Love Crystal - Episode 28

The Surprise Package

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I walked up to him, not minding the attention i've drawn to us. For the first time in a long time, i wanted to let it all out. I want the pain to flow out of my lungs.

" Yes Gabriel, i saw you and i saw the rage in your eyes. I might sound very stupid and insane but for some unknown reasons, i felt i had known you for ages and i could decipher what that look in your face meant. I thought i had to do something to stop you and that was why i kissed Desmond back . Immediately you left, i broke the kiss, i tried calling you to explain to you what you saw but you ignored my call and turned off your phone. The only one who is supposed to hate me right now is Desmond and not you."

He remained silent and so i continued.

" I don't know why i am telling you all this or why i am feeling guilty but please stop tormenting me. I need to breathe, i need the air that you have stolen from me. I want to be free from you, Desmond and Williams!! I've had enough and am through with all the drama. i thought you should know."

" Queen.. i.. um.."
he stammered 

" No, you don't have to say anything to me. I am sorry for all the times i hurt you and made you feel like trash

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. i wish i can atone for my sins but all i've got is sorry and if it gets too difficult for you to stand me, then i will quit this job."

Droplets of tears had escaped my eyes, slowly grazing my cheek . he stood dtill without saying  a word.

" That's all i wanted to say. I'm sorry for wasting your time. Do have a nice day Mr Hugine."

I walked out on him and went straight to my office. I asked Bethy to attend all meetings for me cause i wasn't in the right frame of my mind anymore.


Knowing i've been angry for the wrong reason really killed me. all the while, i thought she pushed me too far to the extend of me having sex with a stranger but on a second thought, i actually pushed myself cause she tried to stop me, she tried to call. 
I let my anger over cloud my judgement. I tormented her, made her feel like the worse thing ever created. Will she ever forgive me? I couldn't go back to the office, so i went back home.

It's been two weeks after our last encounter in the company and it's the last time we ever spoke to each other. I see Queen but she avoids me like a parasite and when we get the chance to sit on a table together for a meeting, she's always official with everything. 
No space to say hi or even sorry. it really hurts seeing her like that with all these guilt burning in me. i could imagine what she felt. still in mt thoughts, my phone rang.

" Hey Des."

" Hey bro. Good day."

"How have you been?"

" Fine, don't know if you could help me finalize the deal for my house today cause i and Jessi are finally moving down to lagos."

" wow.. that's goodnews. send me the address and i will see what i can do."

" Thanks but please do not tell Queen. want to surprise her since she's been avoiding me."

" Alight then. i won't ( it's not like she will even talk to me.)"

" Okay then bye."


I was at home sorting out some files on my laptop when my phone rang. Then it occurred to me that i haven't called Jessi for a very long time.

" Hello kiddy."

" Big sis! sorry i haven't called nor come to see you. Believe me, i've been busy."

" stop complaining. anyways, there won't be any need for that cause i'm at your gate."

Imagining the expensive joke, i started laughing

" No problem, i"m at the airport now."

"I am not joking queen, why don't you come to the gate first."

she ended the call and i ran outside. when i got to the gate, Jessi was really there. Over excited, i jumped on her.

" Welcome sister, i can't believe you are here. Why didn't you inform me that you were coming and where is Desmond?"

" I wanted to surprise you and Desmond has gone out with Gabi to check out our house. We are moving down to Lagos permanently."

" Wow... i am really happy that you are here sis."

we had a lengthy discussion after she finished taking her bath and had something to eat. 

" Queen, i think it's time."

" Time for what sis?"

" Time to confront my past and the people who destroyed it."
she stood up.

" Williams?"

" Yes..."

" How are you going to do that?"

" That's why i am here. i can't just show up, so you will help me."

" I've been avoiding him for sometime now.

Read " Errors In Our Destiny " by the same author ( Queen Allie )

. i don't know.... where would you like to meet him?"

" his house, to avoid public eyes and attention."

" Alright then, let me see what i can do."

I picked my phone and called Williams who picked after the third ring.

" Hello Liams.."

" Queen."

" Liams, i am sorry i have been avoiding you. i only wanted to be sure of any decision i make and i now have an answer for you. Please can we meet at your house. Good starts starts from good places."

" Alright, no problem. Dinner by 7pm tomorrow."

" Okay dear. i can't wait to see you."

" me too hun."

i dropped the call and turned to Jessi

" Settled sis. you will meet him tomorrow by 7pm but i hope you are ready"

" I didn't come all the way here unprepared. certainly honey."
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