Broken-Broken - Episode 23

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Now the question is, where do I begin? I definitely would not be banging on people’s door up and down…I decided to go to the receptionist.

She was a very pretty girl, blonde hair, dark skin, dimples and a white and black suit.

“Hello again…” I said, giving her my most dashing smile.

“Hi sir.” She replied, deepening her dimples.

“Well, did you see me earlier talking with some ladies at the lounger,I’m sure you did.”

She looked skeptical but she quickly nodded, smiles can be so magical, the back of my head was already hurting pretty bad.

“Yes I recalled you were meeting with Mrs Scarlett Anderson, the Kenyan top designer some minutes, and your fiancé was quite loud enough about her wedding gown” She added, blushing but I was even more pleased.

“Bravo! Do you mind telling me which floor they are? You see, there was a mistake concerning a decision my fiancé made some minutes ago and…”

“Well, you’d better go meet them then, cos I can see they are already packed on seem they want to check out…”

I immediately looked towards where she was pointing, Franca and Scarlett were on the electric stairs which was already moving and bringing them down…

She was now in a pair of shredded blue,jeans, white Tank-top and a facecap, her hair hung loosely around her shoulders and even though she looked breathtakingly beautiful..i could tell she’s been crying, I could always tell all those nights when she cried after telling me stories about her past while we were still together….and I had to console her before she would fall asleep and then I would later sleep-I knew everything-

As they landed, they motioned towards the receptionist, scarlet said something to Franca who nodded and who advanced towards the reception while Scarlet walked towards the door…

I rushed towards Franca who I almost gave a fright…

“Oh my God! You almost gave me an heart attack! Where did you appear from?” She shouted but stopped as she noticed it was me.

“It’s me, Im sorry.” I quickly apologised and to my surprise, she looked to see if Scarlett was looking at us , having realized she wa looking outside, she took my hand and led me to a section of the building which was somehow hidden from Scarlett’s view. Well, thank God, she knew we had a history.

“Lawrence …what are you doing?” She asked, looking confused.

“I..i came to find you.

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. I mean scarlett, are you guys leaving? Did she tell you about us?”

“Look, I know everything okay and yes, we are checking out. She couldn’t stay.”

“But I want to talk to her.” I said.

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. “I need to ask her some things and…I don’t just know…i..i just want to talk to her. please, is it possible for you two not to check out tonight, is there a way you can help me spend some time with her, please. I do not know why she is pretending as if she doesn’t recognize me, she kept the sketch she said she would wear for our wedding day, even though we were both young and stupid then. Does that mean she isn’t marrid anymore and why would she keep it and still not talk to me?”

The older woman sighed, said somethings in swahili and later interpreted. “Why are you so concerned Lawrence? You are about to get married…don’t you think your wife would be concerned seeing you two together?”

“Do not worry about my fiance, I just need to have a moment with scarlet and please...” I said, dropping to my knees  “Please don’t check out now.”

“Hmmm.” The woman said, looking at me.

***** **** ***


I checked my time. It was already twenty minutes, surely, checking out can’t take that much time. It was getting dark and getting back to Nairobi this night would take three hours of travelling-I hated travelling in the night.

I stood up to see if I could see her from where I was but, she wasn’t at the reception. That was odd. Where could she be?


I dialed her number, it just kept on ringing and she wasn’t picking. I grunted and put the phone back into my purse. Just as I motioned to go, I felt a light touch on my shoulder and for some reason-I shuddered-shutting my eyes-I could still remember the scent of his cologne-it was intoxicating…and over powering-I felt my legs going weak, unable to turn around to face him,

“Scarlett.” HE called my name softly, now coming face to face with me, with one finger, he tilted my chin up bit my eyes were still closed-

I wanted to imagine it was a dream but it wasn’t-

I could sense a stupid tear coming down-damn it! why do I have to be so emotional….he caught the tears before they could drop.

“Scarlett, please look at me.”

My heart was beating racing and beating so fast as I managed to open my eyes and finally, we were looking at each other-eye to eye…he was still wa taller and I was above his chest level-even in my heels.

