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Am introducing a new character at the beginning of this chapter, don't get confused readers.

Hafsah rolled to the other side of the bed, glaring at the man beside her before hissing and leaping out of the bed.

"Isma'il, i told you not to touch me without giving me that money i asked for. You think I'll just give you my body just like that? Without you giving me anything in return? Yab, Aradu am tired of satisfying your needs while you leave mine un attended to!"

Isma'il closed his eyes and a sharp pain pierced through his stomach . This pain will be the death of him tonight if Hafsah is not willing to help.

"Why are you treating me this way? Is it because i am desperately in need or it's just another form of disgracing me? Hafsah, I don't have the money you're asking for right now, but I'll try and get it next week. Please, help me out now."

She gave him a pointed look at walked over to his side. Still dressed in the skinny night gown that's half way down her knee, she bend down a little so that he can catch a glimpse of what she was trying to show him before quickly moving back.

"You won't touch a strand of hair on my body without giving me that money. I only asked for 200k and you're here acting like a seems like you're not as desperate as you say, you would've given me the money and we would have passed the phase."

"Hafsah, i don't have the amount you're asking for

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. Can't i have my wife without paying anything? This is the third time you're treating me this way___We just got married four months back and you're treating me like a piece of garbage now. Hafsah am in pain, and i can't hold it for too long. I have only 50k with me right now."

"Write me a check, you have your check book with you."

Isma'il couldn't believe what is happening to him. Why is she changing this much?

"Get me my brief case."

He wrote the check, passed it to her and Hafsah smiled beautifully before giving in.

Hafsah is a fulani woman, married to Isma'il Adam four months back. The first three months of their marriage was beautiful, filled with love and care for each other. Until Hafsah met a friend after being enrolled in the university by Isma'il a month back. She met Kareemah, who introduced her to collecting money before satisfying her husband.

Hafsah is a type of girl who's in love with worldly materials and quickly accepted the offer. The first day she started, she asked for 50k, the second time was 100k and today was 200k!

She only ask when she's sure he's desperate, after making him want more, that's were the demands come in.

Hafsah is a tall fulani girl, cute and beautiful...with long beautiful hair and small lips. She loves her husband so much but prefer to make him suffer when collecting money. Sometimes, she do bring him potash and sway her hips in front of him like she did today, telling him to take the potash if he has no money to give her.

Women like this are terrible!



Iyawo Siyamo dusted the back of her wrapper after standing up from the dirty floor. She looked around the room and spotted the dirty bowl she used yesterday in eating Amala, dumped and dirty at the corner of the room. She picked up the bowl, pour all the content of the Amala Hasamahu just bought in the bowl without washing or rinsing it.

Hasamahu was kneeling in front of her, licking her lower lip and salivating the already hot Amala in front of her.

"Oya go and carry the bread and stop looking at me__ugly witch." Iyawo Siyamo snapped at her.

Hasamahu's eyes welled up with tears as she looked up to her step mother.

"Please, i am very hungry Ma. Just give me even if it is just one of the bread if you don't want to give me the Amala."

Iyawo Siyamo gave her a hot knock on her head and Hasamahu fell down on the floor, holding her head as tears roll down her cheeks.

"I won't give you useless girl. Hamai (Am i) your mate? See this useless girl o. Common carry the bread and commot for my sight. Nonesense."

Hasamahu stood up, picked up the tray and left without even looking back.

She strolled down the dirty street down to Jamiu's shop and knocked at the door. She stood for almost ten minutes without Jami'u coming out, so she knocked again for the second time only to see an angry Jami'u glaring at her.

"What is it you want this early morning ehen? Shey i tell you say make you no come this shop again, why are you stubborn?"

"Jami'u edanku buy this bread and give me something to eat."

"Me? I should buy bread from a dirty person like you? Why? You are always dirty that's why people don't use to buy your bread. Look at you, so dirty and this your apple like shaped body disgust me. See, carry your tray and leave before i beat you o."

Hasamahu couldn't believe what is happening to her. Is this not the same Jami'u that claim to be in love with her? The same Jami'u she gave her virginity? What is happening?

She was about to say something when another girl, almost her age mate came out of Jami'u's shop giggling as he tries to hug her. She looks cute and clean and Hasamahu could even smell her own body. So he found himself another girl that's why right?

