My Mistake

What happen when you're forced to take pregnancy pills?

And then, your husband finally decided to marry your best friend since you can't give birth, even though he was the one who forced you into using the pills.


Well, let's dive it!

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    • My Mistake - Introduction

    • *PROLOGUE* "Aysha, please... Just let him get married in peace for goodness sake!. Why are you acting like a new born baby?". Fa'iza snapped at her "I&...
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    • My Mistake - Episode 1

    • The early morning sun rudely perked up around up from the blinds on the window. Aysha muffled incoherent words before turning her face away from the harsh light. She was having a d...
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    • My Mistake - Episode 2

    • Drapped in a blue veil which compliments the blue and black ankara she was wearing, Aysha stepped out of their house and headed towards their Fa'izah's. Her heart beat acce...
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    • My Mistake - Episode 3

    • Aysha sighed heavily, massaging her temple as she paced her room. Should she do what Amirah advised her or not? But what if things don't work out the way she wants? What happen...
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    • My Mistake - Episode 4

    • "How may i help you?" She asked, her tone cold. "Juat wanted to say Hi, hope am not disturbing?" Muhammad asked. "Of course you are&quo...
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    • My Mistake - Episode 5

    • Fa'iza stood rooted by the door. Her eyes wide as shock is plastered on her face. What was it she just heard? Her brother and Aysha together? Together as in couple or to satisf...
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    • My Mistake - Episode 6

    • "You shouldn't let Fa'izah stop you from doing what we planned. Men of nowadays loves girls who show off their bodies and do that little stuff of making out. You'v...
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    • My Mistake - Episode 7

    • "What?!" Aysha whispered in shock, tears already running down hee cheeks "what do we do now?" "Shhh, calm down okay" Fadeel said adjusting h...
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    • My Mistake - Episode 8

    • The room held an uncomfortable silence. Aysha was shaking out of fear as she stared at the picture held by her mother. What should she do? What should she say? Is there any possibi...
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    • My Mistake - Episode 9

    • Fa'izah looked at Fadeel shocked. How dare he call her friend a slut when he was the one she was being slutty for? "How did you know she is a slut? How dare you ...
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    • My Mistake - Episode 10

    • Eid celebration hide me yesterday o. Lol, hope say una go come chop rice. Eid Mibaraq to those celebrating. Saturday downed, bright and brisk. F...
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    • My Mistake - Episode 11

    • It was kept low, just like Fadeel wanted it. Most of his friends didn't know, nor did he invite them___to him, inviting his friends and letting them see Aysha is a disgrace to ...
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    • My Mistake - Episode 12

    • Two weeks Later Aysha stood by the kitchen island, busy preparing Fadeel's breakfast. She had even cut her finger in the process all in an a...
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