Two Faced Lover - Episode 35

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"Skylar hey! Look at me!"

Strong arms grab me by the shoulders, shaking me violently and it seems to snap me out of whatever trance I was in.


I whimper.

"What happened princess? Say something"

"H..him...he's following us"


"That man..I.. Saw him staring at me in the restaurant and now he's here, staring at me"


He asks again, cupping my cheeks.

"B..behind you"

I point to the spot where he was standing but then to my utmost surprise, it was empty.

There was no one there. I blink, eyes darting to and fro.

"There's no one there Skylar"

"I...I..swear I saw him.. H..he was standing there, smirking at me.. I swear" 

I saw him.. I swear I did.

He was just here.

He couldn't have disappeared withing a second right? I'm not hallucinating. I saw him..

"Cameron believe me..I..saw.."

"Hey..relax.. Calm down.. Relax"

he strokes his thumb over my cheeks softly, soothing my nerves a little.

I wrap my arms around him and he let me, holding me.

"It's okay princess. Breathe, just breathe. Probably you're being paranoid. Calm down"

He thinks I'm being paranoid.

He thinks I'm imagining things.

He doesn't believe me. 

I let out a tearless sob, clutching on to him tighter. I'm not imagining things. I swear.

"Mom? Are you okay?"

I disengage from Cameron and turn. Sean was staring at me with worried eyes. I wipe my eyes immediately. He shouldn't see me like this.

"Yes baby. I'm fine. Something got stuck in my eye"

I lie.

"Is it gone now?"

He asks inching closer to take a look at my eye. I smile, kissing him on the cheek.

"Yes it's gone now. Finish your food"

I say and he just stares at me.

"I love you mom. You're the best"

he suddenly says and I almost break down.

I pull him to me, hugging him briefly.

"I love you too Sean. More than my life"

I reply and he grins, giving me a peck.

"Eat now. Go on"

He nods, going back to his food.

"Hey girl"

I turn to face him.

"I'm fine. My emotions are just all over the place. I guess it's almost that time of the month"

I lie again.

I had my period just two weeks ago.

Cameron watches me for a while, like he's finding a hard time believing me.

Eventually he let's it go and sighs, staring at the burger I dropped.

"I guess we'll have to share my burger now"

he says.

"Sorry about that"

I mutter sheepishly.

"Not a problem. Go on eat. I'm good with the fries anyway"

he tells me, dipping a fry into the sauce and eats.

As we eat, my eyes keep wandering around every now and then hoping to catch a glimpse of the creepy man to prove Cameron wrong.

To prove myself wrong, that I was in no way imagining things.

Yet I don't see him anywhere.

Not even a glimpse of his shadow.

Did I really imagine it? Am I being paranoid?

"Hey are you done? I think we should get going" 

I blink.

I'd been do engrossed in my own thoughts I didn't even have time to enjoy the beautiful scenery Cameron brought me to. I smile tightly as he hands me my shake. I take sip.

"Do you have water?" 

I ask.


he nods handing me a bottled water.

I take it and thank him, turning to Sean as I uncork the bottle.

"Wash your hands Sean"

I say to him. He will most probably wipe his hands on his shirt out of sheer laziness.

He stretches out his hands and I wash them.

Done, I wipe it dry with a handkerchief.

"Now drink you shake" 

I fix the straw and hand it to him.

When I turn, Cameron had packed the leftovers and dropped them into the bin.

"Shall we?"

I nod getting up, pulling Sean up with me. 

I may be paranoid but I'm not letting him out of my sight for a second.

"Where next are we going?"

I ask.

"Patience girl"

I roll my eyes in response, getting into the car.


It wasn't until a while later that the car came to a stop and I look out, the cold breeze sweeping over my face.

"Manhattan beach? You brought ne to the Manhattan beach?" 

I ask in awe.

This is like one of the most beautiful beaches in New York.

Without thinking, I lunge myself at Cameron, hugging him.

"Thank you. Really thank you" 

I mutter, inhaling in his scent.

"You're welcome princess"

he squeezes me slightly before pulling away.

"Shall we go have some fun?"

He flicks my nose and I swat his hand away playfully.

I turn to grab Sean's hand when I realise he's not near me. I hear loud giggles and turn again only to find him, sitting with a girl not more than four, chatting amicably. I raise an eyebrow. Oh.

"Seems like someone's learning how to toast girls quite early"

Cameron's comments with a chuckle and I roll my eyes.

Sean jogs back towards us, waving at the little girl who waves back happily.

"You made a new friend?"

I ask, taking his hand in mine as we walk towards the shore.

"Yes. I taught her how to make a brick house"

he says with pride..

"Okay that's good but don't you go anywhere without telling me okay?"

I scold. Call me paranoid but I'm not willing to take any chances.

"Okay mom. Can we go build sand castles over there?"

He points to an empty spot beneath a tall coconut tree.

"Sure. Come on"

We walk towards the spot and make ourselves comfortable.

"Join us uncle Cam"

Sean beckons to Cameron who refuses immediately.

"I brought you two here to have fun so go ahead".

"Please uncle Cam. Please!"

Sean pouts giving him one of his infamous pouts.

Cameron looks undecided for a while before he sighs, muttering a low


As he settles himself between Sean and I, I discreetly dig my hand into his pocket and pull out his phone.

While he struggles to make the sand castles, I take a quick picture.

