Embedded Roses

It's all about Aminah; A warrior (sickler), who did not only suffered the pain of her sickled cells, but also the pain of heartbreak. 

She's a girl that men hardly avert their gazes on. She's a girl that every man is willing to marry. She's a girl that every man desire to spend his entire life with, But when ever the case of her sickle cell is made cognizant, they change their minds. 

Life turned out to be uneasy for her. She felt she's different . She felt she's half human. And that made her wonder if she will ever be able to meet someone to share her life with...

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    • Embedded Roses - Episode 1

    • I write this book in honor of a friend, a sister...AMINAH ABIMIKU (Cocomeena). May Allah see you through your health predicament and make it easy on you. I love you girl ...
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    • Embedded Roses - Episode 2

    • *_Dedicated to Amina Abimiku (cocomeena)_* _AMINA_ My heart felt heavy, and my eyes felt dry. I couldn't cry, even thou i wanted to but i just could...
      • Views (8,869)
      • Comments (11)
    • Embedded Roses - Episode 3

    • *_Dedicated to Amina Abimiku (cocomeena)_* *_Jewel love. Welcome back baibiii, i missed you hell nuts. This page is all yours, with love _AMINA_ "...
      • Views (7,594)
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    • Embedded Roses - Episode 4

    • *_Dedicated to Amina Abimiku (Coco meena)_*   *MUJAHEED*       "As salaamu alaikoom" i chirped in as soon as the phone c...
      • Views (7,881)
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    • Embedded Roses - Episode 5

    • *_Dedicated to Amina Abimiku (cocomeena)_* _AMIINA_ I focused my gaze on the book lying beside me, my eyes already watery from the continuous staring. I...
      • Views (7,595)
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    • Embedded Roses - Episode 6

    • *_Dedicated to Amina Abimiku (cocomeena)_* *_MUJAHEED_* "Hajiya, what is this am hearing? What has gotten into you? What is this i said?!". Da...
      • Views (7,066)
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    • Embedded Roses - Episode 7

    • *_Dedicated to Amina Abimiku (cocomeena)_* *_AMINA*_ I stared at the phone in my hand blankly, totally lost in thoughts. My heart felt heavy and i tried...
      • Views (7,599)
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    • Embedded Roses - Episode 8

    • *_Dedicated to Amina Abimiku (cocomeena)_* *_MUJAHEED_* This isn't a game. This is my life, and i hate it when people tries to trespass. Damn you La...
      • Views (7,030)
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    • Embedded Roses - Episode 9

    • *_Dedicated to Amina Abimiku (cocomeena)_* *_MUJAHEED_* "So? Miss go back to your room and rest". I said to aminah who was standing by my side at the ...
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