The girl looked at her then hissed, turn towards Jami'u and kissed his big lips before leaving. Jami'u followed her steps with his gaze as he sings a song.

"Seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, bobo"
"Seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, bobo"
"Oya, shake, whine them"
"Turn and twist them"

And the girl danced to the song before blowing him a kiss. Hasamahu's heart broke into thousand pieces as she looked at them.

"Jami'u what are you doing to me? What have i done to you ehen?"

"You are very dirty and smell all the time."

"But you're also dirty and also smelling. Haaaa! Jami'u, i gave you myself o and now you're repaying me with this abi?"

"Did i force you? I say did i force you? See, if you no leave my shop now ehen, i will beat you."

Hasamahu picked up her tray, wiped her tears and left the shop. She strolled down to the high way, saw the woman she met days back and dropped the tray in front of her.

"I am ready to do it Ma. I want to join you and your crew."

The woman, who's short and plump was sitting in front of her shop. Dressed in an expensive lace, matching it with a gold necklace and earrings. She smiled widely at Hasamahu before replying her.

"First, we need to change your look. And welcome to the gang, you can call me Toyin tomato."

A new life for Hasamahu, filled with risk. What is she up to? Let's wait and see.



Hajiya Nana sat on a couch beside her husband who was busy talking to Fatima about the new shopping mall he's opening next week.

"Alhaji, i think we should marry this girl off.

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. She's twenty four and has so many suitors."

"What the fuck are you talking about mom? Oh please, I'm just twenty four and you are here talking 'bout getting me married? Are you even serious. Come on Dad, tell her to drop bullshits like that." Fatimah flared angrily.

Hajiya Nana stood up and walked over to her, raising her hand to slap her, Alhaji quickly held her hand before shoving her back, standing between the two of them.

"What sort of nonsense is this Hajiya? Why do you like disturbing her peace. She's just twenty four and you want to start talking about her getting married."

"So you're not even bothered about how she just replied me, it's me you are trying to lobby right? I won't give birth to a daughter who will speak to me the way she wants, i won't tolerate such things!"

"Oh come on mom. I am twenty four and have the right to say whatever it is i wanna say. You aren't gonna be the one to tell me how i speak, I'm gonna speak the way i want to!"

Hajiya Nana quickly shoved Alhaji aside and gave Fatima a slap, she made her way to add another slap when a resounding slap landed on her face too.

"Yoo pappy. That's why i love you mehn.....wwoohhh! Momma you're gonna be in deep shit by the time i get back." Fatimah said, trying to leave the sitting room after seeing her dad slap her mom back. She was almost out of the room when someone bounced in, a Nigga, dressed in tight trouser and a singlet___a necklace around his neck and an earring on his right ear. He bounced in and Fatimah shouted before giving him a bone crushing hug.

"Yoo Niggs. What's up? How did you get here?"

"I came in yesterday babe. How have you been? You look sexy babe and am already drooling."

"Subhannallah....Alhaji what is this happening?" Hajiya Nana asked shocked, totally forgetting that he slapped her just now because of their daughter.

"Darling who's this?" 

"Ohh, This is Kamil pappy, my friend from America, Kamil__These are my parents."

"Yoo, what's up niggs" he said, making his way over to her dad and giving him a side hug before approaching her mom.

"Don't come any closer boy" she said quickly through gritted teeth.

She looked at her husband angrily and said...."You'll reap what you sow Alhaji, trust me."


Boring chapter
Just manage like that biko, but tell me how was it?
Boring abi?

Okay! Those are the only characters in this book. I don't know why you're all saying it's confusing when i indicate every state. 

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  • olynelly picture
    Alkali. Longest time. I've even forgotten the story. Now you've reminded me , hope you are not going to make me forget. Three episodes every from now. Kowai.
  • Olaleye Adedamola picture
    Olaleye Adedamola
    Nice job, your story is delay too much that is why will don't understand it every well bcoz for too much character that their.. Next episode pls
  • Murjanatu Alkali picture
    Murjanatu Alkali
    Oly! The story was off the site all these while that's why i didn't update. You guys were complaining of the characters that's why i stopped it. But its now back!
  • Polyne Onchari picture
    Polyne Onchari
    I need more of this story,, I don't get why people say its confusing
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