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Hey guys, I just noticed that I made a mistake, naming Episode 9 as Episode 8 whereas I've posted Episode 8 earlier. I'm really sorry about that... You all should follow the story line and hopefully, you will follow up.


The last day of our conference finally came and our final lectures we're to be taken as well as the goodbye diner party hosted by our organizers.

George has been away for two days now and it got me all moody. His father was already getting treatments in one of the best hospitals and everyday I prayers for his recovery . That night I saw George all emotional got me feeling all worked up; I felt really sorry for him.

Annie, my mom and sister had called yesterday, they were all fine looking forward to my return.

I dressed up wearing a well ironed white shirt, a deep blue skirt which hugged tightly to my skin, blue office shoes and a deep blue tie. I combed out my hair after putting on a light makeup, my wrist watch and oil perfume. I picked up my white Gucci handbag, my jacket and file as I strode down to the conference Hall. 

Everyone was gorgeously dressed as sandwich, tea and coffee was served. I wasn't even hungry, I was just seated lost in thoughts and I just felt so lonely too.

At that moment, my phone beeped,

"You are looking beautiful as usual, let's take some pictures after this meeting" it read.

"What silly guts?" I thought aloud

"After messing up with Vivian, Dave indeed had the guts to text me" I shook my head.

Vivian arrived a bit late, smiling as she approached me taking her seat next to me as we talked, joked and chatted about everything and nothing

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. As usual, she collected her servings and devoured hungrily before it was announced that she was to give the final presentation representing her place of work. 

I cheered and applauded her heartily as she made her presentation as well as a heartwarming speech finally, bidding us farewell as she left the podium amidst cheers and handshakes. Getting to her seat, I hugged her tightly and gave her a light peck, she indeed made a good presentation.

The conference was soon declared over and we were all requested to come out for group photographs with both coordinators  and panelists. We were all handed certificates of participation as well as customized souvenirs and T-shirts. It was one blast really!

"The annual Diner Party will be at exactly 8pm. All ladies are instructed to be dressed in diner gowns while our gentlemen are expected to be on suit. Color of the night is red, white and silver. Venue is Café au Lait Dining room. Thanks and do have a wonderful evening, see you all in a bit." the speakers blared as excitement filled the air. 

Everyone stood talking to each other, I gave handshakes, hugs as I stood there getting to know some of the participants. Some I exchanged contacts with, some took photographs and others went ahead to probe and know me more. It was a pleasant evening!

Some walked past and waved, while others just smiled. I was still lost in all of it when Dave put his arm around me from behind. 

I faked a smile, trying to be as civil as my temper would carry me. He bent low and whispered into my ears

"Can we go get the pictures now?" He spoke softly.

"What nerve, David!?"  I shrugged pulling away from him.

"Ain't you even ashamed of yourself mister? You've been avoiding me for some days now being all loved up with your new found lover. Did you even ask after me when you came in the other night?" I sounded so stupid but I didn't care. 

"You stood me up, you never really cared about me, how I fared throughout that night. Yes, I know I've been hard on you but for friendship sake, you would have done the needful, and knowing exactly what you did, you avoided me  since then only to show up now. You're pathetic mister! Do you even love her or you want to play games..." My last statement was cut short as he made few steps towards me.

"Hey, I've respected you enough! I've loved you, I've always loved you and I still do. You don't want to give me a chance to prove myself yet you don't want me to have fun too? Are you this selfish? Can you even listen to your damn senseless self right now!? Yes, it's very obvious I don't love her and I'm just using her to get over you but listen to me real well; YOU CANNEVER HAVE ANY OTHER MAN ASIDES ME, thelma!" He sneered.

I shivered at his words and just immediately I turned around and walked away from him as fast as my legs could carry me without even uttering another word. No, I wasn't going to make a scene here, I said to myself as his words came re-echoing over and over.

At exactly 8:30pm, I cat walked into the party; it was really a lavish one. From the decorations, to the lightening, to the dance floor, to the music, food and bar... Everything was laid out perfectly! 

