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Cold but Charming

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Sam mom
Nancy pov:

I studied sam face for a while sinking in her beautiful pale face which was now narrowed to a crinkled slits filled with anger and fear,

my gaze went down to her tiny clenched fist hardly folded like one preparing for a wrestling match, I steered at the now showing veins in her small fist and giggles softly at the thought,

I bent slowly on my knees and gently caresses her cheek with my thumb,
I hold her face up with it so she could face me directly

what's wrong darling you've been acting rather strange lately, you get angry at little things and anything that comes your way, I mean did you realise you just chased Maryl and grace out for no reason and you aren't a bit sorry for it"
She strucked out her face and glared at me as if she needed an explanation.
Before I could gather and manage the moment she snashed herself away from my hold and ran up to her room.
It's been almost two months now,her attitude as a matter of fact had got me really worried and scared.
it was so obvious and unpretentious that she took it out on almost everyone and everything around her.
I never knew my daughter to be this perturbed which makes me thinks we need to see a specialist ,
And am sure as hell nothing had happened lately to have prompt her attitude to be as scary as this believe me.. Not any tragic news around or scary things that might have prompt an eight year old to be this sentimental..
a specialist it is
I drew out a deep breath and called out the maids to finish up the omlet am making.
I walked towards the phone and immediately book an appointment with the doctor.
A psychiatrist doctor to be precise

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Later at night.
I crawls under the blanket and rested my head on my husband's hard chest while he Caresses my long golden hair with his right palm from behind.
I breath in the perfect smell of his body and squeezed a worried smile at him.
"honey have you noticed Sam attitude lately "
I was glad when
Desmond gave out a positive realisation
"of course I do dear what's wrong with her"
"No idea" I said rolling my eyes but I called Dr tommy earlier to book an appointment, so we are both going there tomorrow with her before you leave for work hmmmm"
Desmond clung me closer to his perfect body, he nodded and sighed while thinking for a moment
"you sure that's what she needed, have you asked her what's really wrong "
"sure as hell as many times, she wouldn't say a thing."
"ok calm down dear all will be fine okay"
"okay" I whispered without a blink of sleep while I watch desmond snored through his.
Men men ,
The doctors office was quite a big one containing cultural artifacts at the wall, with smooth ties and fancy furnitures.
The office was bare and spare, and the seats were orderly arranged while we made our way in after we heard his welcome voice . The office settings, was nice at the stacks of books and pictures of his wife and sons at one of the shelve rows I guess. He works on his computer while gesturing us to come in further to take our seat... I managed an anguised smile towards Sam who narrowly steeres at me with anger having have to lie to her earlier about our destination .
I immediately knew she recognized where we were
cause of the fury that forms in her eyes while she raised them up stubbornly making her dulled features now distinct.
She folds her arms to her chest while desmond quietly patted her in the back and leads her farther into the doctors office.. Few instrumentals were placed at one side of the table, and few files yet to be opened lays firmly beside his computer
"good morning doc" Desmond said exchanging hand shakes with the doc whom I viewed to be in his early forties
His chairs were relaxing and formy, Desmond picks up Sam and laid her on his left lap.
I saw the doctors face light up lowering his head to Sam with a wide genue smile .
Sam in turns as stubborn as a mule steers up angrily at him on Desmond lap.
"so how can I be of help Mr and Mrs lewis" .
A moment doctor I said while excusing him to the other side of his office to explain in grisly details the change I noticed lately in Sam .
We went back to our seat while the doctor hung his head forward in his and studied Sam for a while..
He sighed, open a file and write down few things.
"OK here we go sam" he finally speaks
"come here"
I heard Desmond whispers words of encouragement to her before she finally agreed and move to the doctors side all with a stone face.
I smile at her while she rolls her eyes at me
Angry but beautiful .
The doctor ask her few questions while she only answered with nodding gestures .
He turns his face towards us with Sam still on his laps and asks us few questions which in turns Desmond and I provides an answers to.
"are you sure nothing happened to her lately like something she felt guilty for"
"No not any all doc"
"is there some kind of resent tragic event around you guys lately or the one in past she might kind of know of. " Desmond and I steers at each other and back to the doc
"no not any"
"what was her past attitude like"
"glowing, nice and cheerful kid" Desmond said
"is her anger minor or severe "
"both" I said
"okay Mr and Mrs lewis "
"You have to bring Sam twice a week for her session". But with all u said " he sighed and dropped Sam who walk all the way round to her father's laps
"okay", he lean forward and write few things down, I would rather call her symptoms aspergers syndrome .
"what the hell is that" Desmond groans
"it's nothing big "the doctor said

"She's just as smart as other kids but has more trouble with social skills. She tends to have an obsessive focus on one topic or perform the same behaviors again and again like anyone who crosses her part boom she gets angry. It's nothing big though,"
I watched him squeezed a tender smile
"all we have to do is work on it with her perfect corporation and yours"
Taut silence filled the office for a while, my heart raising like thunderbolt the feeling as if what he just said was some kind of a deadly disease I could swear Desmond was feeling that way too with the shock expression on his face.
the silence was finally broken as doctor Tom clears his tone,
"no panic here Mr and Mrs lewis"
"Yes" I said nodding my head
"I will surely bring her in for her sessions"
"is weekend days better"
"sure doc"
I tell you I got fricked out at that moment, my blood had ran all the way from my leg to the skull.
I heard Desmond exchanged goodbyes pleasantries with doctor Tom while he walks us out with Sam in his arms.
I squirmed at my thoughts when we got to the car, the consternation shook through me and runs deep into my hot skin.
I fumbled on my seat while Desmond patted my laps
"all will be fine dear"
Fine I believe so...

. .

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