Love Crystal - Episode 18

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love that binds 


I've come to understand that in life, life will always remain a mystery but we alone can create the history. There are certain things in life that we can't control, no matter how much we try. At the cost of trying to change nature, we only in turn hurt ourselves and most times, even the people around us gets a taste of what they know nothing about. 

I've been running for the past five years, running from the unknown or do i say life have been pushing me for the past five years. I'm more like the reflection of myself, i don't know how much i know about myself . i only came back to live a peaceful life, one i couldn't get outside the country but once again, life is pushing to that very place where i lost my existence, my life and where i got this big terrible scare on my soul.

i asked for strength but fate gave me a sister , one i couldn't say no to and it's now drawing me to my past. 

i believe this is fate telling me that i can't escape from my past. i just have to face it but all the same, i pray God leads me to the path that lies the answers i sort for.


The week was a really busy one for me. Two day without Bethy was total hell

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. Indeed when they said that you never know the worth of things until they are no more, now i really understand. 

Thursday, she resumed office and i was really happy to see her. we started work immediately and after the day's work, i invited her to my office.

" yes ma'am. you called me."

" yes i did, please sit." 

she sat down and i continued.

" there's a dinner party at my house tomorrow to celebrate my promotion and you are on my guest list."

she smiled. " um.. ma'am it will be an honor for me to attend. thank you." 

" alright then. I'll be leaving now. um... the premier article, i'd like tom see that on my desk tomorrow." 

" OK ma..." 

she left my office while i packed up to go home.

       Friday was really fast, it was as if time had somewhere urgent it was going to and yes, i really appreciated it. I called Jessica to know when they will be arriving 

" hello big sis."

" my baby, how are you?"

" i'm tensed for the first time in a very long time. anyways, when are you guys arriving? everyone wants to meet you and Desmond."

" our flight will be leaving by 3pm so we will certainly be there by 5pm."

" alright then, i'm seriously waiting."

i dropped the call and called Bethy

" yes ma'am."

" hope you haven't forgotten about today?"

" no ma'am, I'll be coming a little early to help with food preparation too."

" alright then."

" OK ma'am."

     Exactly 4pm, i rushed home. Mrs Helen was already home chatting with mom. Those two behave so much like sisters, they don't joke with their gossip. I went straight to Helen first, greeted her almost kneeling down. I could tell she was really happy cause she had this perky smile on her face. 

" congratulations my child, sorry this mother of yours haven't called you."

" that's no problem ma.. um... where's Cynthia? don't tell me she's not yet back from school cause i know how Unilag can be."

" no my dear, she is back. she's just upstairs with Lucious."

" OK..... good evening mom" 

i greeted my mom.

" evening my dear. thought you have lost your manners already."

i laughed

" No mom, i haven't, just that I've missed Ms Helen so much.. let me go and change up."

' OK DEAR. just be fast."

i went upstairs to Lucious' room and met him and Cynthia playing video games. 

" hey guys, where's Lincoln?" 

i asked no one in particular.  

"good day big sis" 

Cynthia  greeted still looking at the screen.

" Hey sis" lucious greeted , all focused on the screen.

" where's Lucious, you know what? the both of you must seriously be mad! now get up and leave that game.."
i picked up a pillow to hit they..

" I think i want to join them."
i heard Coln's voice from behind .

" loosen up big sis." 

he smiled, showing those sets of white teeth. he hugged me from behind while i smiled ......

"um... Lincoln , there's someone i want you to meet."

" and who's that?"  Lucious interrupted.

"It's a girl, her name is Bethy. " i replied.

"lol.. you want to get a wife for him?"

lucious teased .

" she's really nice, you will like her. trust me, you wouldn't want to miss this one."

