Love Crystal - Episode 30

The Unpredictable End

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For the past few years, my son has gone through a lot. When Queen came into the picture, I knew that finally, he's gonna have what his heart desired most; love. 

Queen is such a lovely girl. Sometimes, I wish she were mine but not for long cause she will soon be part of the Richardson family. Her family have got everything, not just the name but a good reputation . Who won't wish to have something in common with them. 

I'm curious and anxious at the same time. I really want to know how things are going on there. It's rather unusual of Williams to not have texted yet. I couldn't wait anymore so I decided to call him but unfortunately, I heard his ringtone in the sitting room. Hmm...  He forgot his phone here. 

" Mom stop calling, Williams forgot his phone here"
Nessy's voice echoed from the sitting room. I went to join her .

" No wonder he hasn't texted yet. "

" Yes, so no snooping on this one, guess you lost. "
Nessy teased. 

" Nessy, do you think they are doing fine? "

" Didn't you hear? Good starts start from good places. Hell yes mom

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. "

" yes...  I certainly do love that girl and she is a perfect match. "

" Me too, everything about her thrills me"

We went mute for sometime and then, an idea popped into my head. 

" Nessy, I might not have totally lost. How about I take the phone to him? "

" Mom! We should be going through Jumia right now and picking the latest outfits for the soon coming wedding and not interfering. "

 " I know but why don't you go online and then I go over to Williams' place. Perhaps, I can ask Queen to come over tonight and you can have a girls night out. I know you've been dying to have a conversation with her."

" Hmm...  I can't win against you. Alright then, but make sure she comes over. "

" oh! You are so sweet. "

" Please make sure nothing goes wrong mom cause Williams might not forgive you. "

" Don't worry about that, I'm always careful."
I picked my car keys and went out. 


The surprise look on Williams face was so fascinating. He almost fell when he saw me. I gracefully walked into the house, everything looks the same except for my pictures that were hung on the wall which was no longer there.

" Sis, I will wait in the car. "
Queen said and turned to leave. 

" Did I hear correctly? Sister? Queen you knew?  "
Williams said. 

" Queen please wait outside and you Williams, don't you dare talk like she betrayed you cause you are the devil yourself. Why are you shocked? Shocked that your plans to get rid of me didn't work out? "
I laughed sarcastically loud. 

" Jessica, I thought you were dead cause... "
I cut him before he could finish. 

" Cause the doctor said so? To hell with you Williams. The doctor said and you accepted without seeing my body? You conducted a burial ceremony for me without seeing my corpse? What did you bury?! !"

" Jessica.. "

" Shut the f**k up you bastard. Don't you dare call my name after ruining my life."

" my life was ruined too. I loved you and I suffered so much. "

" Son of a bitch! Don't you dare talk about suffering to me cause you don't know how much I suffered. You don't know what I went through, you stole my existence and the life I grew to know. Where was the love you promised, I wondered. You should have told me that you didn't want me anymore "

" Jessica, I promise I know nothing. I never lied to...  "

" Shut up! Why are you lying? I could remember that day, I countless times but you kept busying my calls. I sent you text messages but you never replied. I called again but you let it ring without picking up.

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. Suddenly, you heard I was dead and you accepted? You expect me to believe that?"

" I didn't see... "

" Oh shut that lying mouth of yours. You never saw the missed calls? What about the messages? Only your finger print and mine could access your phone. I alone knew your password, not even you knew it so stop cooking up those nonsense you are saying. "

He remained silent on the floor without being able to say a word. 

" You are terribly wicked Williams. You father Morris Richardson should be turning in his grave right now! How could you dispose me like that? You knew how much I love you and you decide to kill me? For what?"

" Jessica please calm... "

I cut him short cause I was tired of hearing those self defensive lies but even I too was interrupted by the door bell. Thinking it was Queen, I went to answer the door but lo and behold, it's Alice Richardson,  Williams mother. 
Honestly, I was stunned 

" Jessica !!"

She exclaimed. Immediately, Williams rushed to the door. 

" Mom!! "
Williams called out. 

Alice held her chest, gasping for breath. Williams rushed her before she could reach the ground and she fainted. 
I rushed outside and entered the car. 

" How did it go? "
Queen asked

" Let's get out of here. "
I said ignoring her question. 


Is Jessi right? Happy weekend...

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  • Precious jewel picture
    Precious jewel
    Williams is innocent guess it's his moda at work
  • picture
    intriguing. please more episodes
  • Fleure picture
    hope Alice doesn't die of heart attack oo
  • Fleure picture
    hope Alice doesn't die of heart attack oo
  • Queen Allie picture
    Queen Allie
    I think Williams is responsible o @ precious jewel
  • Abigail Amande picture
    Abigail Amande
    I also think Williams is innocent o...
  • Adeoti Akindele picture
    Adeoti Akindele
    Though its not easy but Jessica should av taking it easy with him I think Williams is innocent. Salivating for next episode o
  • Sussnarlison Mat picture
    Sussnarlison Mat
    Next episode please
  • Prince Andy picture
    Prince Andy
    I think the whole story has got something to do with Liam's mom. She could be the one behind the mask. I just think
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