Love Crystal - Episode 31

The Days Of Mystery

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I knew the night had a big one for me but I never expected something as shocking as that which life sent my way. Honestly, I was hurt seeing Queen and Jessi together, Queen betrayed me too. Where Jessi got everything she said, I just don't have any idea. I only saw a few missed calls, no text messages. If she said she did call and I was busying it then I won't know what to say cause I was downstairs with my friends and never with my phone. 

Mom slept at the family house with our relatives . She was so stressed out and Nessy had a night out with her girl friends and I was at my house with my friends so how is it possible? No one had access to my phone except the both of us. She was the only one who knew my password which I didn't know cause she said she was going to tell me after the wedding. I just can not decipher all this. 

Sitting beside my mom who was still unconscious was so painful for me. I could imagine the pain and the shock. Jessica was like a daughter to her. She could spend a whole day with her and never get bored. She always called her ' jewel ' . She defended her like her own, loved & cherishedher so much that most times I get jealous. She never stopped telling me that i made a perfect choice. When Jessi died or when we thought she was dead, mom almost lost it but she managed to pull through

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. Today she gets to see that daughter again... How I pity her. 
I had already informed Nessy that we are at the hospital. I was holding mom's hand and still in my thoughts when the door flung open... 

" Bro! What happened? "
She rushed down to mom's side and held her hand. 

" Jessica showed up and mom fainted on seeing her. "

" I told you she's alive but you didn't believe me. "

" She said some pretty funny things that I didn't understand."

" things like...? "

" She said before the accident, she called many times but I was busying her calls, she texted but I never replied. Honestly, I didn't see any text messages. Only a few missed calls which I returned and heard she was at the hospital. It's pretty strange cause I was at my house alone with my friends. Mom was at the house with our relatives and you were out with your friends."

" Indeed strange. How come she survived when the doctor confirmed her dead? "

" I don't know what is happening or what to think and come to think of it, Did you see her corpse? Cause I didn't and it's funny we just buried a coffin without seeing it's content. "

" I didn't and I don't think mom did too cause she was so traumatized, don't forget she was in bed all day and aunty penny never left her side. "

" All these puzzles, I certainly have to see that doctor tomorrow. I still remember the hospital, perhaps, I can start from there. "

" And what about Queen? "

" Jessica came with her so I'll have to talk to her cause she's my only link to Jessi now. This mystery, I do not understand."


While in the car, u got a text from Desmond asking where we were so I replied, telling him that we went out together but as nosey as he can be, he insisted on knowing where. 

' Des, quit being nosey, we only went to see a friend of mine. '

' One that does not have a name? '

' of course he does have a name. '

' Baboon, I guess... Lol that's why don't wanna say. '

' he's got a pretty name, far better than yours. His name is Williams and compared to you... He's better. '

' Williams you say? Let me see a picture of him. '

As forgetful as I can be, I forgot Jessi asked me not to tell anyone and also forgot that Desmond knew all about Williams. 
I sent the picture to him

' Isn't he cute? I guess your tongue is now tied. '

' f**k!  Get my sister out of there now! '

' Huh? '

' Get her out of there. I will wait for you guys at the house. '

' Alright. '

I was about going into the house to get Jessica when I saw her coming towards the car so I stayed back and started the car. 

" let's get out of here. "
She said ignoring my question. I knew from her reply that things didn't go well. So I decided to keep mute perhaps, she needed space. 
We didn't talk to each other as I drove but when I didn't take the route that leads to my house and then she asked

" I thought that way leads to your house? "

" Yes but Desmond requested I bring you to the family house."

" what?!! "

" Yea I told him where we went to by accident. "

" you what!!! "
She flared up 

" Calm down sis. I made a mistake but you need all the support you can get right now. Please... "

When we drove into the compound, she stepped down, without saying a word to me, she ran inside and I ran after her. 
Mom, Des and Lucious were at the sitting room. She ignored them and ran upstairs. 

" Jessica!! "
I called but she ignored me. 

" Leave her be!!  You shouldn't have taken her there. "
Desmond said in a very angry tone. 

" But she insisted!! "
I screamed at him. 

" Then you should have at least thought about telling me! "

We totally forgot mom's presence

"  And what is all this about? "
Mom asked

" It's nothing mom. "
I replied. 

" Oh shut up young lady " she turned to Lucious " upstairs"
She turned back to us with this quizzical look on her face and Desmond spoke up. 

" Jessica is the supposed dead fiancee of Williams who they actually planned to eliminate but she survived without their knowledge and today, Queen and Jessi went to pay a surprise visit. "

" yes mom. "
I supported 

" What!! You guys shouldn't have done what you did. Oh my goodness! You know what? Let her be. Go to bed both of you. We will sort this out tomorrow or perhaps, she will have to go back to the states.

Read " Errors In Our Destiny " by the same author ( Queen Allie )

. "

We both went upstairs as mom instructed. 


The days I dread most is finally here. The past is catching up with everyone. It is certainly going to be a blow cause many will suffer, many will pay. 
The very nemesis that have been prevented for years is now in my house and at everyone's door step. I don't know if this can elude us but before things gets out of hand, I need to fulfill a promise I made years back . Though, I doubt the past can be averted cause it now seem inevitable. I picked up my phone and dialled a number from my old diary. 

" Hello! "
A masculine voice answered, a bit irritated perhaps because it's late. 

" the dreaded end might be at your door step soon. "

" What do you mean?."

" hear what I say, the eggs laid years back is hatched already. Leave before the chicks come after you cause you might not survive it. "

" Doctor!"

" Take your family and yourself out of the country before they get to you. My promise I have fulfilled. "

I dropped the call. 


 Sorry for the late update, I haven't been feeling well. 

Who is responsible? 

Who is actually responsible? 

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