" alright, let's see as it goes." Coln affirmed.

we all went downstairs after i've changed into something pretty simple. the music was booming and we were dancing.. the door bell rang and i went to get it, its bethy. i introduced her to everyone and i saw the way Coln look at her. lolzzzz.. my plan is gonna work.

she joined us at the sitting room after changing up.. wasn't long enough before gabi arrived. The house was really filled. we chose dance partners and i gracefully paired Coln and Bethy, Lucious and Cynthia. i was now left with Gabi so i had no other choice than to rock the dance floor with him. the guy is a really good dancer. 

later on, Williams arrived with his mom who looks way younger than her age and his sister Nessa who was all over me, though i sort of like her. 

it was already 6pm but Jessica and Desmond haven't arrived yet. i called but their numbers weren't going through at all. i became worried. mom noticed and asked but i told her everything was okay. 6:30pm nothing from them, i couldn't pretend anymore. gabi came to me.

" Queenie, what's bothering you?"


" can you for once, try not to push me away? i'm just no fool to walk up to you. it's not a crime to care.

i felt bad hearing those words from him so i had to open up " Gabi, i'm worried." 

he drew me close and hugged me. i didn't resist or break off cause i really needed it. we stayed like that for some minutes before Liams walked up to us and i broke the hug.

" Queen what's wrong?" liam asked.

" um.... nothing, just worried." i replied.

then he turned to gabi

" must you take advantage of her weakness? what sort of a person are you? you must be shameless."

" And must you take advantage of her ignorance? you must be seriously sick."

gabi fired back.

" And what is the meaning of this?"
 i said almost drawing other attention in the
Liams was about saying something but my ringtone interrupted him. 

" Hello big sis. This is already 7pm, what happened? "

" Calm down honey, our flight was delayed but we are at the airport now. "

" And what Des? "

" I'm here baby!  Please come take me home. "
Desmond's voice echoed from the background and I laughed. 

" I'm on my way. "
I dropped the call. 

" And where are you going to?"
Liams asked. 

" To pick someone from the airport. "
I replied. 

"Alright, I'm going with you. "

" OK, let's go. "

I got my purse, we were about leaving the house when his phone rang. He picked the call but didn't seem happy. 

" I'm sorry Queen, I've got an emergency at the hospital and I can't avoid it. "

" hmm...  Alright then. "
He hugged me, went to talk to his mom and rushed out. 

" Coln is busy having a conversation with Bethy and Lucious won't go with me. So... I guess you will have to go with me. "
I said to Gabi who smiled and led the way. 

     Few minutes of driving, no one said anything to the other and finally, Gabi broke the awkward silence. 

" Queen, what's going on between the doctor and you? "

I was drawn by his question. 

" I don't recall how that became your business. " 

" It's my business, my fucking business .

Read " Errors In Our Destiny " by the same author ( Queen Allie )

. So please, tell me."
He seemed like someone trying to control his anger.. 

" you better focus on the driving cause it's so not your business. " 

" Really? " he asked. 

Next thing, he parked the car along the road. He came down, opened the passenger door and pulled me out. 

" It's not my business? There's so fucking a lot that you don't know. I've given you much time already. 3 years now Queen. 3 years I've been dying in silence and you say it's not my business? Don't you feel it? "

He paused, looking deep into my eyes. I couldn't say anything to him. 

" Leave me. " 
I managed to say, more like a whisper. 

" And you think I haven't tried? I have tried but it's been totally impossible. Please look back again. "

He had this pleading look on his face that sent cold rush through my veins. 

" I don't understand, why are you like this? What do you want? "
I asked very confused. 

He came closer to me, I shifted till my back was now leaning on the car then he said

" what do I want?  What I want? "

He slowly lowered his head, with his hands on my face, slowly caressing my cheek and then, he locked his lips with mine. 
I couldn't fight back rather I noticed my hand around his neck, slowly returning his kisses.... 


Evening folks... What do you think? 

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  • Olaleye Adedamola picture
    Olaleye Adedamola
    Hmmmmn, is like gabi will take his fiancée back very soon but what will Queen will do with Desmond and
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    Favour Abhatue
    Hmmmm, I reserve my comment. Thanks dear
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    Abigail Amande
    I dey your back @ Olaleye o... Next pleay dear.
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    Agh this Queen is lost.. not in this planet though
  • Prince Andy picture
    Prince Andy
    I wish I have a clue of the direction of this story... I am with you till the very end Dear Queen
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    Chibuzor Ugbagu Eyisi
    Doc Williams, better come and meet Jessica
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