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Hello guys, Sorry for the sudden disappearance, I was really occupied with a lot of things. Hope,I'm forgiven? *Lol*

Let's go!
****************************** Sun rays woke me up as they filtered into my room making me hot despite the fact that my air conditioner was turned on. I  felt uncomfortable and got up, turned and checked the time and it was just past 10 o' clock. 

I checked my phone the umpteenth time and yes, Annie had called me severally . I had stayed up till late last night trying to get through to her to no avail. I finally deduced that she's gone to bed already or maybe busy with something, so I laid back making sure I never slept hoping that somehow she'll get through but unfortunately, I slept off.

I dialed her number over again and yet, there was no answer. I flung my phone aside and stepped out to the kitchen to make breakfast. 

"Good morning aunt Steph" I greeted

"How was your night, Tee?" She answered, her face beaming with smiles.

"It was fine aunt, though I had a long one. My head and neck still hurts too. Can I get pain relief tablets from Dad's dispensary upstairs?" I requested.

"Yes you can. I'll get that in a bit, hold on." she replied as she scurried towards the stairs and up to the rooms.

I opened the kitchen cabinet , took out some eggs, tea bags and strolled over to the fridge for some bacon and bread as I started making my breakfast.

I had almost finished eating when my phone beeped, it was a message from Annie.

"Let's meet up by 12

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. Nova restaurant" the text read; I was a bit happy.

I hurriedly took my bath and dressed up wearing a black singlet and Jean jacket over a black mini skirt. I pulled on my favorite black knee-length boot and a long black hair as I ran towards my car, ignoring aunt Steph who was trying to know where I was rushing to.

In few minutes, we were driving down Thompson avenue towards Nova restaurant, I really needed to meet Annie. 

"Hey Tee" she said as I scurried into the restaurant. It was really a middle class restaurant with really low furnishings; 

"Hey Annie. I've been trying to get through to you" I hugged her as I lamented wiping the tears that were already forming in my eyes.

"I'm sorry darling. I slept off as soon as I texted you yesterday and today, I was in a meeting when your call came through" she explained as I nodded.

"Sit Tee. I heard every single thing that mother f*cking liar told you yesterday" she started.

"How come Annie? I don't understand all this, how did you? You all are beginning to scare me. How did you even do that?" I shouted amidst sobs now.

"Calm down Tee. I'm really sorry for putting you through this but truth is... truth is.." Annie stammered.

"Truth is what!?" I was losing it already. "Talk to me, Ann!!!!" 

"I bugged your car!" She blurted out.

"Oh my God!!! What for Annie? Why??? For God's sake, why Annie??" 

"Calm down Tee. I had to do the little I could to protect you. I don't trust that Dave guy, you know...and... And... I just couldn't leave the two of you alone without trying to help" she explained.

"Spare me that trash please! That guy is as innocent as I never thought. It's very obvious I  accused him falsely; I'm still trying the much I can to know if I can make it up to him and here you are saying this. I understand you wanted to protect me but I feel you're paranoid for nothing, absolutely nothing. I had my driver with me....I'm confused... Ohh.. Annie..." My voice trailed off as I started sobbing.

"It's okay, Tee. I know I couldn't have done this, I'm really sorry babe. I couldn't help but listen to everything, though I still have doubts but I believe you. Let's see what we can do about this, trust me, it's for good and I'm with you on this... I just wonder who is behind all this. And hey, those cameras have been taken care of, you don't have to be scared now... I won't be listening to subsequent conversation of yours" she said as we both laughed.

"Thanks Annie, sorry for sounding so rude. I just hope this ends very soon, I'm so scared, worried and pissed."

"Stay strong girl, we'll walk through this together. Want to eat something?"

"No Annie. You go ahead and order,I'm not hungry" I replied.

Annie made her order and started eating as I sat there sobbing and staring blankly, my head aching from thoughts and unanswered questions. 

"Happy Birthday Princess!!!" 

It was a loud shout that made me wake with a start.

Standing before me was my mom, Bryan and auntie Steph carrying a very beautiful pink and white colored cake and some shopping bags. I rubbed my eyes and sat up grinning from ear to ear. It never occurred to me earlier that my birthday was around the corner, I had totally forgotten about it.

"Mommm, thanks Mom,I love you so much. This is really huge..." I said hugging my mom passionately. For a while, I felt like my old self, old memories which I wished never ended. 

"Thanks Baby. You know I love you huh??" I hugged Bryan tightly that I almost teared up yet again. Aunt Steph wasn't left out as I embraced her warmly too,I felt loved instantly.

Mom handed me the bags, sat on my bed as we both started talking.

"Happy Birthday my darling. Sorry we had to wake you up by this time, it's past twelve already and we know you should be sleeping but we just had to do this. Bryan insisted though." Mom said

"Awww... No problem Mom, it's perfectly fine. Do you know I totally forgot?"

"Why won't you? You're always tied up with work or something else you don't want to talk about" she said making an angry face at me.

"Mom, you're stubborn, ain't you? I said that I'm fine already. I'm gaining my weight back and I feed well now. What else do you want again? Eh?? You worry a lot for this your grown up baby oo" I said whilst laughing as Bryan jumped all over my bed playing and tearing my gifts without permission.

The bags were filled with numerous makeup items, dresses and sandals. Mom had a habit of repeating my birthday gifts, exactly why I never really opened them up at first. She always bought the same gifts even though I had them already; some I had to give to my friends. 

