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The room held an awful smell due to how dirty it was. Plates were piled up in a corner of the room and some already have fungi on them, some plates contain remnants of amala and some soup which is already dry. At another corner of the room, dirty clothes were dumped, smelly dirty clothes, while Iyawo Siyamo sat in the middle of the room, a tray of bread in front of her as she busily arrange them.

She was wearing a traditional outfit, big wrapper and her buba which were originally white in color but now turned to brown. Her hair was open and one can quickly point out the amount of dandruff and lice on her hair . She scratched her head, pounding loudly on the middle and muttering a curse under her breath.

"Ah ahn...Ẽṣe ti koṣe yii yoo fi irun mi silẹ? Mtsswww" (Ah ahn, why won't this lice leave me?).

She's a very tall woman, not fat thou, but looks as strong as a man. Her face is oval shaped, with tribal marks on both side of her face, a very very short nose and very big lips. Iyawo Siyamo is a very wicked woman  very abusive and had already earned a degree in being the most ruthless and stubborn woman in their compound. She fights with everyone that stands her way especially if it's concerning money.

"Hasamahu (Asma'u)" she called out, but no one replied

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. "Hasamahu oo! Were are you; you this stupid girl."

"Maa" Hasamhu replied running into the room.

"Shey I'm now your mate abi? Because you have grown and now you have what i have you think you are same level with me abi?"

"No Ma, hiyam(I'm) sorry please."

"Will you shut up miss, sorry for yourself. Oya come and carry this bread and get out of my sight."

"But i told you i woke up with an upset stomach today Ma"

"Is that my problem? I say is that my problem? gbe burẹdi yii ki o si jade kuro ni oju mi ​​padanu (carry this bread and get out of my sight miss)."

Hasamahu wiped her tears with the back of her hand, picked up the tray and walked out of the room. If only, if only her mom is still alive, then maybe non of this would have been happening to her.

Hasamahu is a tall and chubby girl, with small eyes, short nicker nose, cute lips and an almost empty brow. Her cheeks are fat and fluffy like puff-puff. Her Apple shaped like body swayed from one side to the other as she walk.

Strolling down the dirty street, Hasamahu has only one thought on her mind, she either sell the bread or face the wrath of Iyawo Siyamo. But why face her wrath when she has Jamiu? Her only problem with him is that, he touch her before he gives her money. But does she have any other choice? Iyawo never feeds her nor take care of her need, as an 18year old girl, she has needs but non were attended to by Iyawo.

Standing beside the mechanic shop, she peeped her head inside and called "Jamiu, jamiu."

A plump dirty man, with flat fat nose and small eyes popped his head up when he heard her voice. His face quickly broke into a grin as his three missing teeth stood out in front of his mouth.

"Hasamahu my sweetheart, gudumorni o (Good morning). You look fresh this morning o" as he was saying the word, he was licking his lower lip.

"Are you buying the bread?"

"That one na compulsory na, you know say i don't want you to suffer. Come inside and rest, I'll buy all the bread my love."

Hasamahu scoffed, life is really really funny, she ought to be in school now, instead...she's out here selling bread while a very dirty-smelly guy touch her.

"Just buy it if you're buying, i need to get home early Cause am really sick today."

Jamiu smiled before replying "Ahh, i have medicine for every sickness o, just say the word. You know say i miss you na, just let me do it again...and I'll give you lots of money."

"You sure say e no go pain me like the first time?" She asked, pouting her lips.

"Ahh, no o. That one sef na because it's the first time o, this time e no go pain you at all. In fact, I'll buy you roasted chicken today.

Hasamahu's face broke into a grin, she couldn't contain her joy. "A chicken? Ahh, baby i love you. Let's go."

Hasamahu is an orphan, Iyawo Siyamo happens to be her step mother while Jamiu had been her boyfriend for two years. She dropped out from school in J.S.S two at the age of fourteen. 

Jamiu uses Hasamahu to satisfy his lustful desires, even thou it happened only once but he still touch her, he in turn will give her money to feed herself and other necessities.



Fatimah adjusted the belt of the blue faded jean she was wearing, drawing the white vest she was wearing down her knees, Fatimah draped a while small veil on her head, a big chain necklace on her neck, her nose was also pierced and a golden stone was adorned on it. Her round chubby face, with medium sized eyes, full luscious lips and fluffy nose. Fatimah loves make up, which is why her face was adorned with a very heavy make up. A white high hilled shoe strapped around her leg while she carried her Gucci bag in her hand.

Read " My Priceless Jewel " by the same author ( Murjanatu Alkali )

. Looking at the full lengthy mirror in front of her, Fatimah smiled, satisfied at how she looked, all her curves and edges showing. Fatimah, the girl with figure eight!

Stepping down the curvy steps of their home, she chewed the gum in her mouth as she tap on her phone.

"Intee Mama!" she chirped in as the girl from the other side picked the call.

"Yoo, whats up Baibii."

"Fine girly. Hope you're ready?" Fatima asked.

"Of course, make it snappy before we loose this new catch."

