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The voice brings me out of my reverie and I turn to Olivia.

"Yes baby?"

I answer as she climbs into bed with me.

"I want to see daddy"

she pouts.

Even I want to see him.

I sigh.

It's been so many hours since Alex dropped us off here at the cottage and there's still no news of him.

"Daddy will be back soon and he'll bring you lots of chocolate and ice cream. You like ice cream right?"


She grins widely. . I smile and kiss her.

"Good. Daddy's says you should sleep. When you wake up you'll see all the chocolates okay?"

She nods again and I pull her to settle on my laps.

She wraps her arms around me and lays her head on my chest.

I feel content with my baby here. But I need Jason too.

"Sleep now princess. Go to sleep"

I stroke her back ever so softly until her breathing becomes steady.

I ease her onto the bed and cover her with a duvet before getting up.

I grab the small phone Alex gave me and check for any missed calls or messages but nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

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. God I'm so frightened.

If anything happens to Jason I wouldn't be able to take it.

I can't take another death.

"Please be safe Jason. Please. Come back to me like you promised. Please"

I pray silently.




"I did everything I was told. I f*cking did it all so why isn't he waking up. Why?!"

Alex screams in frustration beside me and I choke on a sob.

Back in the van,we injected Jason with the emergency drugs Frank gave us just like he told us but he wasn't responding.. My brother still didn't open his eyes.

Jason just suddenly began to breath heavily and fast all through the journey to the hospital.

And just before he was wheeled into the ward, I caught a glimpse of my brother's body shaking and jerking Vigorously. I'm scared too.

Very scared.

We all knew that adenodine drug was very strong and used in only specific and serious cases.

But Jason was hell bent in using that drug and now.. Now.. I shake away any negative thoughts and hope for the better.

"He's stable now"

we both snap our heads in the direction frown where the voice emanated from.

I immediately jump off my seat and rush to the doctor..

"How's my brother doctor. Is he okay?"

I ask desperately.

"He's stable at the moment but we can't tell what may happen so he's under observation. But I can't promise anything because first off, I warned Jason of the side effects of using Adenosine especially when he isn't suffering from any of the illnesses that requires such medicines. Just keep your fingers crossed"

he says and I feel my heart sink.

This isn't happening.

"I.. I want to see him"

"No one is allowed to see him. It'll be wise if you come back early tomorrow morning. Excuse me"

he says and disappears.

"He's going be safe right? Right Alex? Right?"

I grab him by the collar and shake him.

He looks just as lost and broken as I am..he pulls me to him and hugs me.

I wrap my arms around him and I feel safe,comforted..

"Jason is gonna be fine Tess. You'll see. He's a fighter"

he strokes my hair and I believe him.

He pulls back and I suddenly wish he didn't.

"I've got to go check up on Hailey. Meet me at the cottage when you're done. You know what to do right?"

He asks me wiping my tears with his thumb. I nod..

"Yes. Take the unconscious man to the police and accuse him of attempting to murder my brother. We refer the police to this hospital and doctor Frank takes over from there"

i repeat the plan and he nods.

"Take care"

he places a kiss to my forehead and turns to walks out.

What's this man doing to me?.

"Take care too Alexander"

I call after him and he gives me a warm smile before exiting.


Back at the cottage, Hailey stares at the remaining five containers of c*caine which she was supposed to sell to a client three days ago before she run into sick Olivia near the school.

She had kept them well hidden in her black purse and had refrained from touching it all these days.

But three days.

The whole days, 72 good hours without c*caine felt like an entire day on the desert without drinking water.

She felt thirsty.

Thirsty for c*caine.

She knew she should stop but how could she stop when she had been addicted to that stuff for the better part of 10years of her life? How? Just how?.

"Just a sniff. A single sniff. Just one"

Hailey tells herself as her shaky fingers encircle the first container.

But then Hailey was wrong because one single sniff turned into two, three,four.. And soon, she had sniffed three containers full of c*caine making her extremely intoxicated and high.


Thirty minutes later, Alexander steps into the quiet cottage after endless knocking and no answer.

He shuts the door behind him and rolls his eyes about.


He calls out softly in case she was asleep.

After calling out a few more times and still no answer, he walks further into the room where the lights were still on.

He follows the lead and soon he comes face to face with Hailey seated on the floor,her knees up against her chest with her face buried between them.

"Hailey? You okay?"

He asks and she slowly lifts her head to stare at him, a smile lazy smile playing along the corners of her lips.

