Two Faced Lover - Episode 36

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As I pull away from our hug, Cameron uses the opportunity to get up, stretching his hand out for me to take. "What a gentleman you are" I mutter sarcastically earning an eye roll from him. I slip my hands into his and he pulls me up, wrapping his arms around my waist, never letting me go. "Hear that?" He asks and I squint my eyebrows, trying to understand what he meant when I hear the music . For a moment I'd momentarily forgotten there was a music band just a few metres away. I raise an eyebrow "Yeah?' They were playing soft and cool RNB songs now. "May I have this dance?" He asks, stepping away from me with an outstretched hand. "I thought you didn't want to dance?" This man confuses me. He refused to dance just a while ago and now he's asking me to dance. "I didn't want to, doesn't mean I can't dance" he shrugs. I bite my lip, looking over at Sean who was too busy building a sand castle to even remember he had a mother. "Fine" I say as nonchalantly as I can yet heaven knows my insides are turning with excitement and anticipation. I take a step forward, linking my arms around Cameron's neck just as he places both hands on my hips. I have to bite my lip to stop myself from letting out a moan

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. His touches send me in a state of frenzy. We begin to slow dance to the soft music that was being played. "I don't know how to slow dance" I whisper, peeking at him through my eyelashes. "Just follow your instincts princess. Move along with me" he replies, swaying side to side. I follow his footsteps and we continue dancing. Suddenly, he steps back and twirls me. I gasp. "Scared?" He teases and I shake my head, biting my lips. "I could never be scared when I'm with you Cam" I answer, leaning in, letting our foreheads touch, noses gliding over each other softly. "I love this. You and I" I say after a while. There was silence for a moment as Cameron doesn't say anything. I look up at him to find him peering down at me,eyes squinted. "I love this too princess" he replies with a smile, a smile that was forced. I look into his eyes carefully and all I see is fear. Behind that hard exterior was a man who was scared of letting himself go. A man who was scared of living his life to the fullest. "Cam" I say softly, releasing one arm from his neck and cupping his cheeks. Brown orbs gaze at me curiously. "I'm not going to hurt you Cameron. I won't. I can never. I don't know what happened to you in the past but I want you to be rest assured that history won't repeat itself. I won't ever hurt you Cameron, I'd rather die..." "Shhh" he suddenly cuts me off with a finger on my lips, shaking his head sternly. "Don't finish that sentence Skylar" "I..just.. I see doubts in your eyes Cameron. One moment, you're happy and letting it all go and then the next your eyes are filled with questions. You can't deny it" "I'm not going to deny it Skylar. Because I'd be lying to you then. But you should know I'm trying my best. I've lived like this for three years and this habit isn't going to disappear in one second. I'm a work in progress baby" he says and I smile. "You called me baby" He grins. "Would you prefer princess?" "I'm okay with whatever you call me. Even pig" He laughs, nuzzling his face in my hair. "You're one crazy woman Skylar Sampson" "And you're one cocky man Cameron Knight" We stay like that for a while, in each others arms, slow dancing until Sean's voice interrupts us. We both turn. "I want to go into the water" he says, getting up from the heap of sand he'd created. "But you can't swim" I say disapprovingly. "I want to learn mom" he insists. "I'll take him" Cam cuts in. "I'll take care of him. Don't worry we won't go far. We'll just be at the shore" I turn to look at Sean who was bouncing on his feet in excitement. I sigh. I guess I should let him have fun. "Okay fine. But make sure you stay with uncle Cam at all times, is that clear? "Yes mom. I love you" "Love you too baby" "I never thought I'd find motherhood so sexy. Makes me wana impregnate you" Who else will say something like this? I snort loudly at his ridiculous comment. "I wonder how you manage to come up with such comments" "Talent baby. Pure God given talent" he smirks smugly and I shove him before he can continue. "Okay off you go" Cameron takes off his shirt leaving me drooling at the sight. "You should take a picture princess. That way, you can stare at my beautiful body all day long" I roll my eyes. Way to kill the mood. I take Sean's shirt off too and jeans leaving him in his shorts. "Go now before I change my mind" Sean grabs Cam's hand and drags him towards the water. I retreat to my spot under the coconut tree, folding the clothes carefully and placing them on my lap. I watch them for a while until I begin to feel thirsty. My eyes dart around searching for Cam's water bottle. I remember him bringing it along so where is it? I search for a while before I spot it a little farther away lying aimlessly on the sand. Someone must have kicked it. Getting up, I place the clothes carefully on the sand. Oh well, the clothes were already dirty anyways. I trudge towards the water bottle to pick it up when suddenly, I feel a hand on my mouth and then my waist. Before I could react, I'm dragged harshly backwards until my back hits a hard object. The hand covering my mouth pulls away and I look up, my knees almost giving away instantly as I come face to face with my captor. He was real. I wasn't imagining it when I saw him at the restaurant and I definitely wasn't imagining it when I saw him at the park. It