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THE QUEST (A Quest for Power)

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King: Mother, do you know her? (The king was in a midst of confusion as his mother stares at Tasha with utterly hatred in her eyes)

Dain: (Nods her head) Yes, I know her. She is the person who took me unawares and trapped me for a long time. This lady standing before us is a witch, a very cunny and dangerous one. I wonder how you opened doors for her without finding her past first.

Tasha: (Smirking) What a lovely introduction Dain . I must confess you look good too. After all I kept you in a confine place. Well enough of this chit chat Dain, you know why I am here.

Queen: You still have the nerves the  effrontery to talk back to my mother in law, are You nuts?.

Tasha: Geez too much of noise (She flip up a finger and everyone except Dani freezed, she turned back to Dani) Now that we don't have any disturbance can we continue. I asked you where did you keep that heart stone Dani, I won't repeat myself.

Dain: Are you done yet, because I am ( Dani raised her arms up and sent a ball of light towards Tasha who dodged it and sent hers back.

This continued for a while.

Tasha was so engrossed with her fight that she didn't noticed when Dona crept behind her and place a palm on her back. Tasha couldn't move no matter how hard she tried too.

Princess Shaba was holding a very unconscious Dontizu on one of her shoulders

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. She was walking without the aid of anyone, she had regain her sight.

They had fought with Dontizu and the nameless destroyers. When Shaba gave her the real stone that has been kept hidden beside her heart. With the powers unleashed in the stone, Dona saw herself in a tower, lifeless and worn out. In the middle stood a table and a book, the very size of the table itself. There was an old writing on it which says.

'Call thy wolfs name'

She saw a spelling beneath it and said it out.

When she said the name out, a bright light emulates around her, it's ray blinding her as it surrounds her.

Once her closed eyes which had closed on their own accord opened she was surprised to to see Dontizu unconscious and the nameless destroyers in wolves form all returned to humans.

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. They were once the people of Ampoka Kingdom when Queen Dani was ruling. Dontizu planned and kidnapped them then turning them into those creatures.

And the most surprising thing was when the Princess shouted she could see again.

They had hurried up towards the kingdom, Shaba carrying the unconscious Dontizu while the freed nameless destroyers were up close behind them.

Dain used a spell to unfreeze everyone that was freezed. Finally she turned to face Tasha.

Tasha: Do you really believe this is over? 

Dani: As long as you breathe it isn't over, so I am going to inflict on you what you did to me but this time no body will free you. (Turning to face her grand daughter, Shaba) Make sure she (Pointing at Dontizu on her shoulder) is kept secured till I am back. (So saying, she walked up to Tasha, placing her hands on her shoulder. They disappeared.


Dani: It's good to have back. (She turned and smiled at the lady in front of her.

Dontizu: (Smiling) Yes it is. I am sorry Dani for what I did to you.

Dani: It's okay sis, remember It was the handwork of Tasha and her father.

When Dani appeared and Tashania wasn't with her, she had wanted to cast a spell of forever sleeping when she felt something probing at Dontizu back. She pushed the cloth to one side  and saw a  black tiny stone fasten on her middle back. She grab hold of it and removed it with inhuman strength. Dontizu gave out a loud hideous shout before she passes out.

Princess Shaba: The stone makes one forget everything  about  his or her life, this stone makes Dontizu hunger for the magical stone, thus making her having wrinkles on her, the more she desires for it, the more it pour out its venom inside her.

When Dani had held it, it showed the face of her dead lover and his daughter Tasha.  They had all planned it well.

Dontizu: I know, I just keep thinking of the things I did to you, your daughter and the whole of Ampoka kingdom.

Dani: Everyone make mistakes you know, but what matters is that wr learn from it and move on with our lives.

Dontizu: I hope so Dani, I hope so.

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