Love Crystal - Episode 32

The Days Of Mystery

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The morning was really dull. Desmond has refused to talk to me and mom had left for the hospital already. Jessi on the other hand, had locked herself up in the room. I pray she doesn't hurt herself though, I know how painful it must be for her. I want her to be strong. 

Since Coln was not around, I decided to use his room. I wasn't in the mood to have breakfast so I laid on the bed, letting every random thought flow through my mind. . My ringtone startled me, it's Williams but I ignore him. 

On a second thought, I don't know what really went on between them so I shouldn't get involved and as far as I can remember, Williams has always been a good friend and a great pillar of support to me. 

" Hey Liams"

" I thought you now hate me too. "

" How is your mom? "

" She's still unconscious. I'm here at the hospital with her. "

" oh! I'm sorry Liams. "

" Queen, I really need your help. "

" My help? "

" I need to talk to Jessi. How can I meet her? "

" Honestly, you've been really good to me but you do not deserve such a favour from me. You hurt her so badly Williams

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. I only picked up cause we are friends and to me that hasn't changed but that, I can't help you with. "

" If there's one person who should know me very well, one who can tell what I am capable of then I guess that should be you Queen. Do I look that evil to you? Please think Queen. "

I can't deny the fact that he sounds honest and for all I know, Williams can't do such but Jessi can't lie too... I'm confused... I don't know who to and who not to support. 

" It's not written on the forehead Williams. "

" Yes, but it's written in the heart. Ask yourself, is that what you see in me? That monster? "

I could hear the crack in his voice. My heart was melted. 

" I sincerely want to believe you Williams but what about Jessi? You should see how much she is hurting. "

" I'm hurting too. My life is in pieces and my family.... Queen I need to see her. This misunderstanding needs to be cleared out. "

" Why don't you try some other way first and let her cool for the now. "

" I've already gone to Famose clinic where she was confirmed dead but the doctor in charge that night just went on his leave this morning and the nurse on duty said she doesn't know when he's gonna be back. It certainly will not be soon. Where else should I start from? I'm loosing my mind Queen. Please help me. "

" Alright, I will try my best. "

" Thanks Queen. "
The line went dead. 

I believed everything Williams said, so I decided to talk to Jessi. Luckily, she has unlocked the door. So I walked in

" hi sis. "

" Hi....  Sorry for yesterday. "

" I understand. "

" Thanks"

" I talked to Williams. "

" I'm not interested. "

" This morning, he went to Famose clinic where you were confirmed dead but the doctor in charge that night just went on his leave this morning. "

" Hmm... "

I can tell, I've gotten her interest already. 

" I've known Williams for sometime now. I am literally the first he came close to. He was so cold towards women. He never gave any the chance to come close to him cause he was hurting badly. When I was admitted into his hospital, he did everything to save me. He thought perhaps, he could atone for not been able to save you. Williams literally served your memories for years. I think there is a mix up here. You need to see him. "

Tears were already running down her face. 

" what possible mix up? "
She asked

" maybe one of his friends was interested in you but..."

" that I do not know but what I know is, Williams is unpredictable and you don't know much about him. "

" I think that's the hate in your heart over clouding your sense of judgement. "

" I'm lost sis. "

" Then you have to see him. You don't have to call him. You can text him. "

She picked her phone and sent him text message. 

         ' It's Jessi, let's meet at the flower park '

   Few minutes later, a reply came in from Williams 

       ' thanks a lot Jessi. I'll see you in an hour '

" sis you can do it.

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. "
I encouraged her. 

Jessi got ready, I wished her all the luck she needs and she left. 

Deep down, I know I still love him very much and it hurts. It's hurts that love doesn't understand. I had to meet up with him cause the mix up is too much. I wanted to hear from him. 
I got to the park, it used to be our favorite place. I waited for about an hour but William was no where to be seen. 
I became scared for no reason. My palm and feet became so cold like I was in some kind of danger. The very feeling I had on the day of the accident. 
I reached for my phone to call Queen but then, I felt someone at my back. I turned immediately and saw this huge guys at my back. Before I could do anything, they held me. I couldn't fight back cause they were too strong. 
They forced me into their vehicle and covered my nose with a white handkerchief... Everything went dark...


What? !!!

Jessica has been kidnapped? 

Who is responsible? 

Who is actually responsible? 

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