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Federal Government Scholarship (BEA) 2021-2022 Application Form

My alarm struck and I woke up, checked the time,it was already 4:30am. I said my prayers, wore my flip flops and started out to the bathroom.

In no time, I was seated in front of my mirror as I tried to wear my makeup. I was definitely going for a n*de look as I looked forward to getting back to work. Going back to work wasn't totally the best idea but I couldn't continue with staying out . Annie was already tired of making excuses and if not because of my Manager's illhealth and the distraction it caused; I would have been seeking employment somewhere else. 

I took out a yellow gown, a YSL white handbag and a pair of white sandals. I wore a black afro hair that blended with my makeup fairly and finally; I carried my laptop, unplugged my new iPhone® and strode out of my room straight to my car. My old routine was back!

"Hey Miss Thelma!!! Long time, you've been scarce for a while" a colleague called out.

"Yes, I took a casual leave and I'm running late if you don't mind" I replied sarcastically; he was definitely one of those gossip mongers that never minded their business.

I got to my office and sat down trying to work on some of my files when Annie got in.

"Heyyyyyy! We're gonna throw a major party today! The queen is back!!! Ahhhh! Thelma, only you is a bosses!!!" She teased as we both laughed. Annie was a clown!

"I'm back joor

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. Let's get working babe, ain't going nowhere anymore" I smiled adjusting my ID card as we both walked down to the information room. Annie was obviously happy for me and I could tell she missed my company here alot.

"Babe you know say I still dey vex for you o" Annie said

"Vex kii you there. Don't even start abeg, at least not now. Thelma is here to work today." I replied as we both laughed again.

Work was as normal save for the little extra effort I had to put in to cover up my absence and keep up with the recent records. Later on, I had lunch with Dave and Annie; I was sort of impressed with how they both got along. I wasn't sure if Annie was trying to pretend but whatever thing she was trying to do, I was happy with it.

We had a pretty nice time together. We made jokes, talked about many things and nothing in particular. Soon enough, we were walking down to our various offices when a voice came on air.

"This is an impromptu announcement. All staff of this noble organization should please report to the boardroom now, our new manager is on his way here and we'll be meeting with him in a bit. Thanks for your usual cooperation. This is an..." The speakers started all over again as we all hurried  back to our offices.

"Who could this be?" Annie started.

"I don't have the slightest idea, Ann. So this means that George's Dad isn't coming back anymore, oh my goodness!" I cried out.

"Shut the hell up! Like you care!" Annie blurted.

"Annie you know I..." I started talking when she walked out on me. It was obvious she didn't want to listen to whatever I had to say.

For two weeks now, I had cut all communication with George irrespective of the fact that I got several calls from him which I ignored. Annie too tried to talk me out of that decision to not avail, she refused to understand that I needed to keep him safe by staying away but she believed that I should have at least explained to George but I couldn't bring myself to tell him such a dirty story. 

I ran towards Ann and held her hand but she loosened herself from my grip. In no time, we got to the boardroom and took our seats. 

"Hey ladies" Dave smiled at us.

"Come seat here" I said pointing to a chair close to mine.

Dave came close and sat down besides me but Annie didn't find it funny. For sometime, I was taken aback as to how her energy around Dave went from a hundred to zero.

"Good day ladies and perfect gentlemen. This is an impromptu meeting and we, the management really are sorry for any inconveniences. Due to obvious reasons, we're advised  to be in our best behavior as we welcome our new Airport Manager" the speaker stepped aside and amidst thunderous ovations, he walked up to the podium.

"A very good afternoon to you all. I'm one of you, I'm still one of you and will still be loved to be addressed as Mr. George Adesina.. " he started. I couldn't believe my ears, my head was literally spinning. I looked at Annie and she gave me a mischievous smile but Dave was in my own words, lost in his thoughts. 

"... obviously, I'll be standing in the position of your boss and I hope you all will cooperate accordingly. Looking forward to a wonderful time with you all. Thank you" 

The ovation this time was deafening and obviously, many people loved him and the idea of him being our new boss. Annie almost jumped out of her skin, shouting and screaming on top of her voice as the applause went on. I sat stiff, my hands were cold, I couldn't even clap nor move, I just sat there cluelessly. Dave wasn't left out, he looked like a lost sheep.

"Congratulations George!!!!" Annie shouted running towards him after the meeting as he walked past us flanked by some of our management team.

"Thanks alot Ann; I'm very grateful. You can always check in, at least you know my new office now" he answered cheerfully as his gaze left her and fell on me.

"Congratulations" I muttered.

"Thanks Miss Thelma" he gave me an official cold reply as he walked past us.

I lost the courage to talk to Annie about all of this. I didn't know what to do, how to react or how to get myself together. For a moment, I was confused.

"Why is everything happening so fast? Why? Just why??" I thought to myself.

I packed my stuff, bade Annie a farewell and left the office immediately!

From next episode, I'll be writing from other characters point of view. Yah or nah guys? I need your opinion on this... Thanks thanks

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