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Nasir looked at Zara with cold eyes. His stare burning right through her. What is wrong with his wife? Why? Just why will she even think of aborting the pregnancy they have been waiting for for so long? Is she sane? What did she mean by "I'm not yet ready to be a mother? Both of them have been praying so hard for her to be pregnant, and now that she is; she's claiming she's not ready to be a mother? Is she even okay? Where did he go wrong?

"Zara i don't get you, i don't even understand your attitude towards me this past few days. Zara why? Just why would you even think of aborting this pregnancy? The baby has its father goddammit....I'm here, alive and sound, and yet you are thinking of aborting the pregnancy? Tell me what i did that is making you this angry please" he took her hands in his and before he could show any emotion, she grabbed them back and tug them under her blue blouse . "I know I'm not a perfect husband, but I've always try to make you happy, to keep you happy all the time. Zara, i can go down on my knees and apologize, I'm not too big to beg. Please, don't do this to us."

Zara scoffed, hissed and turned her back towards him. There's no way she'll agree to keep the pregnancy and lose Kabir for some goddamn pregnancy

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. No  she won't agree to that.

"Us? Did you just say US? Hmmmn, I've already told you am not interested in this whole marriage issue anymore. I've even told you that i need my divorce paper, yet you act too stubborn. I can't keep this pregnancy and nurture it when am not in love with it nor its father Nasir. No, that's not possible."

He was shocked by her outrage. Quite alright, she has been acting weird and stubborn this days. She wouldn't cook, nor will she let him have his matrimonial rights. She speaks to him anyhow she wants, but he took it all. And after the test and the pregnancy stuff was confirmed, he believed it was harmonal changes due to the new system of life she got into. But now this? Abort his pregnancy? His baby? His own flesh and blood? Why?.

"Zara listen, i can pay you any amount you want to nurture this pregnancy, but please, please Zara don't abort it. Please" by now, tears were already filled up in his eyes. what happened to their love life? To their perfect love life? What?.

"I am not keeping this pregnancy Malam. Please just give me my divorce paper. And if you won't, prepare to see the bitter side of me!" With that, she stamped her feet on the marbled floor and left the living room. 

Nasir slumped on a couch beside him, burying his head in his hands. He quickly thought of Ishertuh. He fished out his phone and dialed his number.

"Yaya Nasir. Good morning, to what do i owe this pleasure." Ishertuh chirped in.

"Good morning Ishertuh. Is something wrong with your friend? I mean something she hasn't told anyone? Have you seen the changes in her? Ishertuh am confused right now. Tell me if there's anything i need to know please."

This is not the right time to tell you what is really going on with your wife. I'll teach her a lesson just after she aborts that pregnancy. For now, just hang on there Yaya Nasir, I'll save you...I'll get you....for myself." Ishertuh thought with a wicked smile playing on her lips.

"No yaya. I've been trying to find out but she's blocking everyone out. But don't worry, as soon as i find something out, I'll let you know Yaya."

"Thank you Ishertuh. I appreciate the care."

"You're welcome Yaya."


Zara paced her room, her two hands on her waist as she marveled at Nasir's audacity to even tell her to keep the pregnancy. Keep it? And lose Kabir? Impossible.

She loves Kabir, she loves him more than she has ever loved anyone and she won't let this stupid pregnancy ruin her plan of making Nasir divorce her so that she can marry Kabir. 

The kiss, she remembered the kiss they both shared yesterday. How intimate it was and how soft his lips were against hers. She closed her eyes, feeling that tingling sensation she felt that very moment they were sharing the kiss.

"Oh Kabir, i love you so much" she whispered....her thumb caressing her lips. The ringing of her phone brought her back from her trance. Grabbing the phone and picking it after seeing the caller I.d.

"Girl, how far?"

"The stubborn man won't let me have my way Ishertuh."

"So you're going to just sit there and wait till he let you have what you want before getting it yourself? Are you giving up already?"

"What? No. I can't and i won't give up Ishertuh. Now, what are we going to do?"

More like, what are you going to do dai miss! Ishertuh thought.

"I've already contacted a doctor who'll help us with that. Just come over when you're ready and we'll get this over with okay?"

"Okay babe. Thank you so much for always being there for me. I can't imagine life without you girl, i love you girl."

"I love you too. Bye."



The car moved slowly before finally parking in front of the house. Indo turned to her right and looked at the man beside her; Alhaji Haruna....her fat pot bellied Alhaji whom she spent the night with yesterday. Finally, she's not a virgin anymore.

"Indodo Indo na, thank you so much for yesterday Gimbiya, i enjoyed every bit of it and would've love to spend the day with you but you denied me that. Am not complaining thou" he said raising his hands up "i appreciate me being your first. Thank you....really...thanks alot, can i come pick you up in evening?"

