phina, we need to talk."

" What's so important that you couldn't even respond to my greeting first?"


" Here you come again with this nagging attitude of yours."

" I'm nagging? you know what Michy? it's too early."

I made to leave the room for the kitchen to prepare breakfast but his words drew me back.

" Phina i am getting married."
i laughed.

" Of course i know we will but we haven't talked about that and it shouldn't be a reason for us to have a rough start this morning. Today is Sunday for God sake."

I made to leave again but he called me

" Phina!"

" Michy please don't start this morning

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. For heavens sake, we just had a reconciliation sex last night."

" You are not listening to me at all."

He stood up from the bed and went for his jacket on the ground while i stood arms akimbo watching his morning act of display.
He brought out a paper from it's pocket and handed it over to me.

" Take a look." he said.
I collected the paper from him but it wasn't a paper but an envelop. I opened it and i met the shocked of my life.

" Michy, what's the meaning of this?
I was trying as much as possible not to believe what my eyes just saw.

But he could say was, " Phina i'm sorry."

" What are you sorry about? Are you sorry that this is a wedding invitation card or you are sorry that the Micheal Edwin in here is not you or you are sorry that this is all a joke?  Please tell me cause i am loosing my sanity already!!"

" Phina, I'm really sorry. Please calm down."

" Who is this Mimi Solade. Don't tell me to calm down!!"

" Honestly, i never meant to lead you on for 3 years. Trust me, i never meant for any of this to happen. I can actually pay you off if you want."

My head was already blowing up and he is talking about paying me off. what impertinence !!

" What effrontery, what temerity!! pay me off Mich? pay me for being you whore and bed warmer for 3 whole years? pay me off for wasting my time? pay me off for pushing away all my suitors or for being your side chick for 3 years without knowing?!!! Answer me Mich!!"

" Phina, i don't mean it that way. You've been an awesome lady but i don't really see you in my future. I really didn't mean to hurt you."

" why? i love you Micheal, i devoted my whole life to you so please, tell me why?"

" You did nothing wrong but you are the the woman i want to go out with to my parties and functions. You are a hard working lady but you've gat no background, your father is a nobody. Forgive me."

" what did you say? my father is a nobody? and you have been having sex with the daughter of a nobody? interesting dear, please kindly wait for me."

I rushed in to the kitchen and collected a knife. Heaven knows i was ready to kill the bastard and go to jail for it but before i got back, the bastard was gone. 
Not only did he use and dump me after 3 years , not only is he getting married in the next 6months, he also called my father a nobody. 
I broke down and cried for hours . I needed somebody to talk to so i called my bestfriend Ruth who rushed down as fast as she could.


The evening breeze was so chilly. I sat in the garden alone, random thoughts running through my head. Jessi was done packing cause they will be leaving early the nest morning for Abuja. 
   I tried thinking about everything that had happened to our lives. Jessi and Liams , how would williams take all this? did he really abandoned her and lied to me just to get my attention through pity? Jessi shows up and he now loves me? i guess time alone can answer all these questions of mine. 

" Queen, it's getting dark and you are still here?"
i heard Des' voice. I was so deep in thought that i didn't notice nature.

" Hey Des"

" Can i join you majesty?"

" Hey! stop that. of course you can, if you wish"

" With pleasure"
he replied and sat down.

" Done packing your things?"
I asked after a few minutes of awkward silence. 

" Yea, i'm done packing. you will miss me right?"

" yea, i sure will."
That answer slipped out of my mouth but he just smiled.

" I will miss you more honey. i haven't left but the thought of not getting to see you every morning is already killing me.

Read " Errors In Our Destiny " by the same author ( Queen Allie )

. I sure will miss you more than life."

His reply did send a cold rush through my veins. All i could do was smile and we went mute again. 
He drew close to me, took my hands and squeezed them gently. I know Des to be a joker but he seems pretty serious.

" I really don't know how serious you take my words but i've never said a word to you that i don't mean."
He paused and noticed my heart skipping beats.

"You know, that day i saw you in the conference hall, everything about you captivated my whole being. I've never felt that way for any lady in my life before. I laughed at myself when i realized that it's love. I love you very much and if there's one thing i'd wish for, it will certainly be spending the rest of my with you."

He paused again and smiled..( the very smile that i call the killer smile.)

"You might be wondering why i am telling you all this but i am because i want you to ensure that my heart is safe."

" Desmond.."
I managed to say...

" Queen, i might lose my sanity if i loose you"

" But...."

" But nothing Queenie"

He kept staring at my face and when i followed his eyes, it led to my lips. He drew me up, put his hands around my waist and my breast pressed against his chest. He lowered his head slowly, giving me time to either turn him down or give way but i was stiffen and then, he kissed me. 
He kissed me but i didn't respond. he wanted to withdraw but i opened up and wrapped my hands around his neck , as his hands slowly caressed my waist . flow of passion from every single touch like current, wanting more and more and then i..................  


what happens next? where are the gabi fans in the house?!!! 

I am now confused. what do think? 

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  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    seriously my dear, the story is so nice but your updates keep long which sometimes make your readers forget about the whole story, pls try and be updating us more often. Good job dear and may God bless you for your sense of creativity. love from Ghana!!!
  • picture
    This is just too much, y d kiss oooo. Gabi all the way for me
  • hollolarday picture
    Fantastic enough of dis suspense and d
  • hollolarday picture
    Fantastic enough of dis suspense and d
  • Nuseli-edem picture
    nice write-up dear but pls try and update more often
  • Abigail Amande picture
    Abigail Amande
    Sobing for Gabi. This is not good
  • chisom Julia picture
    chisom Julia
    Please who are this two characters introduced how are they related
  • chisom Julia picture
    chisom Julia
    Please what's the full meaning of POV
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    @Chisom, POV is Point of View
  • carmen picture
    Pls oo, gabi all d way
  • Opeoluwa picture
    Where is gabi o
  • Sussnarlison Mat picture
    Sussnarlison Mat
    What happened to Jessica and Williams plz spill the beans
  • picture
    Queen y do u take forever to post?v already given up on dis story. nice story though.kudos
  • Sammy picture
    Why this girl go dey kiss kiss anyhow na Them use kiss swear for her
  • Gregory Onome picture
    Gregory Onome
    No no no,this is not happening. Oueenie should not do this o.Gabi is d main man
  • Prince Andy picture
    Prince Andy
    Hey Queen! This is more than a mixed up... I really don't have an idea as to where this story is heading. I only hope Gabi doesn't lose Queen.
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