Two Faced Lover - Episode 32

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"There's no need"

Julian's voice interrupts my thoughts and I lift my head, blinking once.

"I'm sorry, what?"

"I said there is no need to keep staring at her like that if you aren't going to accept these feelings you're developing for her. You've been staring at her for like twenty minutes straight up"

I blink again, my fingers leaving Skylar's cheeks which I'd been caressing.

I hadn't realised I had been watching her sleep for so long . It's been almost an hour since we arrived in Julian's apartment.

For some strange reason, I felt drawn to her.

So drawn I didn't realise when I sat at the edge of the bed to watch her while she slept.

Studying every contour and crevice of her beautiful face.

She was beautiful.

No two ways about it.

Utterly beautiful.

Big, round dark eyes which always went wide anytime she was nervous or impressed.

Nose that was seated perfectly just above luscious full lips.

Lips that had the power to talk non stop and at the same time, melt me into a puddle when I kiss them.

I sigh, willing myself to look away but my body just can't seem to comply.

It's like she's got me enchanted, bewitched, hooked.

So much so that she's all I see these days.

It's like a photo of her has been imprinted in my brain enabling me to see only her all the godamn time.

I'm getting attracted so fast it scares me.

Finally, I manage to look away from her sleeping form, rubbing my temple.

" think I like her?" 

I question, afraid that I might know the answer already. Julian gives me a small smile.

"I think you already have the answer to that question Cam"

I shut my eyes.


This can't be happening.

What happened to you Cameron? What happened to the strong willed man who never glanced at any women for more than a second? How could you be attracted to someone you've known barely two weeks.

Two frigging weeks damnit!.

"I'm so damn confused"

I mutter in all honesty, running a hand through my hair

"Just let yourself feel whatever it is you feel

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. Don't try to block it. Everything will fall into place. You'll see."

He taps me on the shoulder and walks away leaving me with my confused thoughts.



A groan escapes my throat as my eyes flutter open, blinking at the unfamiliar surroundings. Where am I? How did I get here? Right of course.

Julian was saying something about being sorry and then.. The syringe.. The blood.

Wait.. I jump off the bed in an instant, panic swelling inside of me. Strong arms engulfs me immediately.

"Skylar calm down"

I snap my head in his direction, rage filing me.

Without second thoughts, I push him away from me ignoring the pain that seared through my broken arm. I was far too angry to care.

"Stay away from me!"

"Skylar relax.."

"Where's my son? Where's he Cameron? I swear to God if you so much as touched a single hair on his head, I'll f*cking kill you!"

I spit, eyes darting around for any sharp object.

"Do you have no trust in me princess?"

He asks quietly. I would have drooled at the way he called me princess but I couldn't care right now.


I shake my head

"Given the circumstances I don't trust you"

Hurt flashes in Cameron's eyes at my words but he blinks it away immediately, I almost thought I imagined it.

"Fair enough. Come"

he moves to hold me and I move away. He flinches like I slapped him. He pushes both hands into his pockets, a single braid falling over his eyes.

"Sean is safe. Julian dropped school.

He injected you because he had to sedate you and get you out of there because some people were after him. Or should I say they were after me. They are crooks and we didn't want you to get involved. I'm sorry. I didn't want you to get hurt. There's no way I would have let any harm come to you"

I bite my lip, suddenly feeling guilty at my outburst. We both stand in silence for a while, none of us saying a word.

"Okay.. I'll get you breakfast. It's almost ten am. I have to leave for work soon"

he speaks up without glancing at me and my heart drops.

Di I make him mad? He didn't call me princess or girl like he used to.

Again, without thinking, I follow him, wincing with every step I take at the pain in my sides until I find him in the kitchen, gathering fresh vegetables to wash.

There was a tablet propped up.against the kitchen wall. 

I could see him reading some instruction.

I think it's a recipe for the food he's trying to prepare. 

I stand there awkwardly, fuddling with the hem of my knee length dress.

What am I even doing here in the first place? Oh right, I came here to make sure Cameron isn't mad at me I seem to be doing less and less of thinking these days. I clear my throat to gain his attention.

