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Zara quickly hide the picture she was holding in her clothes when she heard footsteps approaching her room. It was a picture of her and Kabir, smiling widely at the camera as he feed her ice cream. She cherish that picture, and no matter what happens she is not gonna loose it.

Nasir appeared in the room fully dressed. He was holding his traveling bag in one hand while the other held his keys . Smiling at Zara, he approached her in long strides and stood beside her by the wardrobe.

"Am so sorry, whatever it is you are thinking right now is not true. I love you Zara, but i really have to go. This is my job, as a soldier i have to serve my country. It is not what i wanted, but you said you don't want to go to benin with me. Zara ya kike so nayi toh? (What do you want me to do?)."

Zara sniffed back, turning her back to him "Just go Nasir, you have nothing more to say to me. You chose your work over me, I'll try to get used to it don't worry. Have a safe flight" and and she turned to leave, but Nasir quickly grabbed her hand and tug her to his side, dropping the bag in his hand and hugging her.

"I am sorry, i know you don't understand my pain too, am sorry__am so sorry."

She closed her eyes, wanting him to just leave before the time she and Kabir are going to meet. She don't want to be late, don't want to rise any suspicion from Kabir

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. These days, he has been pestering to know her house, how could she let him know she's married and then loose him?

All what she was doing right now were fake. She didn't care if he is traveling, she wants him to even travel so she can have free time with her lover.

She faked a smile, putting her right hand on his cheek and kissed his forehead. "See, am not angry Darling, trust me. I understand your work and in shaa Allah i will be as supportive as you want me to be."

"Thank you love. I love you so much."

She smiled too, forced the words out of her mouth and said the same "I love you too."

Now, she's very sure what she feels for Kabir exceeds what she feels for her legal husband. She knows quiet well she is betraying him by telling him she loves him when someone has already stolen her heart. And as soon as he left, Zara jumped in happiness.

"Kabir, here i come" she mused.

Zara is a beautiful woman, married to a soldier who does nothing but take care of her and appreciates her all the time, they got married out of love and after two years of courtship. But that didn't stop Zara from meeting someone on social media and hooked up a relationship with him.

She has an account on Instagram, posts her pictures even thou she is married, videos of herself dancing and singing songs. That caught Kabir's attention and he slid into her dm to shoot his shot.

Zara fell in love with him in no time, agreed to meeting him and that was were everything started. She has never gave him the impression that she is married, and after telling her best friend Ishertuh about it, she advised her to keep up with her relationship and forget her husband. And that's exactly what Zara is doing.

Dressed in a blue ankara with touches of yellow, she draped a yellow veil on her head which was very small, put on a black shade and a high hilled yellow shoe. Strapping her gucci bag on her shoulders, she stepped out into the burning sun and got into the car.

She spotted him, standing by his car. His right foot crossed across his left foot while his car keys dangle in his hand.

He was clad in brown caftaan. His head free from any cap as his black beautiful hair stood out, glistering under the sun.

Zara walked over to him and his face suddenly broke into a grin.

"Habeebatie" he chided as soon as she stood beside him "Lord, you want to cease my breath right? You look amazing sweetheart."

Zara smiled, her heart swelling with an unwavering feeling towards him.

"You look more handsome with each passing day, and i know i am lucky to have you all to myself."

"Zara i love you, promise you won't break my heart, I can't take it."

Fear suddenly gripped her. What if he gets to know she is already married?

"It's high time i meet your parents and we finalize everything Zara. Am getting tired of all these meetings like this. We need to move forward, i really want us to move forward."

Lord, why is he stubborn! 

"Can we sit down first?" And they moved to their favorite spot. She quickly ducked her head down and tears started rushing out. Kabir saw the tears and his heart twitched in pain. Could he be the reason she is crying?

"I just don't know why you still don't trust me" she began, rising her head and looking at him; tears still rolling "Believe me, am still trying to make dad understand am ready to get married now and that I've found someone i know loves me more than i do. Kabir, i was heartbroken years back when i was still in school and it took me almost a year to adjust, that's why my dad is scared of relationships and wants the best for me. I'll talk to him again, or better yet give you his contact."

"No, you don't have to. I believe you Zara, am just getting impatient."

"We'll make things work in shaa Allah." As she said those words, she was typing quickly on her phone.

"We are in deep shit Ishertuh, we need to act fast."

"I love you future wife" he said, squeezing her two hands in his before placing a chaste kiss on them.

She closed her eyes, feeling the tingling sensation burning at the pit of her stomach and smiled.

"I love you too" and this time, she was sure she said it with all of her heart.



Saratu stepped out of their room in a skinny jean trouser and a white vest. The back of her head looked like a bush as she did what is now called 'Acuci maza'. Inna Yasmeen was seating by the fire side, using her dirty wrapper to put down the hot pot.

