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Federal Government Scholarship (BEA) 2021-2022 Application Form

So without looking at the polls; I personally decided to go on with other characters point of view. My story doesn't get to be posted as soon as possible, it stays reviewed for a very long time and I don't know why. So,I couldn't wait on your polls... I'm sorry...

Lately, having been really convinced by tee how innocent Dave is, I couldn't help again but be at ease with him. We all became friends and ate out once in a while . Thelma was beginning to feel loved and I knew that my girlfriend was falling for Dave. It was a welcomed development by me, the girl needed a break and some happiness after everything that had happened to her and if Dave was the only person who would bring her that, I wasn't going to play the villain. In my heart, I really wished that it was George who she was falling for, I liked Dave but not as much as I did George. 

"OMG!, you guys want to overfeed me here, I'm literally pregnant right now" I teased Dave and Thelma making both laugh.

"You silly woman! Foodie!" Thelma replied

We had already spent a huge part of our evening having fun at Riverside Park. Dave had ordered a whole lot from prawns, crabs, soup, sauce, grilled chicken, grilled beef, lemonade and many other types of drinks

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. I had eaten to my fill and had ordered a takeaway.

Dave and Tee were busy cuddling and chatting incoherently; funny enough;  I wasn't even comfortable with that. Sometimes, they laughed out loud and at the other times; they made silly jokes. 

I was just busy scrolling down my phone, chatting and dancing to the music that filled the air. I turned around and before I knew it, Dave and Thelma had strolled down to the swimming pool. 

"Lovers indeed" I murmured to myself as I sat down to continue my chatting.

I had barely sat down when I noticed a phone ringing, I shouted and called out to both of them but they didn't even respond. The phone rang consistently, I picked it up and noticed that it wasn't Thelma's, but Dave's. It was an unknown number so I just let it slide and faced my business.

In no time, the phone stopped and then beeped, it was really disturbing so I collected it and was about going to the swimming pool when my eyes caught something.

"George is now your new boss. Can you still trust thelma? I think it's time!" 

My eyes widened, my jaw dropped and it was as if the whole world has come to a standstill;  I couldn't believe my eyes. Was my instincts playing a game on me?

I dropped the phone immediately, ran towards the pool and just immediately, I stopped in my tracks. I needed to think fast, what to do!?.

"Who is the person sending this? Is the person in any way related to whatever Thelma have been passing through? Why wasn't the number saved?  But Dave... Dave... was inno..."

"Nooooooooo!!!!" I screamed running back.

I collected the phone flickering my eyes through the park hoping that Dave and Thelma wasn't coming in anytime soon. I typed in the phone number into my own phone, saved it and placed the phone back to it's spot. I was breathing heavily; something wasn't right.

I lifted a glass of cocktail and sipped on while my head was literally spinning, lots of questions popping up. Instantly I felt uncomfortable; sweat breaking out on my forehead even though the evening was airy.

In no time, I noticed the both of them smiling as they walked towards me locking their palms in each other's. I hurriedly wiped my face, laid down again and pretended to be answering a call.

"Madam, let's go" Thelma called out

I signaled her to start packing our stuff pretending to be engrossed in my conversation. Thelma nodded and started packing our stuff while Dave helped her.

Just in time, I dropped the false call and forced a smile.

"Lovebirds, can we go already?" 

"Yeah" Dave replied and we all hugged, exchanged pleasantries and I walked into Thelma's car waiting for her to come join me.

In no time, we were heading back home. We drove in silence and despite efforts made by Thelma to start up a conversation, I wasn't in the mood.

"Annie, what's up. You're cold all of a sudden. Are you okay?" Tee queried.

"Umm... umm.. erm..yeah..I'm fine Tee. I really am" I stammered.

"Hmmm" was the reply I got.

"But Tee, can I ask you a question. Please don't get mad, okay?" 

"Fine, go ahead, am listening" she replied.

"Ermm... Umm.. Dave.. urghh" I stammered again.

"Ha! What about Dave?" Thelma was now so curious squeezing her face.

"Em, are you falling for Dave? Do you trust him that much now?" I finally asked holding my breath.

"Mtcheeew!" Thelma hissed eyeing me from head to toe.

"Please we're here now, leave my car already" she frowned.

I expected just that reaction, I just shook my head.

"Have a great night rest and thank you for today Tee. I love you girlfriend" I still said  stepping out of the car towards my house. 

Without waiting for an answer, I walked into my house as they drove off.

I lived in a very small apartment, quite comfortable but a bit lower than what I used to live in while growing up. My dad; a sailor was barely offshore and home, he worked most of the time and because of the nature of his work,  I only saw him very few times in a year. My only brother, Clinton was a scholar in the United Kingdom and I spoke with him the much I could. We loved ourselves so much being the only sibling I had left after my mom and immediate elder brother passed in a plane crash.

Coming back, it was still a lonely house for me since grandma went back to my uncle's house for medical treatment. I opened my fridge, collected a bottle of soda and sat down staring blankly at the television in front of me. 

I didn't feel like eating, and after a while I walked to my room, had a warm bath and changed into my night wears. I checked my emails but there was none from Dad. Tired, I laid down hoping to sleep in no time and put an end to the endless questions popping in my head.

An idea hit me and just immediately, I sprang up from my bed and reached for my phone. I scrolled through and finally got to that number. I copied it and pasted in Truecaller® app; an app that helps identify unknown numbers if registered.

Network was a bit unsteady so I had to wait and soon enough, a name popped up. My eyes almost popped out my face, I couldn't believe it all. 

"How dare you!?" I screamed talking to no one.

There was only one person to help me out of this mess, only one person to talk to about this. I picked up my phone and dialed a number.

Whoa! Annie the detective...*lol* I just hope this will pay off and you won't get hurt trying!

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