Love Crystal - Episode 26

The Unpredictable End

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I felt really tired when I woke up. I stretched and turned to the other side of  my bed, only for me to see a naked woman fast asleep on my bed. 

Immediately, I jumped up and shocking enough, I was almost naked. I picked up my pant and put it on. 

" Hey! Wake up"
I vigorously shake her.
She turned and stretched before opening her eyes. 

" How did you get here? "
I was confused cause I don't know her. 

" What's the meaning of that? "
She sat up. 

" I just asked you a question. You are sleeping in my bed and the least you can do, is to give me an answer . "

" You mean you don't remember? "

" I brought you here? "
She nodded positive. 

" Are you a prostitute? "
Immediately, she flared up. 

" How dare you!! "

" I'm sorry. Um....  Did we... Did anything happen between us? "

" F**k you!! What did you expect? "
She got up from the bed. 

" Don't bother paying me, i'm no prostitute. We just met by chance and like I said last night, I'm Phina Anderson

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. We might meet again or maybe not. "

She picked up her cloths, got dressed in front of me and left my house. 

" damn it!! "
I clenched my fist and punched the wall. 

" How could I? Of all people, how could I? Oh my... Queen you can never do any worse than you've done...  "
I kept berating myself. 
My phone rang, it's Des calling and then it occurred to me that they were leaving this morning. 
I wanted to ignore the call but for what? We both promised to compete fairly and maybe that was his way. There was no need getting mad at him. 

" Hey Bro! "

" hey bro! I didn't see you last night. "

" yea...  Had something to take care of. Anyway, have you guys left already? "

" nope, we will be leaving for the airport in a few minutes. "

" Alright, I'll catch up with you guys at the airport. "

" Okay then...  See ya.. "

" okay "
The line went dead. I rushed into the bathroom to have a quick shower and head for the airport. 


I really felt like a whore waking up a stranger's bed and worst of all, it seemed like I took advantage of his drunken state to lure him into bed. Lol...  But he is cute though and I don't think I regret it one bit. 

Who is he?  I don't even know. I got home and saw Ruth's car parked outside. She's obviously inside and as expected, she's gonna scold me like a baby but I do enjoy it cause with her, I don't miss the presence of a mother .

" Hey girl, you got me worried. Where have you been? "

" Sorry bestie, I was really broken yesterday and I thought a few bottles could help. So I went to a club an drunk myself to stupor. "

" You did what?!  "
She cut me off before I could finish. 

" Calm down, someone took me home and.. "

"And what!  It better not be what I'm thinking"
She cut me off again. 

" No, not that. He only took me home and offered me a bed. That's all. "
I dare not tell her the true story. 

" Hope you are telling the truth? "

" yes I am... Did you cook? I'm starving. "

" Yea I did. Go to the kitchen. "

" Anyway, a package arrived this morning"
Ruth said when I got back from the kitchen. 

" Really? Let me guess, from one of your silly admirers "

" Not at all. For you girl... Anonymous...  I guess you already Gat a secret admirer"

"lol....  You must be joking..  Have you checked it yet? "

" no I haven't . I thought you might want to open it first. "

" okay let's see. "
She went inside, got the package and I tore it open. 

" Woooow!! "
She exclaimed 

" Who must have sent this? "

"Who else Ruth if not that bastard who calls himself Michael Edwin. After calling my father a nobody, maybe he wants to boast my father's reputation. "

I said out of disgust 

" you know what girl? This insult has got to stop. Who the hell does he think he is. I will send this back myself. "

Ruth took her car keys and box of money and stormed out. 


I got to the airport right on time. Everybody was already there and by everybody, I meant Jessica, Desmond and of course Queen. 
I had to summon all the patience and nerve I've got to stand her presence, I mean Queen. All I wanted to do was to bid them goodbye and run off. 

" hey...  Good morning "

" Morning Doc. Glad you made it"
Jessica said. 

" Hey Bro... Will really miss you. "
Desmond said and hugged me. 

" I will miss you too BRO. "

" Alright, it's time to go. "
Jessica announced. 

" okay then sis. Please call me when you arrive home and please visit soon. "
Queen said to Jessica and hugged her and also hugged Desmond too who whispered something into her ear that I didn't hear. 
They went in and we watched till they were out of sight. 

" So I guess it's now the both of us. "

Queen said but I ignored her like I heard nothing, stared at my wrist watch and turned to leave. 

" Gabi I am talking to you. "

" Excuse me?... "
I could read the shock on her face. 

" wait! Is this about yesterday? "

" yesterday? What happened yesterday? 

" you know.... um... I and Des. "

" it pains how some people fancy their stupidity sometimes. I don't know what you are talking about. So If you do not have anything reasonable to say, please excuse me. "

" Gabriel! " she raised her voice " are you giving me this attitude.... "
I cut her off before she could finish. 

" hey! Hush it up Ms Williams. you better mind the way you talk to me and besides, What do I care with what you do with your life? It's your life and your business okay.

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. "

" Gabi are you really talking to me in this manner? "
I laughed sarcastically. 

" Who are you Ms Williams? Who is not supposed to talk to who the way he / she pleases. Compared to me, you are just a nobody. If you have lost your manners simply because I brought myself totally low before you, then you better go get those manners back from where you left them cause I will not tolerate any stupid attitude from you okay? "

She was totally speechless... 

" I never knew it's gotten to this. I called yesterday...."
Yet again,  I cut her off before she could finish. 

" Oh yes! The first lady of Nigeria called me So I should jump up to my feet.. You are just some random lady who is not even up to my standard. Don't feel like you are anything worth more than that."

" Oh really and you are the important... "

" oh shut the hell up Ms Williams, you don't talk when I am talking. For the records, let that be the very last time you ever dial my private number again and make sure when next you are calling my business line, it better be strictly business. Lastly, don't you ever address me by my first name again or else, I will certainly put you in your place. "

I couldn't stand her presence anymore, I was already angry so I needed to live. 

" Excuse me, you really disgust me"
 I took a last look at her, shake my head wistfully and left her standing there like a doll. 


Patience is a virtue. Happy reading. 

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