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It's been a week since I came back from Abuja. I had never been myself; from midnight cries to endless thoughts getting me all wearied to taking sleeping pills just so I could get some sleep. My nights became long, my days lonely and my friends all shut out; I barely talked to anyone.

Last week, I had told Williams while I was in his house about everything during dinner but he angrily walked out on us. He walked out as sharon ran up to him, calling out to him to at least listen to us further while I just sat there devastated.

I went to bed crying and all through the night, I never blinked an eyelid. 

"Why was Williams being irrational all of a sudden?" I thought out loud amidst hot tears.

Sharon had earlier come to check up on me, consoling me and trying to give me sedatives so I could sleep which I refused outrightly . I told her to go back to her husband and assured her that I'll be fine.

The next morning, I started packing my bags, my flight was in three hours when someone knocked on my door. 

"Good morning Tee." Williams greeted

"Good morning Wills. How was your night and why are you up so early?" I asked

"My night was good and I'm here to talk to you" we both sat on my bed as my heart leapt a bit.

"It's true that I am really disappointed in you but you know I care about you and I love you the same way I love my daughter. This is way below you and I never expected such from you knowing your family background and your principles

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. Did you for a second think about us, Dad, your mom? You know who dad is and if he gets to hear this, he'll most definitely make a mincemeat of you." He spoke softly as I sat there staring blankly, my tears weren't coming anymore, they've been exhausted and no words came out too.

"I will help you Tee, just let me know how to get you out of this mess." At his words, I threw my arm around him.

"Thank you brother Wills..." My voice trailed out, I was so weak.

"Nobody messes around with my family and gets away with it!" 

"Pack your bags too, I'll take you to the airport" he finally said.


"Leave me alone! No, no, no, no... Leave me alonnnneeeee!" I screamed waking up with a start.

Mom ran into my room immediately and threw her arms around me.

"What is it Thelma!? Why are you shouting!?" She asked wide eyed.

"I had a bad dream mommy" I said panting heavily.

"Sorry Tee, it's just a dream. Sorry" mom rubbed my back.

I checked the time and it was 3:00 am, no I wasn't going to work today,  not like this. I picked up my phone and sent a text message to Annie.

"Hey Annie. Good morning. Hope you had a great night darling? I flew in just yesterday and I'll sure give you the gist when we see. Meanwhile, please I'm down with malaria and flu so I won't be coming to work today. Please check your email, I just sent in my report. Help me print, make photocopies and submit to our HOD and Manager's office, they would be needing it later today. Thanks and God bless Ann. Love, Tee"

I dropped the phone, reached for my drawer and took out some pain relief tablets which I swallowed. My head was hurting badly and I couldn't blink an eyelid again, my nap had been cut short by a nightmare and there I lay staring blankly into space.

"Ain't you going to work today! What are you still doing in bed sleeping at this hour of the day?" He roared stopping my nap yet again.

"No Dad, I'm having malaria and fever" I lied.

"What sort of excuse is that? This is a Monday morning for crying out loud. I thought you were a workaholic?" He thundered smiling mischievously.

"I'm not going dad, could you just let me be?" I pleaded rubbing my heavy eyes.

"I'm sending you antimalarials in a bit. Take care of yourself, I'm off to work" he said calmly this time.

They all left the house leaving me behind alongside aunt Steph who brought my drugs and breakfast in no time. I tried to eat but all appetite was completely lost, my head was a bit relieved but I was still so tired. Letting my mom or my family know what I'm going through was the last thing on my mind.

It had been a week now and I haven't shown up at the office. My self esteem was at stake, I was still unsure of what transpired nights back and going to the office wasn't the best idea afterall; I just couldn't face anyone. I played a lot of pranks on my parents each time they wanted to know the reason for staying indoors, and luckily for me, most sounded reasonable.

My sister and her husband has been in touch, consoling and helping me through this email or stress; trying all they could do to make me feel better to no avail. Annie too, being a sweetheart covered up my tracks at work without much fuss that I felt indebted to her at some point. 

My phone rang just as I was scrolling through my phone trying to call my sister who I missed her call earlier and it was George yet again. For the umpteenth time, I ignored his call and resorted to texting him,

"Good day George. Sorry for not taking your calls, I've really been sick for a while now. Hope your dad is recovering fast? We'll talk as soon as I get better. Tee."

"No need calling back, just get well soon!" He replied sounding harsh but I cared less. I was sorry for him though, his father and all but I too was in a mess.

My phone beeped yet again but this time it was Annie.

"Hey girlfriend, I'm on my way to your house. Expect me in few minutes" she said as she slammed the phone before I could even utter a word.

In  few minutes, she pulled up in a taxi.

"Hey stargirl, you looking sick really... Look at those swollen eyes, your eye bags too? You look really worn out, what exactly is wrong with you?" she complained walking into my house as I followed her.

"Annie it's just malaria, I'll be fine" I faked a smile hugging her.

"You better be. You've been away for a week now, I don't like how you look. Here..." she continued handing me a bag filled with fruits of all sorts.

"Thanks Annie." 

"Don't thank me yet. Do that when you're hale and hearty, back to your feet. I miss my girlfriend c'mon!" She stressed further.

I signaled the cook to prepare the dining and serve her food while she continued talking.

"George came earlier today looking for you... Umm, is there something you ain't telling your bestie..." She teased me as I smiled ignoring her.

"Are you friends with George now? since when madam?" She pushed further.

"Okay, we just got close at Abuja but not really close. We're just friends, nothing more". I replied laughing sheepishly.

"You sure? I don't trust that laugh of yours" she teased again.

"Abeg, come and eat your food, madam FBI" and we both laughed as we walked to the dining.

Annie was about leaving when Bryan woke up, ran down the stairs calling my name repeatedly when he bumped into Annie.  She carried him, played with him and finally bade us goodbye. I really had a nice time talking about everything with her but my present situation.

I sluggishly walked back to my room and laid down when my phone beeped again.

It was a message from an unknown number, I opened it and behold it was a clip of my drunk naked self, a clip i presumed was made that night with a caption- IT'S GAME TIME, THELMA  and a laughing emoji inserted next to it. 

My tears rolled again as I dialed the number severally but on each dial, the number was declared switched off. 

I let out a loud cry, holding my phone to my chest. 

"Who is this person? What is the meaning of this caption?, what does this person want from me?" I thought as I continued crying.

After sometime, I stood up, walked to my mirror and looking at my reflection, I wiped my tears slowly fixing my gaze on my face as I noticed how worn out I looked. 

"No more tears, Thelma! It's time to face your fears!" I muttered audibly beating my chest.


Who wants to ruin my girl o... Thelma, I feel sorry for you... *Sobs*

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