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Sorry for late posts, my readers.... 


Today was really a good day after I had disgraced myself last night. I walked happily to my room alongside Vivian whose room was on the same floor with mine. We talked, laughed and made jokes as my mind went back to what happened earlier.

I wore a burgundy colored blouse, a knee-length black skirt and black stilettos. My hair edges were well laid; a nude makeup, I looked corporate yet stunning.

The hall was filled to it's brim as usual. 

"The last speaker for today is Miss Thelma Enejo..., Representing Gregory OlaJumoke International Airport on..." the announcement came.

I walked gracefully to the podium, amidst thunderous ovations, opened up my laptop and looked at the crowd before me . So many eyes were staring back at me, so many ears waiting to listen and so many critics wanting to usurp my position. I avoided George and Dave having seen them seated together at one corner of the room with some of my team members.

I adjusted my mic and Started talking. Last night, I had stayed up late rehearsing and reciting, correcting and editing. I wasn't going to fumble and I really had vowed to gain George's trust back.

I hadn't gone through the eighth slide yet when a voice spoke from behind

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. It was one of the panelists, "good job, young lady! Superb!" As the crowd cheered, clapped and shouted. I rushed through the rest of my work, and was sent down with thunderous melodious applause and cheers from the crowd.

I felt elated and honored as I majestically walked back to my seat. 

"Mission accomplished" Vivian said hugging me.

From the corners of my eye, I noticed George grinning from ear to ear. He was obviously happy, I felt fulfilled!

"You're coming for dinner tonight whether you like it or not" Vivian snapped me out of my thoughts.

"I would love to babe. With Dave right?" I asked

"Yeah, Ella and Vic are coming along too" she replied.

"You know Ella too?" I asked wide eyed.

"Calm down babe. I just got transferred to my new place two years ago. I have been working with them since three years ago at your airport" she explained.

"Oh my goodness!" I exclaimed. I just understood how she knew almost everyone in my team save for the few of us.

"I'll knock on your door in few minutes. Freshen up and let's go" she winked walking past my own room as I entered.

I hurriedly changed into a Stella MacCartney white floral dress, a white tummy belt and Jimmy Choo pink flats. I retouched my makeup, combed out my hair, spritz some oil perfume as I scrolled through my phone waiting on Vivian.

I had waited for almost thirty minutes but she hasn't shown up yet. I had no option, so I locked up my room, and scurried down to hers.

I gave a light knock but there was no answer. On the second know, the door flung open and standing before me was Dave.

"What was this guy doing in Vivian's room for goodness sake? What sort of creepiness is this?" I thought to myself.

"Hey, what's up. Come in" He said without even smiling.

"No please, where's Vivian?" I queried.

"She's..." He wanted to say something when she appeared all dressed up. 

"Let's go babe. Dave c'mon" as we all walked to the elevator.

The dining room was super furnished, air conditioned and classy. It wasn't just us anymore, the room was filled up as we spotted a table where our team members were all seated having fun. 

The table was covered with all sorts of plated food, snacks and drinks. Some were chatting, others laughing while some as usual coupled up doing their thing. I took a plate ignoring both of them as I scooped up food and started helping myself.

The noise was a bit too much as loud music filled the air too. Many people trooped in and out, it was a really rowdy environment.

I just sat taking down my food in small bits, and sipping my wine too.

"Give it up for Thelma! Let's raise our glasses to more wins, thanks for making us proud today" George shouted from the other end of the table exactly when I noticed his presence too.

Everybody cheered, we clicked our glasses and I laughed crazily. Ella was busy taking photos, making videos and clips. I was busy laughing, posing for the camera that I didn't notice George standing behind me.

"Can we take a picture together?" I was startled.

I never envisaged this, and at that moment, I felt like jumping, screaming and shouting at the same time. I was spellbound!

"I'd love to" I said blushing shyly.

He drew a seat close to me and sat beside me. I handed my phone over to Ella, as we both posed for the camera. He took his arm across my shoulder as his beards brushed my cheeks. I was lost in the smell of his cologne that filled the air and instantly, those butterflies came running back, I wished we were like this forever.

''hey girl, look here" Ella said.

