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I cried out my eyes trying so hard to recall what had happened last night, but the more I thought about it, the more my head pounded. I unwrapped myself and with shaky hands, I picked up my phone but to my greatest surprise, it was switched off. I walked to the bathroom , glanced at the wall clock as I walked past it and it was past 10:00; I had missed my flight.

I got a warm bath, changed into a cream colored gown as I tried switching on my phone . I dialed my sister immediately it came on;

"Good morning sis" I started amidst hot tears.

"Morning Tee. How are you, doll? You never really..." She was still talking when I cut her short 

"I'm fine sis, can you pick me up now please? I'll send you the hotel's address"

"You ain't travelling back anymore, tee..? Why the sudden change of mind? Ain't you..."

"I missed my flight sis. I'll tell you about it later, just come please" I said controlling my voice the much I could.

"Okay Tee, I'll be there in a jiffy." 

I dropped the call and started packing my belongings. I dialed my team leader but his line wasn't reachable

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. My tears rolled as many thoughts ran through my mind at the same time.

I hurriedly wore my dark shades as I wheeled my bag to the elevator down the building. I checked out of the hotel, and just in time, my sister pulled up at the parking lot close to where I sat waiting.

I wiped my tears severally with a handkerchief, I didn't want to give her a hint of whatever I was going through, at least not here. I walked up to the car pulling my bag behind me as we both hugged.

"Ha! Pumpkin how you dey? This your shades no be here o... My sister don turn celebrity o... Thelma you no gree o" she joked and laughed as I faked a smile too.

"Sister, make we dey go house first. I wan rest" I retorted  trying to play along.

"Na how you come miss your flight? Wetin happen?" She asked again.

"Na later gist. Wait as you see me so, you no like am?... Wey your driver joor?" I enquired trying to change the topic as soon as I could.

My sister, Sharon is one person I've never kept a secret from. She was my everything while we were growing up, being the only sibling I had before Bryan showed up, we were so fond of each other. Whatever I hid from Mom, I never hid from her, yeah, we we're that close.

An average chocolate skinned girl with bulging eyes, her really smooth skin was something I admired. She wasn't really passionate about fashion but she was damn classy! She worked in one of the big hospitals in abuja as a medical doctor, taking after my dad's profession.

"We are here madam" she teased as we pulled over at her garage.

"Thanks sisi, youre a life saver o" 

"Get out of my car drama queen" she snapped as we both laughed.

I had been to her house severally, a huge white duplex, that was furnished to taste. The interior still gave me goosebumps, a house well decorated with the most expensive and classy pieces I had ever seen! The swimming pool, aquarium, garden, playground, kitchen... Everything spelt luxury! Sometimes, I wondered how a family of just three save for the gatemen, cooks and nannies preferred such a big house. I just walked straight to the room I've always used on every visit, I wasn't in a mood for any further chitchat.

"Pretty, say hello to auntie" my sister was talking to 3 year old Ivy both standing close to my bed.

"My baby girl is all grown up, what have you been eating baby? You're way fatter than when I last saw you" I said carrying her as I placed several pecks on her fat face.

"Tee, you never gist me o. Why you come miss your flight on purpose, wetin happen? Is it Daddy again?" She pressed further as my tears flowed freely now, I just couldn't hide them anymore.

Noticing this, she called out to one of her nannies who carried Ivy as we both sat down to talk.


"That lowlife scumbag! A lying, manipulative obsessed idiot! He wants to ruin your life just because you refused him? Is relationship by force? Hmmm.... He's just toying with the wrong girl.  I'm on this with you Tee, pull yourself together!" My sister shouted as I cried harder.

She hugged me tightly holding me so close. I felt so good yet again i had someone I could open up to without being judged. I felt relieved.

"Wipe those tears and be strong. Mom and dad won't hear a thing about this. I'll speak to hubby when he gets here" she assured me.

"Thanks Ron, I love you!' was the only thing I could say.

"It's fine, undress and come downstairs let's eat" 

"No, I'm not hungry. Go ahead, I'll be fine by myself" I said as she nodded, and strolled out.

I quickly undressed, opened my bag and took some pain relief tablets, slumped on the bed as I laid down gazing into the air trying to get answers to the unending questions in my head.

"Who could have done this to me? Who did I offend so much to the extent of hurting me like this?  Yes, I told my sister that it was Dave behind this but truth be told, I wasn't even sure If he was the one. Who switched off my phone? Why hasn't anybody called me? How am I going to face my colleagues at work? If Dad should hear this, I'm done for. What am I supposed to do right now?"

I was still locked up in my room, tears rolling down freely when my phone beeped. It was Dave!

'what nerves!!!!' I thought 

He called severally but the more my phone rang, the more I felt like slipping a knife through his throat. The fifth time the call came, I gently picked up my phone, scrolled through my contacts and blocked his number. 

The car horns blared and I got up, straightened my hair, washed my face and ran downstairs. No doubt, it was Williams. 

"Good evening brother" I greeted heartily hugging him.

"Welcome home Tee. You really pulled a surprise on us...huh!? How are you?" He replied

"I'm good , Wills. You went to work today being Sunday too?" 

"No I had a business meeting. Here, this is for you" he said handing me a bag full of chocolates, cakes, biscuits and juice.

"Thanks boss" I collected the bag smiling.

"You have swollen eyes.. is there..." He was still talking when Ivy ran down followed lazily by my sister who was about five weeks pregnant. 

Wills carried his daughter hugging his wife at the same time, as I sneaked out on them. I wasn't going to answer questions on my swollen eyes, thank goodness my sis showed up early enough to save my face.

My sister's husband, Williams is the sweetest man I've ever met in my life. No exaggerations but he was a man every girl wished for. A man of about thirty-one years of age, average height, light skinned and a very prominent lawyer. Throughout his years of practice, he had won awards and the hearts of many people including his colleagues; a man that stood for what is right and honorable. Very humble, caring and loving... 

A business tycoon too who started managing his family's business following the demise of his elder brother. He came from a really wealthy home; the Adegoke's!

"Ireti, set the table please and serve dinner" I overheard my sister instructing one of the maids as I shut my door.

Soon enough, the landline in my room rang and I picked it up.

"Come down for dinner ma'am. Food is ready" a voice said from the other end.

"Okay, I'll join you all in a bit. I need to freshen up" I replied and the line went dead.

I joined them in no time as my sister and her hubby made jokes, I managed to laugh but I was really uneasy. I nibbled at my food, taking small bites because I wasn't even hungry and before they knew it, I stood up to leave walking past them as my sister gave me a pitiable look while Williams stopped me in my tracks holding my arm.

"What is it Thelma? You're not looking as cheerful... Any problem? See those swollen eyes, have you been crying?" He asked with extreme concern.

I couldn't help but sit back as my tears dropped yet again. I couldn't hide them anymore. I looked at my sister and she nodded signaling me to let it all out and I started narrating everything I had earlier told her.

I was still talking when Williams stood up, looked at the both of us, pushed his food aside and walked out of the dining room.






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