"Thanks again mom. I love them all, but I love you more" 

"I love you princess. Can we sleep here tonight? Bryan and I??" 

"Anything for you guys" we all laughed and aunt Steph excused herself bidding us goodnight; carrying the cake with her too.

The rest of the night was filled with emotions as mom and Bryan spent it in my room playing, chatting and trying to keep me happy till we all slept.

In the morning, we were sitted at our antechamber for morning devotion. It was a lengthy one because it was weekend and there was no need to hurry. We were in the middle of prayers when my phone beeped again, it has been beeping since early morning so I wasn't even keen on checking out the text message. I just held my phone up and wanted to switch it off when the text caught my attention.

"Happy Birthday Thelma! It's still game on and good thing, you've kept your distance from George. Good girl. I'm still thinking of a perfect gift for you, maybe I  should send you another clip?"

I felt my hands trembling, sweat breaking out on my forehead and my heart beating so fast when I looked up to my dad and caught him eyeing me. I stood up, excused myself and ran to my room. I needed time alone to cry my heart out yet again. What a torment?

I sat in my room after much sobbing and started scrolling through my phone replying to endless messages, texts and comments from different people, mostly my friends who sent their prayers wishing me well on my birthday. 

I had earlier received calls from my sister, her husband and Annie; all persuading me to throw a party but I refused their push. 

"A birthday I didn't even realize was around the corner as a result of my present predicament should best be kept low" I thought to myself as I lay lazily trying to figure out my next step.

Some minutes later, my phone started ringing. It was Dave.

"Hey Dave" 

"Happy Birthday beautiful. You know you're getting old already!? Let me take you home to my mom, huh?" He joked.

"You're crazy Dave. Thanks a lot" I replied still laughing.

"You ain't throwing a party this year? I never received your invite."

"No Dee, thing is I totally forgot about it save for mom and Bryan who came waking me up with gifts and cake early this morning. I would prefer it to lie low this year,I'm going through a lot already" 

"I understand baby. It's fine. So, can we meet up later today? I want to take you out, just the two of us"

"Are you asking me out on a date, you naughty boy?" 

"Whatever you may call it but I just want to make you happy today"

"Fine. Send me the address, I'll come through"

"Thanks Tee. I love you"

"You're welcome Dee" I replied and without waiting for a response, I cut the call. 

Dave has been the best emotional support ever since I opened up to him but to love him was something I don't think I'll ever bring myself to do. 

I just sat on my bed gazing at the laptop opened before me, doing nothing as I was lost in thoughts when someone knocked on my door. 


"Good afternoon Dad. Can I help you?" I asked giving him an unwelcoming look.

"Move aside young lady" he said walking into my room.

He walked over to my couch and slid into it as he hovered his eyes all over my room like a hawk looking for it's prey.

"Why is your room so scattered? Your clothes,shoes and even your makeup? Ain't those sandals one of the gifts your mom gave you early this morning?" He queried.

"Dad please why are you here? I'm not sharing this space with anybody so it's definitely my problem" I snapped at him.

"Fine. Happy Birthday to you. You're getting older and I just hope your brains get matured as well." He smiled mischievously.

"Thanks Dad" I replied ignoring his last statement.

"So, why did you walk out on us during prayers this morning? See, I'm going to spare you today because I don't want to ruin it but be warned! I don't know what have gotten to you but just don't trade on hot coals because I bet you, you'll come out burnt. Here take this, your birthday gift." he said handing me a cheque.

"Thanks Daddy!!! I'm super grateful" I leapt for joy and felt like hugging him but my dad wasn't the type that gave hugs easily so I kept to myself.

"How's your manager? Infact, never mind, you don't go to work anymore" he finally said ignoring my greetings.

He stood up, gave me a rare smile and left the room. I felt happy and sad at the same time; happy because my dad came to wish me a happy birthday, he could be sweet sometimes but I was sad as I remembered George. Ever since I met up with Dave, I've been avoiding him despite several calls I received from him which I never returned. I got to know that he's dad's surgery was successful from his numerous texts and that was the only one I replied, telling him how happy I was and how I'll try to make out time to come visit them again. I felt for him, I cried most of the time I remembered him but I wasn't ready to put him through any further pain by going close to him. I needed to protect him by staying away, but I loved him still. What I felt for him became stronger with every passing day, and just the thought of this made me sick. I even ignored the  birthday message he sent me early this morning.

I checked the time and it was time to start preparing for my date with Dave.
Searching through my wardrobe, I settled for a white short gown and brown ankle boots. I sat down to wear my makeup; and after a really long time, it still came out perfect. Finally, i pulled on a really long brown hair with well laid edges. 

In no time, I was standing before Magnificent hotels and bar. Here was really a sight to behold, splendid and tastely furnished. I dialed Dave and just in time he strolled to the car park and gave me a warm hug placing pecks all over my neck.

I pulled away from him and he walked me into the building and up to an elevator. We got to a floor and as the elevator opened, I was welcomed with shouts of "happy birthday!"

I got played! He planned a surprise party for me. Instantly, I teared up as I turned and flew my hands over him again hugging him passionately. This was the last thing I expected; he was indeed trying so hard to win my love.

He walked me around as I greeted some of our colleagues, and friends and at the same time, admiring the whole place; the decorations, the huge pink cake at one corner, the drinks and the food. I was just dumbfounded!!!

We were few actually, so we greeted them all as the anchor beckoned on us to take a seat so the party could begin. I had barely sat down when someone tapped me from behind, I turned and just immediately, I froze!

 It was George!!!


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