was all real. "Finally I get to meet with you one on one without the interruption of your boyfriend. I must say, you have a great choice in men. He's hot" the strange man wipes an imaginary sweat off his forehead, grinning. "W..what do you want? What's your deal? Why are you following me?" I demand, a part of me knowing the answer already. "I think you know why Skylar" He knows my name. "I..I do not know what you're talking about" "Oh? you don't know or you're in denial?" "What do you want from me!" I shout suddenly, everything closing in on me. Panic filling every part of my being. "Shhh" the earlier grin was wiped off his face, replaced with a scowl as he grips my elbows harshly, nails digging into my skin. I wince, the sling may have been taken off but I still felt a lingering pain in my arm. "I wouldn't shout if I were you. You wouldn't want to cut short the fun Sean is having right?" He knows my son's name too. "Who the f*ck are you? What do you want with me?!" I can feel the tears burning my eyes. "Oh Skylar, Skylar. Why ask questions to which you already have the answers?" He smirks. "You've given me a hell of a time Skylar. I must say, impressive. Imagine taking tracks on you for years and then I wake up one morning to be told you're out of the country? Such bullsh*t. Had to hire a private investigator to search for you. Got nothing for two years. Travelled down here last year to search for you myself and found you finally. Damn.. Thank God for the call you made to Patricia" I squint my eyes. What rubbish? Who the hell is Patricia? This man is completely nuts. "What nonsense? Who the hell is Patricia? I don't know anyone by that name. You're crazy, delusional!" I try to push him away yet he tightens his grip. "Oh? Silly me. I forgot you call her... Umm what's it again? Aha, Miss Glen. I'm pretty sure that's how you always called her. But I prefer to call her Patricia. Yep" he smirks evilly. My knees give away instantly as I crumple to the floor. No...this can't be. Miss Glen? No no no! She's one of the very few people I'd trusted.. I even left Sean with her anytime I had to go and sell. Hell, she'd helped me through my pregnancy. She gave me food when I had none. Lies! "Oh tsk tsk. I'm sorry Skylar, I didn't know.. Did you really think that woman was always helping you come rain or shine because she felt like a good Samaritan? Pfft! I always knew you were dumb but I didn't think you were so dumb. Patricia, or Miss Glen as you like to call her was working under my instructions. Keeping an eye on you. Making sure my boy was growing well. Did you really think she was just some lonely woman in her fifties who'd never gotten married or has no children? God you're dumb. She's married and her husband in fact works in my company. Let's just say I threatened her into working for me. You see I didn't have s*x with you Skylar. Nah... I didn't sleep with you. Nope. I'm not one to go around sleeping with strangers. I just needed someone to carry my child. Some poor, homeless, orphan girl to give me a child, an heir to all my wealth. Imagine my luck when I found you asleep while selling some fruits one fateful day? I knew you were the perfect one so I had you inseminated with my sperm. I'm sure you don't remember anything because you aren't supposed to remember anything sweetheart. Oh and I hope you know what artificial insemination means? It's the process where the sperm of a man is injected into a woman's.." "Shut up" I cut him off, covering my ears, tears flowing. No. "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Lies! All lies! You're lying! Shut up! Stop talking! You're lying! No! Lies!" I yell uncontrollably, my breath coming in short spams. He laughs in my face and only continues. "I'm guessing you know what artificial insemination means then. So back to my story, I kept a close eye on you until I found out you'd gotten pregnant. Imagine my joy. You know, mostly when it comes to artificial insemination, it usually takes more than one try to get a woman pregnant but then luckily, your ovaries were ready to be fertilized at that time of the month and boom, I hit the jackpot.. Fast forward, months later Miss Glen called to tell me you were going to have a boy after she went with you to the hospital to have an ultrasound. I was having a boy, damn I was so happy. I told her to keep an eye on you, take care of you, more like take care of my son because I don't care two sh*ts about you obviously.. When Sean was born, I wanted to come for him but then it wasn't the perfect thing to do, do I letting him stay with you so you could breastfeed him until he was grown up. Imagine my shock when Miss Glen calls one day to tell me you and Sean had disappeared into thin air, leaving only a letter under her door saying you were leaving for America? I mean, what the hell?" He pauses. "I was mad, livid. I wanted my son. I sent private investigators after you, yet they couldn't find you. I must say you know how to hide pretty well. But luckily, I got a call from miss Glen saying you had finally called and told her you were now settled in Newyork, Brooklyn to be precise. I flew straight here and after several months I finally find you. Damn girl, you gave me a hard time" At this point, I was shaking, crying. I'd always dreamt of knowing who's Sean's father is but not like this. No. This is way too harsh. Too painful. Miss Glen had been deceiving me all along? No.. No. Lies. I don't believe it. I can't. No. He's lying. He must be lying. Please God, tell me it's all a f*cking nightmare. Please! "Lies.. All lies.. Lies.. Lies. No! You're lying. Sean is mine. My son. He's mine. Mine alone.

