Love Crystal - Episode 27

the love that binds

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Federal Government Scholarship (BEA) 2021-2022 Application Form

Instantly, I started feeling cold. How people can change suddenly. The very one who wouldn't stand anyone talking to me as he or she pleases just called me a nobody. I'm terribly hurt, I must admit. After standing for a while, I took a cab home and asked mom's driver to go get my car from the airport cause I couldn't drive. I called in sick at work and went to my house . My heart was indeed shattered in pieces. I laid in bed all day, refusing to do anything. Hours after they left, Jessi called to tell me that they've arrived home. I tried as much as possible for her not to notice my current state through my voice and thank heavens, she didn't.


it's been three months since I and Queen had a clash at the airport. Though it was painful even for me but the level of betrayal was so heavy, more than I can bear. How come I was so hurt that stooped so low to cohabit with a stranger. It's been long enough but it still feels like yesterday. I've been avoiding her like a parasite and treated her like trash whenever I get the chance to. It's sounds odd but I couldn't stand her. Everything about her annoys me to my bone marrow. I've given my heart only one option and that is to forget Queen or suffer pain and heart break. Once again, I will be seeing her face

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. I wish I could put up an excuse not to be their but I have to. Over the months, I became a major shareholder at the company she works for. There's a meeting which I need to attend and she will be there too but I really do not wish to see her or do I? I look perfectly okay, judging from my reflection on the mirror so I picked my car keys and went out.


I don't know what the outcome of today will be but I sure do dread it. Over the months, Gabi had become a major shareholder in the company I work for. I honestly think he acquired so much just to torment the living hell out of me. At least, that's what he's been doing for the past months. I would have really loved to call in sick but that will be totally impossible. So I guess I will be seeing him again. Still deep in my thoughts when my phone buzzed. It's a message from Williams and it reads ' why have you been avoiding me? ' I deleted the message after reading. Honestly, I wish all of them will leave me alone in peace. I've got a life to live and I think I've had enough drama already. I got to the office very early. It's gonna be a very big one so I decided to do the presentation myself to avoid any silly mistakes. The meeting kicked off exactly 9am. I stood up to start the presentation which is the main reason why we are gathered. " Good morning everyone. I want to specially thank you for..... " " Excuse me Ms Williams, I don't know about others but I'm a very busy person . Could you cut the long story and get to the main point. " Gabi interrupted but I wasn't much surprised so I continued. After a while, he cut me short again. " If this is what you were able to come up with as a plan then I'd say it's total nonsense and a waste of our time. How could you set it out like that... This is a total failure! " He got everyone's attention and pointed out important points which he was supposed to lay down as a suggestion but rather, he used it as an opportunity to humiliate and embarrass me. When he finished, everyone clapped and affirmed to everything he said. He made me look like a fool. I was broken, my eyes began to itch. " If that's all, I guess the meeting is over. " They all stood up and started leaving the room. I won't take this anymore. I can't stand this torment from him anymore. I have to confront him. I ran out of the room in search of him. I saw him walking out and then, I called " Gabriel! " He ignored me and kept going. I ran as fast as I could, I caught up with him and held him on the shoulder to stop. He turned and gave me a deadly stare. He reached out for his handkerchief in his pocket and cleaned the spot where I touched him. " Would you please, never touch me with those filthy hands of yours. " I could smell angry in his voice. " Filthy? Yes, I might be filthy but I can't take anymore of this from you. I can't! " " Then don't!! What do I care. Listen Ms Williams, I'm only maintaining my cool cause am a well respected gentle man so please be reasonable and never show yourself before me again. " " Keeping your cool? By hurting and embarrassing me whenever you get the chance to? He laughed sarcastically " Hurt? You hurt too? Never knew you've got a heart but sorry, I don't care how you feel or how you don't and next time, try to be a little creative and not put up such a dumb work. At least, your parents deserves that for spending or wasting their money and resources on you in school. " " I didn't kiss him cause I wanted to... " My voice broke.

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. "you sound really pathetic Ms Williams. Do have a nice day. " He turned and started walking out. " I did it because of you! I saw you Gabi, I saw the rage in your eyes. I felt I know that look and I had to stop you. Please forgive me. " I shouted, not might minding the presence of other staffs around. He stopped and slowly turned.


honestly, I think Gabi is not trying at all. No woman deserves any form of humiliation. what do you say? hook up with me on facebook if you wish.. Queen Allie

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