He turns, the braid still falling over his eyes.

Oh God, I want to push that strand of hair away from his beautiful face.


I squeak.

Hi? Seriously? What's wrong with you Skylar? I mentally face palm.

"You should be in bed Skylar"

Cameron answers, turning away from me to take out the vegetables from the water while grabbing a knife from the rack.

"I wanted to apologise for my outburst earlier.. I didn't know.."

"You don't have to Skylar. It's okay trust me"

he replies, without looking at ne.

Why won't he call me princess? We stand in silence as I watch him pick up an onion, reads something on the tablet and begins to chop the onion rather miserably.

I giggle, slapping my mouth immediately when his head snaps in my direction.

"What's so funny girl?"

He snaps looking irritated.

"You don't chop onions like that. It's like you're murdering them"

I reply, amused. He glares at me.

'What are you preparing?"

"Carrot rice and stir fry"

he huffs making me giggle.

"But that's so easy to make. Let me help" 

I move to take another knife from the rack when he stops me.

"What do you think you're doing princess? You're wounded. Get back inside". 

I roll my eyes dropping my knife.

"I'm wounded not handicapped. Besides you clearly don't know what you're doing. I'll help you so we can do this faster."

He sighs.

"Fine. But don't you dare do any tedious work else I'll carry you on my shoulders"

"Yes Sir"

I salute and he rolls his eyes, dropping the knife and coming closer.

"So what do I begin with?"

"Let's start with the rice first. Sounds good?"


he nods, my eyes trailing over the hair still lingering over his eyes.

I bring my hand up, fingers pushing the strand away from his face and tucking it behind his hair.

He sucks in a breath like my touch affected him as his eyes trail my every movement.

Entranced, I can't help but spread my hand on his cheeks, cupping his face softly as my thumb brushes over his eyebrows, eyelashes that were so long and curly it got me jealous, his nose and the finally his lips.

As my thumb skims over his lips, he parts his lips and bites my thumb slightly before placing a chaste a kiss to it.

Unable to look away, I continue to stare, unfamiliar tingles running up my spine.

"So beautiful"

Cameron growls under his breath.

I blink, my eyes snapping to meet his.

I blush immediately, looking away.

I was so caught up in my thoughts I hadn't realised he was staring at me just as I was.

"T..thank you"

"Let's prepare breakfast shall we princess?"

He asks in a quiet voice, studying me carefully.

I only nod, stepping away slightly, letting my hands slip from his face. He nods in return, turning to face the stove once again. 

I sigh.

There's so much s*xual tension in the air.

Can he feel it too? I wonder.

" I doing it right?"

Cameron suddenly asks jolting me out of my thoughts.

I look up to find he'd already started chopping the onions iagain.

I bite my lip.

"Not bad"

I comment.

At least he was chopping them much smaller now.

"Just keep your head away as much as you can. We don't want you crying by the time you're done slicing them" 

I add and he nods going back to his work.

I turn, trying to locate a utensil so I can start with the carrot rice.


I let out a loud sigh, collapsing onto the chair.

Finally after almost two hours, the meal was ready, all thanks to Cameron who took almost ten minutes to chop every damn vegetable after refusing my help.

"I can't believe it took you an hour to prepare stir fry"

I grumble under my breath as he sets a plate of rice before me.

I can literally feel his glare without having to look up.

"Well forgive me your highness, I'm not such a good cook"

he snaps sitting opposite me with his own plate of food.

I roll my eyes, grabbing a spoon.

"That's why you should have accepted my help. I mean it was stir fry. It's doesn't take long to prepare. You basically have to stir while it fries. It's not like we were preparing stew yet the Almighty Cameron knight wouldn't listen. He had to read every damn instruction before even pouring oil. You even had to measure the godamn oil!"

I scream in exasperation.

"Okay I admit I should have accepted your help. Happy?"

He narrows his eyes, pushing a spoon of rice into his mouth. Damn, how does he make eating so sexy?