"Iko sai Allah, kowa ya ganki saiya barki. Yarinya mai farin jini mai kyaun fuska. Kina rikita samari ina samiki albarka ina binki da gas. Saratuwalle me idanu wal wal masu hasko mata nairori, I can see you are already dressed. where are you going?"

Saratu gave her mom a pointed look while Inna Yasmeen kept grinning like a loon making her yellow faded teeth which eating kola nuts has turned them kinda yellowish and brownish.... To cut it short, Inna Yasmeen never brushes her teeth. She only use water to every morning and eat what comes her way, but most times she just eat without even using the water to rinse it.

"When did i start telling you where am going Inna? I only tell you that when am leaving the country not when am within it. Please learn to mind your business."

"Toh toh toh yar so soryy. Can i get something from you?"

Saratu hissed "Kai Inna! When will you ever be satisfied with money? I give you money everyday and yet you still ask. Here" she shoved five thousand naira to her mom's face and made her way out "Sweep that room before i come back cuz Indo can't make the bed right."

"Don't worry yar albarka" she yelled after her "I will arrange everything before you come back. Please buy me that cold white thing that looks like man shanu (ice-cream)"


Inna Yasmeen quickly put the money inside her dirty brazier, the brazier was initially white but now has turned to chocolate brown before quickly wiping her hand on her wrapper and walked into the children's room to a sleeping Indo. She gave Indo a slap on her back and shouted.

"Dan ubanki won't you wake up? Your sister has already left this house to look for money while you are here sleeping right?"

Indo yawned, stretching her hand as she stood up "Inna can't i rest a little bit?" She finally spoke eyeing her mom.

"No, get ready. I thought you said Alhaji is back, go to his guest house and pay him a visit. That's how it is done, and he'll give you all those things he has bought. Make sure you dress in alluring outfit o, and catwalk over to him like this" Inna yasmeen started walking, shaking her almost flat things and flinging her hands like a butterfly "you see how I'm walking right? That's how you'll do it. Get up quickly."

Indo hissed before making her way Into the bathroom. She took a quick shower and came out. Rubbing her 'caro white cream' which is why she has two colors. Her face is fair, while her hands, fingers, and legs are dark like Inna Yasmeen's face. To cut it short, Indo bleach her face.

She got dressed in a green sleeveless gown and dabbed some make up before meeting Inna by the courtyard.

"Inna am ready"

Inna looked at her from head to toe and smiled "Ahh, see how you look beautiful.

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. Don't go easy on him Indo, collect anything you can and don't deny him anything he wants from you kinji."

"Done Inna. Bye."



Amirah stood up from the bed lazily, looking at the sleeping figure beside her, she smiled...knowing that she has already gotten the contract she wanted.

The original plan was that she'll meet Alhaji Yunus, but after bumping into Alhaji Iliya, Amirah dumped the idea of meeting Alhaji Yunus and ended up with Alhaji Iliya, which made things easier for Fa'izah as she meet him and he treated her like a queen.

She tapped on her phone and dialed Fa'izah's number, but it was switched off. She then dialed Aminah's number and it went through.

"Where is Fa'izah?" was the first question she asked her second daughter.

"She is having migraine mummy" Amina lied. She knows quiet well what her sister does and she always cover up for her cause Fa'izah always gives her a little something too. Fa'izag didn't sleep at home the previous night, and is still not back till now.

"Can't she talk?"

"Yes Mummy. She just took some drugs and right now she's asleep."

"Okay, tell her i won't be coming back today, I'll be out of the country for a week. You girls should take care of yourselves please, Okay?"

Amina literally jumped up in happiness "We are going to miss you Mummy."

"I will miss you too. Bye." She ended the call when she saw Alhaji looking at her.

She cat walked over to him, her fat body swaying from side to side as a sheepish grin welcomed her face. Her small kinky eyes glistered with lust.

She sat beside him, cupped his face and kissed him without him brushing his teeth.

"Good morning baby" Amirah whispered. Baby? She just called a big fat man, with three wives and twenty seven children baby!

"Morning beautiful" he replied, kissing her again, and Amirah melted in his embrace.

Amina jumped up happily as she finished conversing with her mom.

"Clubbing, here i come!" She yelled before dialing fa'izah's other secret number.

"Sis, you can go ahead and chill all you want. Mummy is out of the country."

"Really?" One could hear how happy fa'iza sounded.

"Yes o, we are gonna rock this week!"

"You bet baby sis."

"And hey, don't forget you are giving me something o."

"I won't, trust me."

"I lied to mum that you are sick, so if she calls, know what to tell her."

"Thanks sis, i owe you one."

Update don land, shower it with love biko(Please)🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽.

20 Scholarships for African Students 2021-2022 (Apply Now)

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