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. All mine you hear?? He's my son! Mine alone! Alone!" I chant repeatedly like a mad woman, rocking myself to and fro, shaking uncontrollably. No.. It can't be. Lies! All Lies! No! "Oh shut the f*ck up will you?! I don't want you Skylar so you can be calm. I only wanted someone to carry my child. I'm not one of those men to fall in love, get married, have a family and all that sh*t. I just want a child from a woman to whom I owe nothing. A child that I will singlehandedly train to take over my empire. And if I'm correct, Sean is almost six years right? I'm sure he's old enough to sleep in his own room now. He doesn't need his mama's breast milk anymore." "So with that being said, let me get straight to the point. I'm here to take my son away and no one, I mean no f*cking one, not even you or your f*cking boyfriend can stop me."

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  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    This guy has nerves, what impudence, to have inseminated a lady without her knowledge, then you come all bragging, this guy needs to be taught a lesson, probably put behind bars or Cam should just give him the beatings of his life. Mtcheww!!!
  • Maame Ama picture
    Maame Ama
    What nonsense, such a stupid and foolish man he is not even remorseful for what he has done
  • eliza picture
    Ikr. i feel your pain @Benedicta. me self angry
  • eliza picture
    ikr. I feel your pain @ Benedicta
  • eliza picture
    ikr @ Maame
  • Confy-Dencie picture
    What nerves! Can u just imagine! This guy is a b*stard oo... Which f*cking hole ws he vomited from? How can he impregnate a girl through insemnation nd burst out to claim the child after six years.... Eliza where is my Ak-47 lemme burst his brain
  • Agbelusi Olayemi picture
    Agbelusi Olayemi
    I feel your pain can this guy be so stupid to inseminate a girl and not feel remorseful, O God!!!!!
  • Agbelusi Olayemi picture
    Agbelusi Olayemi
    I feel your pain can this guy be so stupid to inseminate a girl and not feel remorseful, O God!!!!!
  • eliza picture
    lol Confy. I have AK47 here, come for it
  • eliza picture
    ikr @ Agbelusi. he's crazy
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    Well I need a gun too,a machine gun to be precise,if this imbecile thinks he can come and claim Sky's son just like that,well he's got another thing coming,he doesn't even deserve to be called a father!
  • Amma picture
    and where the hell was this so called millionaire when Sean had a hole in heart at birth?? pure nonsense and Miss Glenn too mtcheeww
  • eliza picture
    he doesn't even deserve to be classified as human @ Pamela
  • eliza picture
    ikr @ Amma. it's totally annoying
  • Ohemaa Mildy picture
    Ohemaa Mildy
    Like seriously?like seriously? foolish man,don't really have anything to say all I wanna do is to slap de shit out of him maybe he will learn to reason...
  • Chibuzor Ugbagu Eyisi picture
    Chibuzor Ugbagu Eyisi
    Foolish man, let Cam will teach you a lesson
  • eliza picture
    he needs to be taught a lesson @ Ohemaa
  • eliza picture
    lol Chibuzor. ikr
  • Sheila Smallz picture
    Sheila Smallz
    ohhhhhh, Wtf, I think this man doesn't know what he is into, he should better disappear before i open my eyes. mtcheww, Foolish Human
  • Sheila Smallz picture
    Sheila Smallz
    Thumbs up Elizaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • eliza picture
    thanks Sheila
  • picture
  • Uche Aghanwa picture
    Uche Aghanwa
    Mtcheeeew ! That one is not my business.
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