"It's about time. I've been waiting for you"

Alex was slightly taken aback by the icy tone of her voice and the dark glare in her eyes.

He takes a good look at her and realises her eyes looked hollow and empty.

Not just that, her eyes were bloodshot red.

Her cheeks looked flushed and her lips red and swollen.

Her fair skin didn't help In concealing her bloodshot face.

Just below her nose, Alex spotted a short trail of white powdery substance.

Could that be....? Oh no!

"Did... Did you take In drugs again? Sh*t! Jason told me to take care of you but...where did you get them from?"

He asks in bewilderment.

"Oh. That.

Read " The Last Virgin " by the same author ( eliza )

. I've been hiding some"

she smirks and then laughs.

Oh Lord! She had overdosed and she was now high.

Very high.

Staring at her now, she looked and sounded different.

Like a shadow of herself.

The sweet, innocent Hailey his best friend was madly and head over heels in love with was gone.

"Listen. Hailey, you need a bath. A cold bath to calm your nerves yeah?"

He says as softly as he could taking deliberate slow towards her.

He had heard people high on drugs could be highly energetic and aggressive.

"Don't come near me."

Hailey steps back, holding a knife up.

"H..Hailey put that down please. Just take a bath yeah? For Jason?"

"They sent you right? To kill me right? And my poor poor Olivia"

she pouts.

Wait what? Was she being delusional? Had she started hallucinating now?

"Hailey it's me Alex. Jason's friend. Remember? It's me. Alex"

he tries again.

"Alex f*cking sh*t! You're one of them. Tsk tsk tsk I know it! They sent you!"

She screams scratching herself.

"What have you done to yourself Hailey? Look, just give me the knife then we can talk yeah? Nice and calm,over a cup of tea yeah?"

He moves closer.

"I will slash you. Stay away!"

Alex moves closer, discreetly placing a call to Theresa.

Hailey had to be sent to a rehabilitation center ASAP even if Jason was unconscious at the moment.

"Stay away!!!"

"It's just me Alex.. I just... "

he was cut off when Hailey suddenly lifts her arms and the knife in her grasp makes contact with his shoulders, slashing it hard.

Alex let's out a painful groan, the phone falling off his hand as the knife cuts into his skin, drawing out a gash of blood and spilling into his clothes.

He stares at Hailey In horror.

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  • Amma picture
    geeez!!! Hailey u could hv considered your daughter before going back to that life ehn??
  • Vikiy picture
    woah........ my words are cut short.........
  • eliza picture
    ikr @ Amma. its not easy especially when you're an addict
  • eliza picture
    aww Vikiy...
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Gosh! What the heck! Eliza, I hope nothing happens to Alex for his kind gestures.
  • Mavis Siaw picture
    Mavis Siaw
  • Adorable picture
    Not again Hails.
  • eliza picture
    i hope so too Benedicta
  • eliza picture
    ikr Mavis
  • eliza picture
    indeed @ Adorable
  • Confy-Dencie picture
    Addiction is a disease.. Alex shud punch her on the head jaree,,, Anyways let nothing happen to my Jason oo
  • eliza picture
    lol @ Confy-Dencie. really? a punch on the head?
  • Shulammite Konadu picture
    Shulammite Konadu
    Ouch sorry Alex hope Hailey will be better nyc write up Ellen
  • Ukbaby picture
    Oh my Alex!
  • Amina Onaghise picture
    Amina Onaghise
    no no, this is not good, with Olivia around... Hailey Pls get hold of urself, I know Alex can take care of Hailey, I just hope Olivia does not v her attacks. phwee, Nxt pls
  • prisca chiwendu picture
    prisca chiwendu
    OMG!. I hope help comes fast to Alex I. really disappointed in Hailey
  • Favour Abhatue picture
    Favour Abhatue
    She should have been taken to rehabilitation centre, addition is not easy to let go just like that but I hope Alex is safe ooh. Kudos
  • eliza picture
    thanks Shulammite
  • eliza picture
    soon Amina. i hope so too. thanks
  • eliza picture
    aww pls don't be @ Prisca
  • eliza picture
    I hope so too. thanks favour
  • Ucheoma Rufus picture
    Ucheoma Rufus
    Will she ever be normal again? I just pitty jaxon who is about to give his life to set her free. And poor Oliver that just reunited with her mother. I hope for the better.
  • eliza picture
    I hope so too @ Ucheoma. thanks
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    She really needs help.....she's a danger to herself and everyone around her!
  • eliza picture
    she sure is Pamela
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