People were already on the red carpet taking photos and being interviewed by different press agents present. Every single person was gorgeously dressed, some were coupled up, while others came in singles. 

I had a red sleeveless diner gown with open slits on, silver heel sandals with straps tied up to my knees, and my hair all packed in a bun. My makeup was really heavy and I had a silver clutch purse hanging down my shoulders. My cologne filled the air as I paced my way through the crowd,I felt on top of the world.

"The most popular Miss Thelma, a rose amongst roses" a voice called out. 

I looked over the red carpet and it was Dr. Harrison Tyler. He wasn't really handsome but he was a friendly man. I walked up to him smiling as we exchanged pleasantries.

On seeing us, some of the press agents ran up to us just in time to be discharged by him. 

"Are you alone? No date tonight?" He asked 

"No sir, I'm fine alone." I tried smiling.

"A beautiful woman like you shouldn't be all by yourself. Here, come have a drink with me" he said giving his elbow as I slipped on my hand walking side by side with him.

"Thank you sir" I muttered.

We walked over to a table and he poured me a drink as I sat exchanging greetings with some panelists who sat on the same table. For once in my life, I felt like the princess my mom always called me. 

We got talking about everything and nothing, eating, drinking and smoking at the same time. He offered a stick of cigar which I refused. I got to understand that he flew in from Arizona, United States of America, a married man and the principal coordinator of the just concluded conference. 

"What a young and successful man!" I thought to myself.

Looking at him, one would not believe how rich he was. He was just a simple man. 

"Can I have this dance?" He said stretching out his hand.

"My pleasure sir" I stood up and as we moved to the dance floor, I spotted Dave and Ella kissing. He was kissing her but fixed a steady gaze on both of us as we walked to the dance floor. He obviously wasn't even interested in what he was doing and just as we begin to dance, I removed my eyes from him.

The night has been good enough, being filled with extreme fun, partying and merriments. I had already left Dr. Harry after the dance and walked up to a group of friends which I made earlier too dancing and rocking the night with them. 

Soon Vivian walked up to me carrying a glass of alcoholic wine. I wasn't a huge fan of it but seeing everyone still standing at their feet after taking theirs, I took the bull by the horn.

"Is this for me, babe?" I asked.

"Yes Tee, let's drink away our stress" she replied and we both laughed uncontrollably.

I sensed she was already drunk as I collected the glass from her and gulped the whole content down.

That was all I could remember waking up the next morning n*ked and wrapped up in a blanket. I looked around and found my cloths, bag, sandals and phone lying next to me. 

"God!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed!!!!


What do you think happened to our Thelma? *Sobs*

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  • Fiona Nicks picture
    Fiona Nicks
    mimi i couldn't read the previous chapter
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    Lolz..Same mistake I made when I was posting mine.Your story is amazing,dear. And oh,I forgot.You should check out mine.Well,if you'd like,dear.Title..MY CAMPUS LIFE.Btw,thanks for the mention on the previous episode.I sure am honoured.
  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    Lolz..Same mistake I made when I was posting mine.Your story is amazing,dear. And oh,I forgot.You should check out mine.Well,if you'd like,dear.Title..MY CAMPUS LIFE.Btw,thanks for the mention on the previous episode.I sure am honoured.
  • Miracle Okoh picture
    Miracle Okoh
    I'm sorry about that Fiona... I dunno how to rectify this
  • Miracle Okoh picture
    Miracle Okoh
    Really??? It sucks... Thanks a lot Ciara, this means a lot and sure, I'll check it out...
  • Dolapo Oloyede picture
    Dolapo Oloyede
    Dave @ work , hmmm........
  • Miracle Okoh picture
    Miracle Okoh
    You think? @dolapo...
  • Abigail Arhin picture
    Abigail Arhin
    Dave!!!!! Ooow Thelma.......
  • Fiona Nicks picture
    Fiona Nicks
    thelma they spiked your drink
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