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I knocked recklessly on the door banging and kicking at the same time, I just wanted someone to show up and open up for me. Yes, I came back really late; it was a crime in my house coming back at such an hour; about few minutes past nine o'clock  but I had no other option. I thought of collecting the spare key from the gate man and sneaking through the back door, but that was the dumbest thing ever as dad would most definitely make a hot stew with my body parts by morning.

I stood there feeling frustrated, rejected and dejected after such a long fruitless day! I banged non-stop, turning the door knob carelessly when the door creaked open, and it was aunt Steph...

She opened her mouth to say something when I gave her a menacing look stopping her words from coming as I barged in and brushed past her carrying my bag, jacket and stilettos on both hands. I was so aggressive and felt like taking it out on someone . Earlier tonight on my way home, I had cried all the way, shouting and barking on my driver to speed up despite the fact that I knew the traffic wasn't his fault. i just kept nagging that at some point I even had to throw an empty water bottle at him and was even ready to bite his ear if ever he made an attempt to fight back, but no he remained unruffled. I guess he has never seen me this way and he really understood my plight

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. I felt horrible!

I scurried towards my room and was stopped in my tracks by my dad's voice. 

"Where are you coming from at this time of the day!!? " He barked.

I ignored him as I stood there gazing at him blankly, I really tired for any type of drama.

"Why are you dumb all of a sudden, idiot!?? Where have you been all this while? You've totally forgotten your principles, look at how haggard you look!  Where did you  go to?! Speak up before I give you a dirty slap right now!" He continued.

"Excuse me Dad, I had a long day and I need to rest now." I replied as I started walking to my room when a belt strap flew across my back and I fell screaming at the top of my voice.

I immediately threw everything I had in my hands as I stood up and faced my dad.

"You're a pathetic irrational man?!! You care about me huh!? But you never even called to know where I was! Not even a beep and here you're acting like a father you are not!!! Yes, I'm looking haggard, yes I'm frustrated, I'm in a mess but what do you care? You care about nobody but yourself! Your stupid work comes before everyone else in the crazy house!!! Leave me the hell alone, leave my life alone and yes, DON'T EVER THINK YOU'LL GET ME TO TELL YOU A SINGLE THING!!! I CAN NEVER!"

"Thelmaaaaa!!!!" He thundered flinging the belt across my neck this time. I screamed again falling to the floor as i held my neck in pains. I shouted crying on top of my voice as I noticed blood dripping down my hands, dad tore my skin with his belt. I picked up my things still crying and angrily started walking out on him when he drew my ears turning me around. I screamed again!

"So, you have the guts and effrontery to spew such acrimonious words to me??? You have been indoors without going to work coming up with one excuse or another!!! You're leaner than you look and yet I'm not a caring dad to have noticed all this? To have noticed that you're going through something you don't want to talk about??? Fine, live your life Thelma, you're a disgrace to me already..." He thundered again.

"Really Dad? Disgrace? You ain't seen nothing yet!!! I'll make sure I'll disgrace you more and more and mark my words..."

"Shut that trap Thelma!!! Are you going insane!!?" My mom thundered! 

This was the first time my mom has ever intervened between myself and dad for a really long time now. I turned sharply staring at her as she walked down the stairs.

"What type of a girl are you? You've been away without even letting us get a hint of where you are, we were all worried. Check your phone, I called you severally but you never picked up my calls! What is happening to my daughter?? Why did you change all of a sudden!? See how emancipated you look, what are you not telling me Thelma? I..."    she stopped abruptly and started out towards me sobbing as I gave her a warm embrace. 

"You're bleeding Tee. Oh my God!!! Please, listen to me, take your things and leave this place immediately.. Now!" She whispered to my ears amidst sobs.

I unwrapped myself from her, picked up my bag, jacket and stilettos and  ran to my room. I banged the door after me, fell on the floor letting my tears flow without control. I just sat there crying and bleeding at the same time as my thoughts ran back to earlier today.

I had given Dave a really hot slap,  he staggered as he tried so hard to understand what was all happening giving me a questioning look.

"What have I done to you to deserve this ill treatment, David!!? What exactly do you want from me, you beast!!! You want to turn my life into a living hell? You want to blackmail me? You want to kill me before my time??? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!!! TELL ME! Why are you doing this??" I shouted on top of my voice.

