Daddy's Girl - Episode 17

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****** "What nonsense!!! How can this be?"

Exclaimed the furious Arnold.

"This is getting out of hand. The killer is doing everything he can to cover all his tracks. But not to worry Mr Bempong, there'll be security sent here to protect you. But I'll advice you to be very vigilant and extra careful because whoever is behind these atrocities, is much closer than you think. Be vigilant"

"Thank you detective"

Arnold said as the detective walked out...

**** 7:00PM

"What happened to the princess?"

Fiona spoke up for the first time in a quiet voice.

Arnold was sitting by Fiona on the bed, cuddling her and telling her a bed time story he had formed in his mind, to make her relax and happy.

He took her tiny hands in his and squeezed it, wondering what to say... When she'd woken up almost an hour ago, thrashing about after having another nightmare, he'd literally run out, unable to calm her.

It was pathetic how he didn't even know how to calm his own child down.

It reminded him of how unjust he'd been, blaming her of a crime she knew nothing about.

Even Fiona had lost a mother the same way he'd lost a wife.

They both needed each other and that's why he was currently holding her in his arms while he told a story he had conjured.

Perhaps, her nightmares of Grace's death wasn't going to stop anytime soon but all in all, she was his and he was going to stay with her through every nightmare.... Helena who had been sitting on the bed along with them laughed and answered.

"Well the princess was very brave, so she used her magic to wake all the people of the kingdom up!!"

She stared at Helena and then her father for a second.

"So can I use my magic to wake nanny Grace up too?"

She asked with hope shining in her eyes.

"Errr yes yes.. Of course.. Why not?"

She answered exchanging panicked glances with Arnold as she smiled....



"Hold on..."

Arnold reached into his pocket and brought out a spray bottle.

"You see this??"

He asked and she nodded...

"It's called a pepper spray.... There's plenty pepper inside. When anyone apart from me, teacher helena and the doctor comes in, press this place and spray it into their eyes and then shout and call me okay??"

"Pepper spray? Arnold are you kidding?"

Helena giggled.

"Well you never know. The killer might come here to try and put fear into her so she wouldn't say a word. I'm taking precautions"

he turned to Fiona

"Did you understand?"

"Yes. When a person comes in and he looks like a monster, I will spray it into their eyes"

she answered quietly.

"Good. Don't get scared Fiona. Now get some sleep"

"You won't leave me right?"

"No princess. Never again"

he kissed her forehead and cuddled her till she slept.... He eased her onto the bed and covered her.

"You must be hungry, shall we go to the cafeteria?"

Arnold asked getting up



Arnold and Helena reached the cafeteria to find Alex chatting with a girl who wouldn't stop laughing and giggling.. Arnold shook his head, even in a hospital he still never failed to chase and flirt with girls..

"What are you staring at?"

Helena asked when she realised his attention was somewhere else.

She looked in the same direction and saw her best friend seated with Alex.

She had come with her early that morning and thought she had probably gone home.

"Sally? I thought she went home already"

she muttered to herself walking towards them.

"She's the same person you came in with this morning right?"

Arnold followed

"Yes. My best friend"


Arnold exclaimed and walked past her to their table.

"Hello there Alex. Where's Mark"

"I don't know. The last time i saw him was last night or... I don't remember"

he shrugged and returned to his chatting.

"How will you remember when you are busy smooching another girl"

"Shu..... Don't spoil my fun... Go!!"

"Look here ma'am, this man is a legalised woman eater. I mean a womanizer. Don't fall for his charms and good looks. Run for your life"

Arnold turned to Sally ignoring Alex

"Hey dude! What's your problem. Don't spoil my reputation"

"Oh yeah? Don't mess with her because she's Helena's best friend"

"Oh I get it now. This has to do with your favourite teacher right? You like her don't you?"

Arnold scoffed

"You're crazy Alex. Remind me why we're friends again"

He turned to walk away, pulling Helena away from Sally to sit on a different table.


He smiled watching them from a distance as they talked and laughed at the cafeteria.

He adjusted his overall and placed the stethoscope around his neck and put on his gloves.

"I sure look like a doctor now don't I?"

He chuckled darkly and buttoned the overall as he walked towards Fiona's ward. He stopped when he noticed two police officers guarding the door


He swore and turned away, sliding behimd the wall, figuring out his next step.

He needed to get inside but before that, he needed to distract the policemen.

He needed to see for himself if Fiona had seen his face, if no then cool but if she did, then he would have to silence her.... He turned again to see them seated on a chair eating.

Soon, one of them stood up to get water from the water dispenser while the other munched hungrily on his food Slowly, he walked past him and entered the ward closing it behind him.

Turning, he walked slowly and steadily as he fixed his gaze on Fiona who was fast asleep.

"Such a pretty child. If only Amanda had paid heed to me. If only...... You would have been my princess and I would have treated you as such not like how your loser of a father treats you"

he frowned

"Come to think of it. There's a possibility that you are my child"

He grinned caressing her cheeks roughly in a bid to wake her up...


Fiona could hear his voice, that same voice from the night of her nanny's death.

His voice seemed closer and she could feel a hand caressing her cheeks in a rough manner... She stirred and opened her eyes.

She gasped in shock, her body beginning to tremble almost immediately as she recognized him.

He was smiling ruefully at her.... She nervously looked around the room but there was no one else besides her..

"Hello there princess!"

He moved closer and she moved back till her back touched the bed post.

Judging from the fear he saw in her eyes and how she was trembling, he knew right away that she had recognized him.

And it was going to prove dangerous if she dared opened her mouth to reveal his identity... He reached for his pocket and brought out a needle...

"Well, what's the easiest way to sleep forever than this huh!! Come here princess. It's time for your medicine"

he moved closer, testing the needle.

"Come child. I promise it'll help you sleep forever. It'll be quick you'll see."

He moved closer, gripping her and covering her mouth to keep from screaming.

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