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Her wide luscious lips spread apart with a smile, giving her full attention to the phone, Zara looked at the image displayed on her phone and also which happens to be her wallpaper.

Its a picture of a man, smiling beautifully as his dimpled cheek looped. His face was shaved neatly as his side burns lay comfortably on his face . His pointed nose stood firm on his face as his eyes were behind a dark shade. He was dressed in a blue Caftaan and a cap zanna bukar, but that wasn't able to hide his beautiful fulani hair. That was Kabir Isma'eel.

Zara smiled again as she dialed his number, making sure that her sleeping husband was in a deep slumber before she hooped out of bed, left the room quietly and close the door behind the guest room after she went in.

"Habibii" she whispered slowly.

"Habibatee. How are you? Been trying to call you since morning but couldn't get through. You were also not online."

Zara closed her eyes, enjoying the burning sensation building up in her, just listening to his deep and husky voice send shivers down her spine, Oh lord! How she so much love this guy.

"Am so sorry Habibi, you know i told you Mama travelled right? She came back this morning and i had a lot to do, couple with the power holding company and their wahala, i thought you were already asleep."

"I couldn't sleep Habibatee, how could i even bring my self to sleep when I've not heard from you throughout? This is one of the reasons i regret not knowing your house, but you'll have to send me your address this time around to avoid things like this."

Zara's heart missed a beat. Her address? How could she possibly tell this man she's already a married woman? How could she let anything separate this beautiful bound they are sharing? No, she won't let that happen...she'll have to talk to Ishertuh as soon as possible.

"Arrmm..Habibi, i need to go, it's late already and i don't want Mama to catch me here talking to you at this late hour

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. I love you so very much Habibi."

"I love you more and more Habibatee. Am gonna see you tomorrow right?"

"Yeah. Let's meet at our usual place, Good night" she quickly ended the call when she heard a sound. Was that a sound or was that her imagination?

She quickly left the guest room and went to the kitchen, hiding her phone in the pocket of her PJs. She opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water before turning to look for a cup, only for her to bump into a strong and hard frame. She loosed her balance and almost fell down but two strong arms grabbed her.

"Easy miss scary, it's just me. I woke up to an empty bed that's why i decided to check on you. Thirsty?"

" Darling. Just wanted to grab a bottle of water" Zara stuttered.

Nasir studied her face closely before looking straight into her eyes.

"Hey, are you okay? You're shaking all over."

"N...i...I'm fine darling, it's just that you scared me that's why."

"Oh, my bad. Am so sorry Wifey, come on, let's go back to know i missed you" Nasir said, nuzzling his nose on her hair. "Your hair smell so nice, God, i missed you so much."

"I missed you more. Let's go" she spoke up dropping the bottle she picked up on the kitchen island. She smiled as Nasir picked her up and walked to their bedroom.




"Indo! Just to dab powder and some kohl is taking you up to thirty minutes abi? Do you want him to get angry and leave?" Inna Yasmeen bellowed from the courtyard.

"I'm coming Inna, was just trying to tie my head gear" replied Indo.

Inna Yasmeed hissed before you going back to eating her tuwon masara miyan kuka. Shoving handful of the tuwo one after the other before even swallowing the other.

Indo (Ayshatu_Gamaa) came out of their room, dressed in a red ankara with touches of yellow. The skirt and blouse were so tight that one could think they'll tear if she make any unnecessary move. Her face was painted in a very heavy make up with fake lashes and lenses. A full drawn brow was carved on her almost empty brow while her thin lips were adorned with red lipstick. She draped a very small veil on her shoulder and wore a very high hilled shoe.

"How do i look Inna?" she asked her mother, turning in circles for her mom to have a good look on her.

"Beautiful Indo, so very beautiful. Make sure you strip him naked of all the money he came along with. May Allah bless you."

"Amiin Inna" Indo replied and walked out. 

A car was parked at the far corner of their house, which was very dark. But that didn't bother Indo as she cat-walked over to were he was sitting down on top of his car.

The fat, pot bellied Alhaji smiled widely when he saw her approaching him. He quickly got down from his car and crossed his hands on his chest.

Indo stood in front of him, chewing her gum like a prostitute.

"Gimbiya(Queen) Indo, You look so beautiful My queen" he said smiling, his yellow teeth visible.

"I know" Indo replied, still chewing her gum "what do you have for me?"

"Oh, get into the car first Indo, i feel like eating you up."

Indo smiled mischievously before getting into the car. Alhaji Haruna got in and sat beside her, holding her soft hands in his and rubbing them gently.

"You smell so nice Indo, and you look lovely....what's the secret?"

"Your love Alhajina" Indo replied, putting one of her hands on the side of his face. Alhaji Haruna grabbed the hand and place a soft kiss on it.

