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"W....w..what is this? Zara what is this? This can't be___No__you can't do this to US___Why?" Nasir finally found his voice. A black nylon was resting carefully on the center table before him, while Zara stood in front of him shaking her body furiously as she chew a gum.

"What? You mean i can't do what i just did? Of course i can Nasir. I've already made it clear that i won't keep this pregnancy___you thought i won't abo-t it right? Well, here is your Baby in that" she pointed at the black nylon leather resting on the center table "You can put the baby in your own tummy or marry another wife and let her carry the baby for you . But I, Zara, won't let you destroy me by carrying your child for nine months and giving birth to it!"


"Am not done Nasir, keep quiet and let me finish okay?" She drew in a deep breath, trying to calm her raging hearth from bursting before she continued "I won't have shaggy bre-st because of your child, nor have a pot bellied tummy because of it. You want to destroy my physical appearance and later on marry another wife right? It won't happen Nasir, not now__not ever!"

"But I love you Zara!" Nasir bellowed angrily "I love you and i still love you__I've never given you the impression of taking another wife just because you've got shaggy bre-st and fat tummy

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. I love you for who you are and not what you look like. You don't want to have babies now right? Then it's okay___i understand very well. But that shouldn't give you the rights to abo-t this pregnancy___why terminate it when it's already inside you? At least give birth to it, not abo-t it" He inhaled deeply, his hand going through his hair. He looked disheveled, so thin with black circles under his eyes.

"Yet, you had to abo-t the baby, put it in a nylon leather and still had the guts to bring it to me," he swallowed the tears that was threatening to spill from his eyes "How could you? Zara mena miki? (What have i done to you?) I've always loved and cared for you, respect and cherish you. What is it you want Zara?"

"_Takardan saki_" (Divorce paper) she blurted, without even bothering about the outcome of what she did or what she just said.

"Pardon?" Nasir asked, not believing what his ears just heard.

"_Ka sake ni nace malam! Nagaji nikam, Allah yasan nagaji da zama dakai_. Ka sakeni kawai!" (Divorce me Mister, God knows am tired of living with you, just divorce me!)

Nasir's heart seems to stop beating. He stood there in the living room, with an unknown pain___ this wasn't the wife he married, nor the woman he fell in love with. This is just someone standing before him with same look like his Zara, but not his Zara. He tried to speak but couldn't, tried to move but couldn't__he stood there lifelessly, with a vague feeling in his heart.

He simply turned and left, his right hand clutching his heart, and right then__the tears ran freely on his cheeks.

He was broken, and broken completely.

Zara smiled, picked up her phone and quickly dialed Ishertuh's number.

"_Har kinyi? Ya baki? Kin gama komai koh?_" (Have you done it? has he given you? You've done it all right?)

"Yes. _Wawan ba zuciya amma, yak'i bani takardan ai._" (The fool is not a man, he refused giving me the divorce letter)

Sh-t! Ishertuh hissed slowly. This game better end up soon so she can marry Nasir once and for all.

"Even after giving him his baby in a nylon bag?"

"Yeah. Just leave the fool. Now tell me what next girl."

"Ignore him, talk on phone with Kabir in his presence, do anything that can make him angry, anything and everything Zara."

"I will. Thanks girl."

Ishertuh smiled, clicking send on the message she had typed already, she waited patiently for the message to deliver, and a reply was sent shortly.

"Thank You Ishertuh, am glad you've opened my eyes on who really Zara is. I wouldn't have dated her if i knew she was married__the annoying part is that I've kissed and romanced her time without numbers, how sure am i she won't do the same thing to me? Sure, I'll keep up with the game like you said and act like i know nothing about her married life. Thank you for saving me. Your new friend, Kabir."

Ishertuh smiled as she read the message. She promised herself that she's going to teach Zara a lesson for playing with what she had and not appreciating it. She'll make her loose both men, and then marry Nasir at the end.




Inna Yasmeen paced the room slowly, her dirty wrapper tied tightly on her waist, with dried Pap on some parts and dried moyan kuka on other parts.

How could Indo get pregnant again?

This was the second time, and it wasn't what they planned, but Indo was pregnant again____and she herself can't point at who the father of the baby is.

The annoying part is that, Indo is against undergoing another process of abo-ting a pregnancy. Last time she did, she bled and almost lost hope of living again. And now, no matter what Inna Yasmeen said, Indo still wouldn't yield to undergo another pain in abo-ting it.

Inna Yasmeen heaved a sigh, looked around her almost empty room years back, but now full with worldly material. A fridge was by the right edge of the room. A large plasma TV on the wall, a DSTV decoder and two set of chairs.

Their house, which had only two rooms now had a living room, and additional two rooms. A modern kitchen and modern toilet and bathroom. And she's proud of her daughters for working that hard to give her all she needed.

Her husband, is just a figure in the house. Neither she nor the girls listen to him. And soon enough, he got tired and joined them to enjoy what they had, which made it more possible for the girls not to heed his words since they are the one's feeding the family.

