Love Crystal - Episode 17

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Love that binds 

      It's a Monday morning and i'm already in front of my mirror. I tried imagining how the day will look like. It's been really long  i last saw  my family, though we chat on phone a lot. i just had to brush away the emotional thought, today is Monday and it's work.

       I got to the office a little earlier than i used to. 

" good morning ma'am" the security guard greeted. 

unlike every other day, today i feel a little weird. i wasn't really in the mood for anything . i looked at him and smiled in response.

Everywhere seems a little different today. perhaps, i'm just emotionally down. i responded to every greeting with a smile. i went straight to my office.

"good morning ma'am." Bethy greeted. 

"morning Bethy, coffee please and before you ask, yes, the conference went well." 

i replied and turned to enter my office but then,she called.

" ma'am "

" yes bethy, anything else?

"the board of directors wants to see you in the board room now." 
it felt like a bullet just hit my chest.

" what did you say?" 

I wanted to be sure of what i heard.

"Yes ma'am." she nodded.

"what for? i know i didn't do anything wrong or did they say anything? "

" i really don't know ma'am."

i stood for some minutes before heading down the boardroom.


              I walked into the boardroom, ready to defend myself of any allegation that will be leveled against me. The room was indeed filled.At first, i nearly lost my courage but then, i had to comport myself.

" good morning." i greeted, drawing everyone's attention.

" oh! Ms Williams

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. please sit." 

The manager said and i quietly sat down and then, he continued.

" we've gotten a feedback and yes you did excellently well despite the short notice. we were actually expecting you to come down and lay a compliant but you didn't. you handled everything do well. 

he paused.

" Thank you."

i whispered not even knowing if i should say that or not..

" We've been approved to open another branch at abuja as a result."

i was seriously amazed. i didn't know what to say. i was really happy.

" the assistant managing director will be going over to abuja as the new branch manager and as a result, you are now officially appointed as the new assistant managing director of this branch." 

he concluded and everyone in the board room stated clapping and smiling .

I couldn't believe my ears , i didn't know whether to shout or jump or laugh. i didn't know what to do. 

" but sir, i'm not due for a promotion." i managed to say.

" yes you are not but you have proved more than capable so, congratulations Ms Williams." 

Everyone stood up and congratulated me. 


the curiosity on Bethy's face was something else. she was scared, i could tell, i ran down and hugged her. 

" Thanks bethy." i could tell she was now confused.

"what happened ma'am?"

" you are a Godsent bethy." i dragged her into my office.

" remember when you stopped me from confronting the director." she nodded.

" that was a test and as a result, our branch at abuja have been approved ."

" congratulations ma'am. i knew this will be of  a good end." 

" that's not all, i've been promoted. i'm now the new managing director" 

Bethy was so that she jumped on me.

" and get ready, you are now my personal assistant." 

" oh my goodness! thank you ma'am" 

" congrats to us,.. i wouldn't have done it without you. go on, take today and tomorrow off, get prepared for your new office."


            I called my mom and told her about my promotion. she was so happy and insisted on holding a dinner for me and i couldn't refuse. I informed jessica who was really happy and promised to attend my dinner party. I requested that she tell Des about my promotion and the party but she insisted i tell him myself. so i had no choice but to call him.

" hello honey. how are you?" he answered immediately he picked the call.

" you couldn't even let me speak first as the one who called you." i retorted.

" that's because you are my girlfriend so....."

" let me just ignore you cause i'm very happy today."

i told him about my promotion and the dinner and then, he said

" i know you want me to come cause you are seriously missing me so much already but here's what, i will send a doll for you instead." 

he started laughing.

" you are just so unbelievable. why do you taunt me this much?" 

" cause i love you. congratulations honey. i'll try as much as possible to come."

" alright then, bye"

" bye dearie" and the line went dead. 


   Later in the evening, i went home to see mom and my brothers. 

" the newest assistant managing director in town"

Lucious echoed the moment he saw me enter into the house.

and Coln always behaving like he's my elder brother. 

" congrats sisi"

i went into the kitchen to see my mom preparing fruit juice

" mama." i called.

"hey honey" she smiled 

" good evening ma."

" evening my dear.

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. i'll be out in a minute." 

Few minutes later, she joined us at the sitting room.

" so honey, let's get your guest list prepared. tell me those you are inviting"

"i don't know mom. just tell me those you want to invite."

" alright... the hugines, the cokers, the richardsons ( doctor williams family). is there anybody else you want on the list?" she asked

" yes mom . the Manyikas"
mom seemed a little confused..

" i met them at abuja but don't worry, you will really like them."
i assured but mom seemed to be thinking something else.

" mom!" 

i called back her attention. 

" sorry dear." she said.

" you just snapped out hearing the name, is anything wrong?"

" no dear, just thinking they were strangers... anyone else?"

" yea Bethy, "

" who is Bethy?" Coln asked.

" my personal assistant."

" alright then, i guess that's all"

" yes mom"


I smell something fishy... Hm...  ... Evening folks... Hope you're having a wonderful evening. 

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  • Ola Hormolar picture
    Ola Hormolar
    Hmm, interesting, something is about to happen
  • Abigail Amande picture
    Abigail Amande
    Hmmm....something is gonna happen. We are waiting sha. Ride on girl.
  • Mercy Ekemonye picture
    Mercy Ekemonye
    I'm just smiling cos I know something is about to happen, Next plsssssss, Dr&Jessi hmmm
  • Mercy Ekemonye picture
    Mercy Ekemonye
    I'm just smiling cos I know something is about to happen, Next plsssssss, Dr&Jessi hmmm
  • Tochi Enyinnayah picture
    Tochi Enyinnayah
    Yes ooo. Something go happen ooo. Next episode
  • Queen Ogbonnaya picture
    Queen Ogbonnaya
    Something is definetly going to happen. ride on girl
  • tboy picture
    Hmmm another suspense
  • Prince Andy picture
    Prince Andy
    It's all about the Manyikas... Mum's definitely holding up to something... Thanks anyway, Queen
  • Anjola Jesu Fola-Alao picture
    Anjola Jesu Fola-Alao
    Jessica is Dr.Williams fiancee who is believed to be dead
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