"Hey, reduce your voice and keep it low. You'll make a scene here and bet me you wouldn't like what will follow! Meanwhile, I don't have the tiniest idea of whatsoever you are talking about!!! What..." He wanted to continue when I cut in abruptly.

"Shut the f*ck up!!! And don't you dare, I say, don't you dare play dumb on me!!!"

"Thelma!!!" He shouted back now.
"Don't even accuse me of something I know nothing of! What are you even talking about? Oh you're even alive, you followed me all the way from wherever to this place just to say something this stupid and even slapped me. Wait you can talk abi? But, I've been here trying to get to you since we came back from Abuja, calling, texting, sent several emails that weren't replied till today and at some point you blocked me from reaching you totally and here you are spilling gibberish.." 

"Shut that trap idiot!! You're a liar from the pit of hell, a pretender and a slow poison!! I'd rather crush my phone, my laptop to pieces than calling or texting a trash can without a conscience!!! You are playing dumb right? You really want to play this game, don't you?? Fine, take a look at this!" I said giving him my phone.

He collected it, scrolled through it and raised his eyes. 

"Thelma, who could have done this to you? Tee, see,I don't know where this whole anger is coming from but believe me,I don't have the slightest idea of this. Why would I want  to hurt you?  Can I see the video?" 

"Get lost, you moron! I don't believe a single word from your mouth, I don't!!! You're a manipulative, crazy dude who's up to no good! You want me to believe just that?? You're pathetic and..." I was still talking when my phone beeped again.

"LEAVE GEORGE ALONE AND SET YOURSELF FREE!!! It's time to make the right decision, your reputation and freedom or your George???" the text read, another unknown number. That was when I realized all I have done to myself.

I wanted to dial the number but on a second thought, I didn't. I felt like a drenched fowl, so stupid and irrational. I have all along been putting blames on an innocent fellow, I felt like letting the ground open up and swallow me. Here was Dave standing before me, the only suspect I had but my intuition was obviously starting to play another game on me. 

"What is it now?" He queried noticing how shocked I looked after going through my phone.

"It's nothing" I answered

"So can I see the video now?" He asked

"Fine but...but.. can we just go somewhere quiet? We need to talk too" I said coldly as I noticed sweat breaking out on my forehead. This wasn't what I expected!

He nodded and beckoned on me to get inside his car as he  sat beside me. I signalled at my driver too who drove my car and pulled close to ours, parking behind us.

"Dave... I'm, I'm... I'm... really sorry for all I said earlier and for reacting the way.. I.." I stammered.

"Why are you sorry all of a sudden? See, thelma, I can't get this together... You're just confusing me with this whole drama" he queried squeezing his face.

"Something just happened" I murmured.

"What again now? Haa! Nawao"

I just took out my phone and showed him the text I received. He read through and a smile broke out on his lips. 

"Are you okay now? Do you believe me now? I'm I justified now, JUDGE THELMA?" He mocked.

"I'm really sorry Dave, trust me, I am" I apologized.

"It's fine Tee. I understand that you were really bitter though you overreacted. But what I don't understand you taking it all out on me? Like, I'm so disappointed in you... I've been your friend all these while but you never did trust me or you didn't value our friendship? Oh my God!!! I overrated this friendship..." he shook his head sadly rubbing his palm over his face.

"I'm sorry D... Everything happened so fast and I just felt like taking it out on someone. I was just confused, my head was literally splitting... I..." I broke down in tears.

"It's okay Tee, I understand... Let it all out" he said wrapping his arms around me and wiping my tears with his palm.

"Thanks Here, take a look" I gave him the video still crying as he looked at it carefully.

"Damn!!! This is ridiculous!!!... Have you talked to George about this? Do you think he's capable of doing this to you??" He asked but I didn't answer.

"The person actually wants you out of George's life? Really?? This is serious..." He said laughing after going through the text message.

"This isn't funny Dave!!! This is my life and I'm finished!!" 

"You're not my darling. Stay away from George and be free from this mess! It's that simple and besides,you have me around, I could help you get through this. Leave him out of this and don't even try telling him because he might complicate things!" At his words, I turned and gave him a sharp look.

"Can you even listen to yourself young man??? This is my friend we're talking about, George!!! I need to let him know and help me too if he can... I need to keep him safe too... I have you, yes but he still needs to stay safe even if it means creating that gap which will be SO DIFFICULT FOR ME RIGHT NOW!!!" At my last statement,he gave me a wicked look which I couldn't explain but I ignored it.