“Why don’t you want to talk to me?” He asked, I could see the hurt, the excitement and the hope all in his eyes…I could feel myself melting under the gaze of his eyes.

I****** ******

“Talk to me Scarlett, please.” I whispered to her as we stood, looking at each other….my stomach was turning and my heart kept beating so fast, knowing Dafina could come and find us at any moment but right now, Dafina didn’t even exist any longer.

“Scarlett!”  I shouted at her, shaking her and tightening my grip on her so she could come out of whatever trance she was caught.

“L.Lawrence….” She finally said and …for the first time….even when my father called me a bastard all those times, even when I was punished several times in the facility, I never got this emotional…

“”Lawrence…” She called me again and like a music into my ears, like an overpowering spell, I could give a damn about Dafina or about her husband…all that existed was the both of us right here right now-I drew her closer and did what I’ve always wanted to do all those years…I kissed her.

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    ghen ghen...... Tanx Tobi love
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    Ngozi Awagu
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    Olaleye Adedamola
    More interesting, finally she meet him
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    Favour Abhatue
    Wow, wow, interesting. Nice one
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    Jacob Toluwanimi
    Oh my goodness!... This is wonderful...
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    Tobi Loba people like kissing ehn...lmao..i do too
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    Fabian Ibeh
    Ma Men! Feeling you bruhv. *nodding Ma Head*
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    Its arranging gradually
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    Oluwadare Mojisola
    Wow! Am so blushing right now that you will think am the one being kissed
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    Kikikikikikiki laughin in swahili
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    Ayomide Huntress
    Hmmmmmmmmm!!! Joining in the kiss
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    Patience Peter
    Please Dafina just stay in ur room don't come out now.
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    Fabian Ibeh
    Perfect people for these two characters. These Actresses kinda display this behaviours in their movies
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    Rachael Nnanke Omini
    Aww, sweet..... But d title of d story is giving me a second taught.... Thanks Tobi
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  • Tobi Loba picture
    Tobi Loba
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    Sodi Nkas
    you're just very lucky Tobi. I had already planned for bees to come sting ur lips if they don't meet in this episode. Oya continue the next episode with this atmosphere. my bee plans still stands oh, in case you mistakenly try to twist the episode lol
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    Adeoti Akindele
    Oh my gosh! Somebody should go close Dafina's door let her stay there for a while. @Tobi my love for u is out of this world, u are simply d best
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    Tobi Loba you were the one i saw in my dreams abi...
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    Tobi Loba
    i better start going about covered in armour
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    Tobi Loba
    awww.@Adeoti..our love is from Jupiter...hahahaha
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    Tobi Loba
    but Rutzy1...why my lips don't want me to kiss abi
  • Tobi Loba picture
    Tobi Loba
    but Rutzy1...why my lips don't want me to kiss abi
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    Irene Avworo
    OK oh, big trouble in little paradise
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    Am watching d's scene and am playing the song on my will be .from the day that I found u girl I no d love will be everything that I ever wanted in my life from d day u spoke my name I no everything has change without u girl my life is incomplete oh baby I need u.
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    Wooooow i think am in love again
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    Wow dafina come....... and........ see something
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    Lmao@Adenike is inlove o..Love is koboko....
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    Tobi Loba
    Lmao@ Lilly, with me abi, @ShittuMariam, don't worry, sheis coming soon, @Sussnarlison, thank you
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    Queen Holla
    Nice write up dear, God will continue to lead and direct you and you will step up higher Love this and I give kudos to u dear
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    Tobi Loba
    Amen thanks ma
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    Love is dangerous
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    Nnena Agogbuo
    This is so beautiful. Tobi Lola you are doing such a great work. I pray just like Scarlett you will go places with this talent of yours
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    Tobi Loba
    wow... Amen Nnenna
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    Tobi Loba
    thanks so much everyone
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    Awwn. Gosh and I love kisses
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    God bless u Tobi forbtgse wonderful write as if am seeing a movie
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    Tobi Loba
    Aww, thanks Juliana, Reuben and Esther
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