Indo scrunched up her face in a disgusting manner. This man here took away her virginity and yet he expect her to spend another night with him? No way! She's going to spend her night with Tasiu her boyfriend, even thou Inna hates him because he's poor.

"No Alhaji, i am very tired and you know this is the first time. I need every possible rest i need. Maybe a day or two?" She asked looking at him."

"Mutuwa kenan! Haba Indo, that's not even something i can do. Tomorrow? Please?"

"Okay. Sure" she replied.

He fished an ATM card from his pocket, told her the pin before adding "You can use any amount you want Gimbiya before i get you tomorrow. Don't worry, i won't mind....really....spend any amount you want."

What? Is he even for real? She can spend any amount she wants just for spending a night with him? What will happen when she spend a week with him? A car? Or maybe a house?. Just the thought send waves of chill deep down her spine.

Not minding or remembering the fact that his yellow teeth disgust her, she kissed him.

"Thank you Alhajina. I'll call you later on when i feel okay so you can come pick me up. I think i can handle you again" she winked at him.

Tasiu will have to wait!

"No worries Indo na, go in and take a rest okay. You need it".

She hooped out of the car and walked as slowly as she can to their house like a thief.

She pipped her head to see if her dad was seating outside his room like he does everyday listening to his radio when she spotted Inna washing the wrapper she had been using for two weeks.

She tiptoed over to her after removing her high hilled shoes.

"Inna, is Baba around" she whispered as she stood beside Inna.

Inna's head snapped up as she heard her daughter's voice. A smile quickly replaced the annoying look on her face. She grabbed indo's hand and walked her to their empty room because Saratu is also not around.

"How was it? Tell me he screamed yiur name and even gave you a car as a token" Inna said as soon as the stepped into the safety of the room.

"Yes Inna, he gave me his ATM card and told me i can spend any amount i want."

"Kaji shege" Inna cursed before sitting down. "Upon all the money i spent on those 'maganin mata' and to top it all you were a virgin. Haba, just his ATM card? Maybe i should go back to Ummi Abdul and ask for stronger lakani. I heard she launched a new one called 'Lakanin Ummi Abdul me sirri', I'll get you that one later in shaa Allah. Indo, withdraw as much as you can please."

"Okay Inna. Addah Saratu said she's coming back today. Maybe i should also start following Alhaji on such trips outside the country."

"Haba, it's now you're talking Indo na. Of course yes.....don't waste your beauty and curves just like that on him alone. If someone approach you and you think he's richer than this Alhaji dump him and go for him o."

"Okay Inna. I want to have a shower and then rest."

"Go on, go ahead Indo na."

She stood up and made her way outside the room when something popped up in her brain.

"Uhhmmn....errrmmm...Inna, how is the ritual bath performed?"

Inna's eyes bulged out. That was something she never cared about nor give a damn about it. When ever she gets done with her cycle, she just pour water from her head to toe and come out, that's all.....ritual bath performed.

"How do you do it after your cycle?" She asked Indo.

"Just the way you thought me" Indo replied.

"So why asking again? Its still the same. No changes. Just pour the water from your head to toe that's all."

"Okay Inna."

Trouble dey!



Aminah tip toed into her mother's room, rummaged through her mother's bag and found a bundle of money. She picked the money and shove it into her big bulgy skirts. She strengthen the skirt and moved out, a smile playing on her lips.

Just as she was about to go into their room, she bumped into Fa'izah who just came back from her till down party.

"Rush inside and lie down. I told mom you were ill and you know how she is, she just shrugged and said i should make sure you take some pills."

The two sisters stepped into their room and closed the door behind them.

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. Fa'izah was about to reply her sister when her phone rang.

"Rukky. Whats up?"

"You home? Are you coming tonight? I promised Alhaji Sani you'll come over today, please come."

"Chill girl, you know I'll definitely come. Buy me new skinny clothes before i come over okay?"

"You got it babe. See ya."

"Bye" and she clicked off the phone. Looking at Aminah who's sulking hearing Fa'izah is going out later again. Meaning more lies to back her up again.

"What do you want this time around?" She asked Aminah.

"One of the cars you're hiding at Rukky's house."

"Deal done sis. Now smile please."


Hajiya Amirah lifted her restless fat body from the bed, still having second thoughts on doing the PT strip thing or not. But  why waste her time when all the symptoms are open to every eyes. Nausea, weight loss, swelling of her feet and so on.

But why? She had been using protection all these while. How would she even know who impregnated her when she mingles with different men all the time.

No, if she is pregnant, then she has to remove it. She took the PT strip and went into the bathroom, praying so hard that her guess is wrong.

But wasn't.....


"Oh dear! Am sorry baby, but i have to flush you out.


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