There was a deafening silence between us as I just sat crying and he, as I noticed, was lost in his own thoughts. He was really touched, so I thought.

"Who else knows about this?" He asked breaking the silence.

"Just my sister and her husband and what will they do from there at Abuja? They're far from here and can barely help me. I don't want my parents to know yet,  they'll kill me, Dave... My dad kill me o" I started crying again.

This time, I noticed his mood was already sour and maybe he was pained because of what I was going through. He wiped my tears with some wipes and gave me a peck as he cuddled me in his arms trying to console me.

"Hold yourself together darling. It's not the end of the world, I'm with you and we'll see this to the end together. Stop crying, will you?" He reassured me and I nodded.

I checked the time and it was already past the hour of eight. I immediately bade him goodbye and left to my car as  I was driven home, crying all through. I lost the slightest hint of who was all in my business trying so hard to ruin me without reasons and it drove me nuts.


I stood up and fell back to the floor again, I was so weak that I couldn't even stand anymore and that was when I remembered that I had not eaten since morning. 

"Holy cow!" I muttered to myself.

I picked up my phone and dialed Aunt Steph, the only sane person in the house at that time. She picked almost immediately and I requested for my food to be brought to my room as she agreed though it was already late.

I crawled to my bathroom, opened the door, held onto my bath tub and switched on my shower. I crawled back to my room, and collected just my shower gel and crawled back, I was in no mood for a body routine.

I then managed to pull off my clothes, entered the bathtub and sat down. The water had this cooling effect on me, my nerves were relaxed and my body felt so good save for the pains I felt on my neck. I sat there comfortably and closed my eyes.

I was woken up by several knocks on my door and just then, I knew that I had slept in while trying to shower. I quickly left the tub and opened my door, it was Aunt Steph and mom; Aunt Steph brought my food while Mom came to check on me. I thanked auntie and she left. 

"How are you feeling now, tee?" Mom asked.

"I feel better now mom, trust me, I'm fine" I faked an assuring smile.

"So talk to me. What's happening lately with you Thelma? See how lean you are and you've been acting strange. Is there something you ain't telling mommy?" She said.

"Nothing mom. It's nothing, seriously." I lied.

"Nothing? Thelma, did you just say nothing??" She queried.

"Ahhh.... My neck hurts, mom please just leave, we'll talk tomorrow, I promise" I lied trying to divert our discussion.

"No Thelma!!! I know you well.. okay, let me take care of that cut" she said walking towards my cupboard, bringing down my first aid kit. I felt lost, I was running out of tactics already as she cleaned and dressed my wound.

"Okay, I'm done, so speak now" she finally said.

"Mom, truthfully I've not eaten since morning and I'm so tired right now. I need to eat and get some sleep. We will definitely talk about this tomorrow, I promise, Mom" I said.

"You're an adult Thelma, I won't be following you up and down like a baby. Know yourself and stay out of trouble, I always tell you this. Look how lean you are, eat already. If not for dad,I would have slept in your room now..." She said as we both laughed.

"Ah ahh... Mom go and sleep  joor. You worry and cry a lot" and we laughed again.

Mom hugged me, we exchanged goodnight pecks and left to her own room. 

I quickly took my bath and sat down to my food which I barely even finished. I pushed the tray aside and leapt into bed as fast as I could and was about sleeping when Annie sent me a text.

"Babe, we really need to talk tomorrow. I heard EVERYTHING!" 

My sleep vanished!

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  • Ciara Jessy picture
    Ciara Jessy
    Oh, no I swear to God, if that guy really laid a single finger on her hair, I'm so going to kick his ass. How dares he!
  • Fiona Nicks picture
    Fiona Nicks
    #ciara jessy leave him for me i would luv to deal with him myself if he tries anything stupid
  • Fiona Nicks picture
    Fiona Nicks
    #ciara jessy leave him for me i would luv to deal with him myself if he really tried anything stupid
  • Dolapo Oloyede picture
    Dolapo Oloyede
    Probably George's girlfriend did it to Tee, I felt for her sha
  • Miracle Okoh picture
    Miracle Okoh
    Oh my goodness Ciara, calm down already... Hahahaha
  • Miracle Okoh picture
    Miracle Okoh
    You too Fiona... Lolss
  • Miracle Okoh picture
    Miracle Okoh
    I feel for Tee too #dolapo
  • Fiona Nicks picture
    Fiona Nicks
    mimi please post the next episode nahh
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