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“What did the doctor say about her?” Michel asked his PA.
“She said the lady is still in a very critical condition due to the excessive loss of blood sir. ”. PA replied. “Ehm, She also said they will need your signature in order to do some blood transfer for the lady,” PA said handling a file to him.
“And why on earth would I do that? For all, I know she could be a nobody. “Sir” PA opened her mouth to speak . “Just figure it out” He slammed at the PA who nodded and turned to leave. “ I wasn’t finished with you” he shouted.

“If this about the lady you took to the hospital the other day, I think you should just consider doing the signing or else she won’t be treated. She could die Micheal and you took her there.” Jimi who had been silent finally spoke up. After much hesitation, Michel turned, signed the document and threw it on the PA. “If you ever interrupt me again, kiss your job goodbye” he warned the PA who just nodded and walk away.

“I think you were being too harsh on her,” Jimi said. “Are we going or not” Michel replied not minding him. They both left the office for the board meeting.

~~~A Week Later~~~~
“How is she?’ Michel asked the doctor after entering the hospital

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. “She has been healing much quickly since the blood transfusion sir. Just that there is a little problem, the doctor acknowledged.
“She is having real issues with Post-traumatic amnesia and dysarthria. Seems what so ever happened to her was really terrifying and caused serious damage to her nerves and muscles system.” the Doc informed them.
“And how is that supposed to be my problem? You are the doctor here”. He replied in a cold tone. “ Her memory will take time to come and in the meantime, she will have to be taking treatments to strengthen the muscles responsible for her speech. “And what am I supposed to do with her then? She’s been here for the past three weeks and I barely know anything about who she is.

“I understand sir but she will have to be discharged per the hospital policy. And she will be needing all of the love and support she could get. If she is overstressed, I am afraid she might never recover her memory” The doctor warned.
“Where is she? Jimi finally spoke up. “In-ward 201 Sir” the doc replied

They walked to the ward just on the far left of the hospital. “I hate the smell of hospitals”, Michel complained before walking in. “I take you are feeling much better,” Jimmi said to the lady who just nodded her head without a reply. She then tried to say something but her voice could not compose a word properly, everything was slurred. She struggled to speak but just could not make it. She seemed confused and frightened.

“Do you remember anything?” Jimi asked. After a short though, Her eyes grew red, the shock was all over her face. She looked at both Michel, Jimmi and then turned to the doctor with tears in her eyes and begin crying and forcing her speech.

“Well, I never thought I was coming for some emotional gathering. You have dysarthria and amnesia, cannot speak or remember anything. How else do you want us to put that?” Micheal said in an insensitive way. All she could do was continue to cry as she keeps forcing her speech. Jimi walked over to her and cuddled her.

“You should not have to force it, You are going to be just fine okay. It will take a while but maybe weeks you will be completely back to normal” He tried to counsel her.

“I have had enough of this drama, am out of here” Michel replied turning his back to leave. “You are not planning to leave her here, are you? Jimi asked him. “And how is she my problem? Michel replied. “Common man, she cannot speak or remember anything, what do you expect her to do? At Least we can help her out”. Jimi tried to reason with Michael. “I have no business with her. She might just be paying the price for whatsoever she got herself into”. “Man” Jimi tried to say something “Fine, Arrange her things, we are going home.” he thundered before walking out.

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