"You bet i will" Fatimah replied before ending the call. Stepping into the living room, she saw her parents and her elder brother sitting on the dining table taking their dinner.

"Yooo, What's up popsy" she greeted her dad kissing him on the cheek "what's up Momma."

"Dan ubanki ni sa'arki ce? (Am i your mate?)".

"Oh come on mom, i am civilized. You don't expect me to start greeting you guys like a local girl."

"Who are you talking to like that without respect Fatima?!" Her elder brother Kamal bellowed.

"Oh please Papy, can you please tell these two to let me be?"

"You two, Nana, leave this girl alone please. Why are you all acting this way? She grew up in the states for goodness sake; you don't just expect her to act so local right now." Mr. Suraj finally spoke up.

"So because she grew up in the states that gave her the right to speak to us this way right?"

"I'm off to Husnah's birthday party dad, and i need 200k, my bag is kinda empty you know" Fatima spoke completely ignoring her mother's rants.

"Sure baby, 200k only?"

"Yeah, I'll manage that dad."

"Check my drawer and take it."

"Suraj, you are the one spoiling this girl, what's this for goodness sake?"

"So now i can't pamper the only girl i have right? Mamana get going kinji."

"Sure dad. Thank you." And she left, completely ignoring her mother's call.

"Fuck off bitch" she turned angrily, shoving her middle finger to her mom before finally leaving the room.

She drove off to the party hall, and as she stepped a foot outside her car, cheers echoed the entire place.


Fatima smiled, walking past all the people standing along the way and hugged Husnah before finally punching Inteesar.

"Yoo bitch, you look like you're gonna blow up any moment from now, come on girl, smile."

"That fucking old woman is trying to ruin my night."

"Forget her and enjoy your life girl, look..... Zac is already here and i bet he's already drooling."

Fatimah followed Inteesar's gaze towards the hunky built up guy standing few feets away from them. 

'My God, he looks so hot Intee" she said, blowing her fingers to her face.

"You're already on fire I guess."

"You bet i am bitch. I can't wait to have think he's good?"

"Of course girl. He's every girl's dream."

"Wish me luck then" she said, making her way towards Zac."

"My God're shaking those things damn well....don't go easy on him." Inteesar yelled behind her.

"I won't...and that's a promise"


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  • Fafunmi Oluwafunke Omowunmi picture
    Fafunmi Oluwafunke Omowunmi
    The story is super hot Mjay,please keep it going.
  • Popoola Elizabeth picture
    Popoola Elizabeth
    How many families,because am kinda confuses
  • Abigail Amande picture
  • Amma picture
    Too many characters. ..are you going to continue with all the scenes or what??don't actually get it
  • Abigail Edos picture
    Abigail Edos
    I'm not feeling this story at all... Its gonna be a confusing storyline... Too many characters and families and diff act and scenes at diff states (just like I mentioned in my comment in episode 1). As for me... The moment I saw Ibadan- involving a new character... I just didn't read and then I scroll downward and saw Abuja, na so I give up ooo. We have other stories here we are reading, you don't expect us to understand, remember and cram all the characters in your story alone. My opinion though. Na my mind I don talk o. No vex put.
  • Abigail Edos picture
    Abigail Edos
    Gombe, Jos, Bauchi, Ibadan and Abuja.... All carrying diff characters and families just in episode 1 and 2 alone?
  • Chiamaka Nwokeh picture
    Chiamaka Nwokeh
    Abigail, I concur with you
  • Chiamaka Nwokeh picture
    Chiamaka Nwokeh
    That's y the title of the story is today's world, it will have many character
  • Chiamaka Nwokeh picture
    Chiamaka Nwokeh
    Sorry, characters
  • Afia Boahemaah picture
    Afia Boahemaah
    The weekly episode updates coupled with many characters makes this story difficult to be grasp. .Please do something about it. .It's a nice piece though.
  • Tochi Enyinnayah picture
    Tochi Enyinnayah
    This is a nice story but weekly update won't work oo. We need yo feel this great story.....
  • Pat Osas picture
    Pat Osas
    It's kind of confusing pls too many character,nice one though
  • Murjanatu Alkali picture
    Murjanatu Alkali
    You guys are so faster than your shadows! Did you wait for the third chapter and see a new character or what? We don't just write stories and give them any title we want. We give titles based on the storyline. If you know you don't grasp it stop reading it please. Maybe it was a mistake sharing it here. As for the updates, i am a student and right now am writing my exams. Thank you!
  • lizzy pat picture
    lizzy pat
    too many characters and different states in just two episodes, the story is just too confusing, i wonder what the rest episodes has
  • Vicky Anaberry picture
    Vicky Anaberry
    Wow nice story you got here.I love your story
  • Gracious Grace picture
    Gracious Grace
    Mjay! Come on, without readers, the story is as good as your imagination and may stay just as that. People only poured out their minds and the criticism is quite constructive. I for one, like the story though it is a bit confusing. Come on, lady. I love the other story you wrote, that's why I'm reading this. And you guys too, cool it ehn. Let's just enjoy the ride. Wink
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