"Delete that" his head snaps to mine.

"No" "Skylar" "No" "Delete that now"

"Else what?"

I challenge taking more pictures.

He grunts and goes back to what he was doing.

This is the first time I've seen him so relaxed, unguarded and calm and I want to have a permanent reminder of this.

I continue to take more pictures ignoring his glares.

Suddenly, I hear music being played.

More like a live band performing a certain Spanish song.

I gasp turning to Cameron with the most innocent look I could muster.


he warns before I can even get a word out.

"Oh come on! Don't be such a party pooper. Let's dance, damn that song is making my feet itch"

"Well then itch it right back"

he shrugs and I groan.

He's no fun.

I spot the small bucket Sean was using to fetch the sand and grab it, walking to the shore, an idea occurring to me.

I scoop some reasonable amount of water and walk back to our spot and then splash the water onto Cameron's face watching with satisfaction as the water drips onto his shirt.

He freezes, lifting his head in slow motion, eyes glaring at me. Oops..

"You did not just do that miss Sampson"


I scratch my head for answers when something hits my face. Before I can react, I feel something else being poured on my head. I gasp.

"You did not just pour sand on me Mr Knight. You did not!" 

I wiggle, feeling sand particles pouring into my bra and underwear.

Oh Jesus.

How do I walk comfortably now? He even poured some in my hair too.

Oh God.

"Oh I sure did miss Sampson. How's that for a payback?' He smirks. I smirk in return, completely forgetting my ruined hair, loving this new playful side of Cameron.

"You could have done much better Mr Knight"

I taunt, slapping his face with the sand I discreetly collected.

"Oh you're so gonna get it"

he suddenly gets up and springs up towards me. 

I squeal, turning to run.

My ribs were still healing and the beach sand was making it more difficult to run.

I roll my eyes when Cameron's catches up with me, tackling me to the ground.

His body on top of mine.

"You look so beautiful with sand in your hair"

he whispers, bathing my hair with more sand. I don't react.

He's already ruined it anyways.

Taking the opportunity, I wrap my arms around his neck making him stop his assault on my hair as he looks at me, brown orbs penetrating into mine.

My eyes drop to his lips, suddenly having the urge to kiss him so bad.

I'd never initiated any of the kisses we had shared so far.

What was holding me back? Nothing Sky. Absolutely nothing. Lifting my head slightly, my lips find his. I kiss him softly at first, nibbling on his lips, tasting the strawberry flavour from the shake I'd forced him to drink. He groans, placing both hands on either side of my head, keeping his weight from crushing me. He bites my lips, seeking for entrance but I don't allow. I continue my slow torturous methods, biting and nibbling on his lips, occasionally swiping my tongue over them. "F*ck Sky" he growls, grabbing the back of my neck and forcing my mouth open, slipping in his tongue immediately, groaning in satisfaction. I kiss him back fervently, letting his lips take me far and beyond. His kisses make me feel lightheaded. No matter how many times our lips connect, he always leaves me yearning for more. I feel his hand on my waist, slightly moving up slowly, torturously slow and I squirm, suddenly wanting his touch so bad. "Cameron" I whimper against his lips, unable to control my raging needs. I kiss him harder than ever, tightening my grip around his neck as I feel his hands caressing my belly, upwards and when he reaches the valley between my br*asts, his fingers make their way up slowly, as he breaks the kiss, his lips finding my neck immediately, planting soft, featherlight kisses to my skin. I let out a moan, wanting more, needing more. My fingers find his hair and I grip, pulling at the base as he continues to deliver kisses to my neck. I feel his teeth sink into my skin and I hiss in slight pain. The pain was immediately replaced by sweet sensations when I felt his tongue on the spot he'd just bitten, running soothing circles, lips driving me crazy. "Mom! Uncle Cam I'm still here and I can see everyyy thing!"

Sean suddenly yells snapping us out of our trance.

We suddenly remember we were in public, on a damn beach and Cameron pushes himself off me. I blush. oh God I just heavily made out with a man in front of my son and in public. How much worse could this get? I look around and thankfully, everyone was mindind their business. I turn to Cameron to find him staring at me already.

"Did I tell you that I like you too Mr Knight?" 

I say suddenly watching his eyes light up. He pulls me closer, wrapping his arms around me. " got the key to my heart girl"

he kisses my forehead and my heart swells. I lean closer to him. Right this very moment, I couldn't care that we're both covered in sand from head to toe. I don't care that whatever is between may most likely be short lived.

All I care about is this moment. With him. Just him and I. And no one else.

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  • Dolapo Oloyede picture
    Dolapo Oloyede
    Thanks for update, Eliza
  • eliza picture
    you're welcome @Dolapo
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    Whew been holding ma breath from the part where they started kissing...thinking that mud sucker might reappear and snatch Sean,guess Sky ain't the only who's that I'm calm imma read this episode one more time @Lizzie *winks*
  • Amma picture
    my thoughts exactly@ Pamela...I'm sure the creepy man is still lurking around
  • Sheila Smallz picture
    Sheila Smallz
    that creepy man shouldn't let me catch him o.......Awwww, Nice one Cam.
  • Uche Aghanwa picture
    Uche Aghanwa
    When will i exchange a heart key with some one. This story makes me feel like loving
  • Uche Aghanwa picture
    Uche Aghanwa
    When will i exchange a heart key with some one. This story makes me feel like loving
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