But, that still didn't stop Inna Yasmeen from being as dirty as she had always been.

Dialing Saratu's number from her phone, she waited patiently as the phone rang, and on the third ring, Saratu answered.

"Inna, kira da sassafen nan?" (Call this early morning?)

"Indo is pregnant again." 

"What? What do you mean pregnant again? How can that be? I've been in this business for months and still haven't got pregnant even once."

Inna Yasmeen sighed, her left hand going through her short hair "I don't know how Saratu. And we've been taking precautions, i guess maybe her body is immune to drugs like that."

"Well, abo-t it then Inna___what are you waiting for?"

"That's the problem, Indo wouldn't allow that. I've been trying to put some senses to her brain but to no avail. Talk to her please, we need to abo-t it."

"I will Inna. Oh, and please, get me more maganin mata  from Ummi Abdul, am getting hooked with a rich Alhaji."

"_An gama!_ (Its done), don't worry. When are you coming for it?"

"Next week. Take care."

Indo turned to the other side of her bed restlessly. She hasn't eaten anything worth holding her down for almost two weeks__anytime she eats, she threw up. Sleep with high fever and pains in her stomach.

A stray of tear rolled down her cheek. What had she gotten herself into? Why didn't she ignore her love for this world and build an Akhira with the man she was in love with? Why did she let Inna Yasmeen poisoned her mind and heart with all these? Now, what is the use of what she had if she's not happy?

She might have been happy with what she's doing months back, but not now, now, all she did is regret her past actions.

After abo-ting her first pregnancy, Indo never wanted to get back to her so called business, but what to do when Inna Yasmeen and Addah Saratu pushed her to? She yielded after so much persuasion and got pregnant again for the second time.

And yet, Inna Yasmeen wants her to abo-t this pregnancy again and continue with the business without even bothering about how she had suffered the last time. Now, nothing and no one can force her to abo-t this pregnancy nor go back to the life she had been pushing through.

She won't abo-t it____nor listen to Inna nor Addah Saratu's nonsense.



"Thief! Olle! Barawo! Shame on you Aminah, shame! As rich as your mother is, you stole underwear___from your roommates! Aminah you're a disgrace!"

Aminah stood in the center of their hostel room. She had resumed school and persuaded her mom to let her pack to the hostel so she can study hard.

But the main reason behind that was for her to have the chance to party non stop and do what she wants without her mom interfering or stopping her.

And now, as she stood in front of her friends and roommates, Aminah is being questioned for stealing one of her roommates underwear.

What happened was that, Aminah liked the fancy underwear her roommates wears, and instead of buying, she opted out for stealing them.

"Guys__guys listen. It is a misunderstanding, i never intended to steal them, i only took them without asking so i can buy similar to them.

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. Am rich enough to buy each and everyone of you an iPhone, so please, you all should respect yourselves."

"iPhone kini? See this useless thing o, na who you go show say your Mama rich? Na your Mama rich nobi you__Oriye daru nii, you're very stupid Hamino." One of the girls bellowed angrily.

"Leave the yar banza thing mana. I saw her stealing your underwear fa, and now she's acting like she can buy even pant for herself. Barauniya kawai (Thief)"

Aminah kept quiet, for she knew this three girls can beat her up without no one knowing talk more of helping her.

She silently packed her clothes, making it look like she's arranging the room, and as soon as the three girls left, she packed her suitcases and left.

Hajiya Amirah looked at Fa'izah___she couldn't believe what her eyes were seeing. Could that be her daughter? In a club? Clinging to a man tightly? And when she looked at the man closely, she realized that it was none other than Alhaji Yunus!

Her stomach rumbled loudly, and she quickly looked to her right to make sure that her date didn't hear the sound. She started feeling dizzy in no time, coupled with the fact that she's pregnant and hasn't abo-ted it yet because of the risk.

The doctor told her that it's too risky for her to have an abo-tion at that age, she might lose her life in the process and he can't guarantee her how safe it is to have an abo-tion. So, the safe side is for he her to just give birth to the baby.

But how could she give birth at her age without a husband? What will she tell her kids? The pregnancy is already in its third month and she still hasn't found an option.

And now this, Fa'izah in a club with Alhaji Yunus___how and when did they meet? Could it be that all her precautions are worthless? Damn!

"Darl" she called softly___squeezing the Alhaji's hand in hers "am not feeling too good, can i go home and we can meet tomorrow."

"Ohh, i can drive you home."

"No, no. Don't worry__i can handle it. Thank you."

He kissed her softly on the cheeks and then her lips before letting her go.

"I'll miss you and those plump lips."

"I'll miss you too."

Aminah arrived to an empty house. Where could her mother be? She shrugged carelessly and approached her Mother's room. Searching her bags and purses in search for money, Aminah came across a paper folded neatly and hid in one of the zippers of Amirah's bag.

She looked at the paper, contemplating on whether to open it or just ignore it. She later opened the paper, and her heart almost jumped out of her chest.

Her mother's medical reports, stating her pregnancy.

Her mother is pregnant!

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