"I rushed here to see you because am traveling to Dubai this night. I'm going to miss you Dolly. Here" he dropped two bundles of one thousand naira notes on her laps "Manage this before i get back. I've also bought you that gold Necklace you told me about yesterday, its inside that bag pack plus the lace. I hope I'm free to go?"

Indo kissed his forehead slowly before moving back and removing her veil.

"Do you like this new style i sewed?" She asked batting her fake lashes.

"Oh yes My Love, you look amazing. Dole in biya kudin kwalliya."

Indo smiled as he dropped another bundle on her laps. "Thank you Alhajina, i have to get back before Baba comes back."

"Sure My love. Can i please get a kiss?"

"You bet."

And she kissed him, the pot bellied Alhaji with Yellow teeth.

Inna Yasmeen adjusted her seating position looking at all the things Indo was bringing out of the bag pack she came back with.

"You'll be giving me your old gold right?" She asked wiping her mouth with the edge of her wrapper. Inna Yasmeen is a fat woman, with medium sized eyes and big lips. She's a very dirty woman and only look clean and decent when going out. Inna Yasmeen can spend two days without taking her bath.

"Yes Inna. Have you spoke to Addah Saratu?"

"Yes, she called while you're out. She's coming back tomorrow."

"Ahh, lallai su Addah, they've spent almost a week in canada o."

"Yes fa. And Malam still believed she's in Bauchi to do her registration".

"Ba...." She quickly swallowed her words when she heard her dad clearing his throat. Indo quickly packed all the items and shoved them into the bag pack before running off to their room.

"Ahh Malam, are you back?" Inna Yasmeen spoke up as she stood up.

Malam Habu only looked at his wife, shook his head and went into his room.

"Na you sabi o. You want me to spend the rest of my life in poverty right? Over my dead body" Inna Yasmeen mused to herself.



Hajiya Amirah adjusted her reading glasses, a bottle of coca-cola kept beside her as she read through the book 'No place like home'. Her phone which was laying beside her popped up with Notification.

"I missed you so much Hajiya, I'll be travelling to China in the next two days, care to escort me please?"

She read the message and smiled. Alhaji Yunus will never change. She sometimes wonder what he sees in a fat lady like her, with small kinky eyes and wide luscious lips, oh and yeah, her brows her full and she doesn't need any artificial makeover to make them beautiful.

"Sure Alhaji. Whatever makes you happy is what I'll do. I'll get ready for the trip."

She kept the phone beside her and continued to read her book. She was flipping through the  pages when a lady of about 18years old stepped in.

"Mama, good afternoon."

"How many times do i have to tell you to always say the proper Islamic greeting before coming into my room? What's wrong with you Fa'izah?!"

"Am so sorry Mama. But today is Ruqayyah's birthday and i really need to go." Fa'izah begged.

"You're going no where miss, and don't even think I'll change my mind on that. My decision is final!"


"Don't Mama me miss, i said you're not going! Now get out of my sight!"

Fa'izah stood up and left the room sadly. No matter what happens, she has to meet this new sugar daddy of hers.

Read " My Mistake " by the same author ( Murjanatu Alkali )

. She dialed Rukky's number and waits for her to pick up the call.

"Mama taqi fa" she said as soon as Rukky picked up the call.

"Sneak out then. Babe i don't want you to miss this new catch, he's loaded am telling you. And the good thing about all these is that he's already head over heals for you after seeing your picture. You need to come to this party girl."

"Don't worry, I'll make it to the party. What's the name of the Gara sef?"

"Alhaji Yunus, he told me he's even traveling to china in two days time. Work your charm girl and maybe you'll be the lucky girl he goes with."

"Kai, that can't be possible. You know how strict Mama is, there's no way i can travel without her knowing."

"Don't worry girl, just get chosen and we'll find a way out."

"Thanks girly. Bye, lemme get ready."


Hajiya Amirah stepped into her children's room, her car keys dangling in her hands.

"Girls" she called.

"Yes Mama" both Fa'izah and Aminah answered.

"I'm going out, don't wait for me because am going to come back late."

"Bye Mama." Aminah said drawing her quilt over her body and turning her head to the opposite direction.

"You girls should take care." And with that, she walked out.

The girls waited to almost thirty minutes before they stood up quickly, both getting ready in haste as they have different appointments to attend.

Aminah likes to gossip a lot, but she never chase guys around. Leave her to taking drugs and lying to her friends about how rich they are. Amina didn't only stop there, she is also a thief who steals from her mom and friends to keep up with the fake life.

Fa'izah on the other hand is just like her mother. But this time around, both the two are chasing the same man without knowing!


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With love

20 Scholarships for African Students 2021-2022 (Apply Now)

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