Love Crystal - Episode 29

The Unpredictable Blast

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sorry guys, this episode is gonna be a little jam packed cause I ran out of data and I had to post with opera mini rather than keeping you guys waiting but I tried as much as possible to make sure you will understand. thanks for your consideration in advance.


Sometimes, life can disappoint you in a positive way. For the past few months, Queen had been avoiding me . She doesn't call, neither does she take mine and when she does, it's one busy short story. I got pissed off and tired. I talked to mom about it and she asked me to give her time and space. I have already started slipping into my old mood of depression slowly and as usual, work the living dead out of my body to avoid free time and unnecessary thought from flowing through my mind. Having the normal busy and boring day when my phone rang but I ignore. After the third ring, I was forced to know who the caller is and when I checked, I hurriedly picked. It's Queen and she hadn't called me in a very long time. After talking to her, I couldn't help but feel this sudden joy flowing through me. I sincerely think she's going to give me a positive answer from the way she sounded and now, i'm sure that whatever decision she has made is honest and not out of pity. Finally, I'm gonna be meeting up with the Queen of my heart tonight

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. I left the hospital pretty early. I called a Co-doctor to fill in for me should in case any emergency arises cause I won't be needing any form of disturb tonight. I really loved the fact that she picked my house but then, I'll have to cook. I can order from any eatery but that won't be romantic at all and it's been pretty long I last cooked anything . What am I going to cook? How am I possibly going to prepare it? After thinking for a while, then it occurred to me, how can I be stressing my brain when I've got the two best self made event planners in the world. I laughed out loud, picked my phone and dialled my mom's number. " Hello mummy sugar" " Ah.... I think I recognize that sound. My son is back to himself again , what's the gist? Has Queen finally made up with you? Or you need my help? " I could imagine the flirty smile on her face. " both mom... So are you home? " " yes, but am about going out now. " " no mom, I've only got about 4hours left so you've got to help me. I'm already close to the house. " " Anything for you baby. Mama is waiting." " You are so sweet mom.. Coming" I dropped the call. I drove as fast as I could to catch up with mom. I really don't want anything that will mess up tonight for me . " Hey mom! Oh! Nessy you are here.... I guess am good to go. " " Hey Bro.... " Nessy greeted " So what made you running back to mama for help? " Mummy asked. " And I heard Queen called you. " Nessy added. " yes she did! " I sprawled on the couch. " so...? " " she said she now have an answer for me and that's why she stayed away to be sure." " wow... And...? " Nessy asked " and she wants us to meet at my house. Honestly, I think she's gonna give me a yes." " Don't you think you are being too positive? What if you turn out wrong? " Mom asked. " No! " I retorted " Why so sure? " Nessy retorted " Cause she said something pretty interesting. " they both drew close " she said ' good starts start from good places '. " " Wow!! " The both exclaimed " Then we can start preparing for the marriage introduction cause that's certainly a yes. Heaven, I really love that girl. " Mom said. " there's a problem, I have to cook and I still don't know what to cook. " " And who said you are cooking? I won't let you prepare any concussion for my sister in-law to be. " Nessy turned and had a high five with mom. " So let's get to work. " Mom and Nessy helped me prepare everything and packaged it. They wished me all the luck in the world . By 6:30pm, I was already at home and the table was perfectly set. I was anxiously waiting for Queen. I suggested I'd come pick her up earlier before I called mom but she insisted on coming on her own. I could sense that she was as nervous as I am but we will do just fine.


Jessi was really prepared but the blood in her eyes really scared me. I could sense the rage in her and it really made me nervous. She was dressed up all in white. She insisted on driving. When we got to his house, I led the way. I rang the door bell and waited. The flung open, " Hey Queen, you are here" And then I shifted cause Jessi was at my back.

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. " No Williams, she is here. " " Hello fiancee, did you miss wify? " " Jessica! " Williams almost fell out of the shock. " Yes that's me. Now let's have dinner. " *************************************************

Let the party begin.. happy reading folks and flex the weekend. I don't think Williams will have the time to join the groove. The dinner was almost going smoothly o.. but Queen... you see that Queen... I will deal with her.

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  • Precious jewel picture
    Precious jewel
    Lol! Abeg leave queen oooo! She did wat she had to
  • picture
    Lol. very lovely sha post new episodes today oo.Kudos queenie
  • Favour Abhatue picture
    Favour Abhatue
    Queen is d best planner, nice job
  • Abigail Amande picture
    Abigail Amande
    Please leave queen alone o...she did the right thing.
  • Ayomide Huntress picture
    Ayomide Huntress
    Queen Queenie. nice one dear you got me salivating for more
  • hollolarday picture
    I think queen is on d right path,leave her alone lol
  • Gregory Onome picture
    Gregory Onome
  • Prince Andy picture
    Prince Andy
    Wao! I am loving this... But wait a minute, what if Liam is no party to what happened to Jessica? What if somebody else masterminded the death story and Liam had also been living in the dark? Kudos to you dear.
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