I smiled exposing my beautiful dentition as she clicked. We made several poses and after the last one, she requested I snap them too while we switched positions. I felt like snubbing her outrightly but I just had to pretend to be fine with the idea.

I stood up, collected the phone and she was about sitting close to George when he stood up, gave me a wink and walked away. Ella's mood changed and she became infuriated immediately.

"Ella, I'm sorry, I don't..." She stood up, gave me a mean long look and walked out on me. I felt so happy, good riddance to boyfriend snatcher!

It was getting really late and I walked up to Dave so we could go in as others were already leaving. 

"You can go ahead. We would come after you" he suggested.

Dave and Vivian were cuddled in each other's arms, whispeeiwh to themselves. I just shook my head and left them. I had mixed feelings!

" What is Dave up to? Is he in love with Vivian or trying to make me jealous? Have I really pushed him this far?" All these and many more ran through my mind as I walked to the swimming pool. I needed to think as well as get some fresh air. I walked past the garden and sat on the slide.

"Why are you still out here?" A voice said.

I looked through the dark with the help of my phone and recognized the voice, it was George.

"Hey goodeveing. Why are you here all alone? You really are a loner" I said in a breath, shaking my head.

"My friends are all there" he said pointing to the bar across the garden "I just needed to get some fresh air"

"Same here too. Your girlfriend ain't here with you?" I never knew when I blurted out and he laughed so hard. 

That was the first time George was laughing in my company so I noticed. 

"I don't have any, not in this circle. They all want to eat off you. What about your Dave? Ain't you supposed to be with him?" He grinned mischievously.

"Dave is with his girl... You really are an attitude" I didn't find his last question funny.

I just sat there as I scrolled through my phone when he broke the silence again.

"I'm really sorry for shouting on you the other day. I was having a hard time" he apologized.

"I'm not mad anymore. Youre forgiven" I replied smiling again.

"So why didn't you fly with us earlier this week. And how did you get here in the first place?" I asked him, I couldn't control my tongue. I had a lot running through my mind. George was a mysterious weird guy I wanted to know more about.

"I had an emergency. I flew in the next day in first class... Funny how you noticed my absence" he said making a funny face.

"No, not at all. You're our team leader afterall and everyone did notice" I tried not to sound vulnerable.

"I see".

His phone beeped and he picked his call. I just sat, taking in his every detail when I noticed tears rolling from his eyes. 

"Could he be crying? What could have happened?" I thought 

He dropped the Call, stood up as he bade me goodnight without even saying anything. He walked past me when I grabbed his arm, swung him around and threw a big hug at him. He just clung to me as his tears rolled freely, I couldn't ask him anything. 

After some minutes, he drew back from me and muttered a "thanks". He took my palm as we both walked to the elevator up to his room; a perfect gentleman!

We walked in total silence and I wondered how I just followed him like a stray dog. He opened his room and slumped into his bed.

"I might be travelling back tomorrow morning" he finally said tears still flowing.

"Why? What's happening? Trust me, you can always talk to me, George. Please talk to me" I pleaded.

"My dad is severely sick, Thelma" he managed to say.

"I'm really sorry George. Please put yourself together".

"Thanks Thelma. I really appreciate your help. Please can I have your number?"

I collected his phone and saved my number. I was really sorry for him; there was something he wasn't telling me and I wasn't ready to push further.

"Please take care George. You can always count on me"  I gave him a hug and left the room as he shut the door after me.

I felt like a super hero, really happy and at the same time sorry for him. I got to my room, took my bath and was about sleeping when I received an SMS.

"Ive booked a flight and I'll be leaving tomorrow by 6am. Thank you Tee, you made my evening. Have a great night"

"Have a safe flight back home. It's nothing. I'll keep in touch. Thelma" I replied.

I felt fulfilled yet again, smiling as I slept off.


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  • Miracle Okoh picture
    Miracle Okoh
    Hey guys, this is Episode 9... The error has been rectified... Yayyyi
  • Miracle Okoh picture
    Miracle Okoh
    Hey guys, this is Episode 9... The error has been rectified... Yayyyi
  • Miracle Okoh picture
    Miracle Okoh
    Hey guys, this is Episode 9... The error has been rectified... Yayyyi
  • Fiona Nicks picture
    Fiona Nicks
    thanks mimi nice work
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