"That's because I'm s*xy like that princess."

He replies smugly and I bite my lip. I didn't say that out loud did I?

"You're not that s*xy. Don't be so cocky now"

I huff.

"Sure princess. Whatever sails your boat"

he drawls the words, smirking smugly. I roll my eyes, concentrating on my food. At least it doesn't taste so bad. We eat in silence for a while until I decide to speak up again.

"Are you this boring?"

I blurt out making his head snap up.


"I said are you this boring? Can't you at least make a conversation? it's so quite here. Julian too has disappeared to God knows where"

"Oh..umm.. What do you want to talk about?"

He looks uncomfortable. Hmm. Doesn't he ever have normal conversation with the opposite s*x? It sure looks like it.

"Well for example you could tell me something about yourself. Or vice versa"

I shrug.


He scratches the back of his head awkwardly.

So adorable.

"What's your favorite color?"

So clich.

"Blue. Sea blue specifically. What's yours?"


he shrugs. My eyes widen.

"You've got to be kidding me Mr chocolate eyes. Black? It isn't even a color. It's a shade" 

I push a spoon of minced meat into my mouth, savoring it's taste.

"Why do you call me chocolate eyes anyway?"

He asks ignoring what I said.

"It's the first thing I noticed about you when we met. Your dark brown eyes. They reminded me of chocolate" 

I answer sincerely as he stares at me intently.

He opens his mouth to say something when the door opens and Julian strolls in, paper bags in both hands.

"Where were with you?"

Cam asks immediately.

Julian rolls his eyes.

"I'm sorry I didn't ask for permission before going out mama. I only went to get a few groceries. It won't happen again mama"

he apologises making me giggle.

Cameron glares at his friend, grumbling profanities under his breath.

My phone starts ringing from somewhere in the room just about the sane time.

Thinking perhaps it had something to do with Sean, I push my chair backwards immediately and get up, rushing to pick the phone up.

My heart drops instantly at the name that flashes on my screen.

I can never get rid of him can I?

"Who is it?"

Cam asks worried, getting up and walking away from the dining table towards me. I don't reply. I turn the phone, letting him have a glimpse of the screen. His eyes widen, scanning over the words carefully.

"Park Greene? Wait.. The same Oark.."

"Yes. The same Park Greene who owns the arena where you fight and my boss too" 

I cut him off with a wince, the word


tasting like rat poison in my mouth. I notice Cameron's jaw tick in anger.

"So it's him.. F*cking retard"

he seethes clenching his fists.

I stare at the screen as the call ends.

It starts to ring almost immediately again.



"Answer the call Skylar"

Cameron repeats, nodding at Julian who nods in return and disappears into one of the rooms.

"I..I can't Cam... I'm scared.. I can't keep lying to him... He'll eventually find out..and.."

I'm freaking out.

"You don't have to lie Skylar. If he asks you anything about me or what you've found about me, do not lie. Tell him everything you know about me so far"

"What? That's outrageous.. It's like you're feeding yourself to the lion willingly.."

Cameron grabs me by the shoulders, cutting off my rants

"Do you trust me girl?"

I find myself nodding in the affirmative.

"I do. I trust you"


he strokes my cheek softly just as the call ends again, ringing immediately. "Answer the call"

Julian appears again with a laptop in his hand, typing furiously.

"W..what.. Are you sure?"

I ask, still uncertain..

Read " The Emerald Chase " by the same author ( eliza )

. I don't feel good about giving out information about Cameron to the devil.

"Yes. Just make sure he stays on the line longer."

"You ready?"

He turns to Julian who gives him a thumbs up.

"I have access to your phone now Skylar. Answer the call"

he tells me, still typing. Wait.. What does he mean by he has access to my phone now? Did he just hack into my phone? What's going on?

"Answer the call girl. Your boss wants to play dirty? We'll surely give him dirty. Answer it"

I nod slightly before pressing the answer button.




I'm so sorry guys. This week has been so hectic and tiring. I'll post another episode by evening to make it up to you. I promise. Lots of love..

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