The Odds Are Against Me - Episode 1

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I sat on the sofa in my sitting room; nicely decorated sitting room. Everything was in place. Funmi sat opposite me, with her face bowed down, as she sobbed slowly.

"I have suffered a lot in this relationship. He beats me whenever he wants, but when I try to match him up, he overpowers me and deals with me more", Funmi said to me. Funmi was a gainfully employed and educated lady, same as her boyfriend . She wondered why her boyfriend who was a doctor, always beat and dictate to her even with his level of education and exposure. I scoffed.

"Really? Level of education. What do you really think we were taught in the university? Basic manners and etiquette or cramming school books and pouring out in the examination?", I said to her, cackling. She raised her head up and fixated her eyes at me.

"Really? Afamefuna", she said.

"Yes, Funmi. Last I checked you studied in a Nigerian university. Did you ever see your lecturer teach male and female students basic manners and etiquettes?", I asked. She nodded "No". 

"But you didn't have to make fun of me", she said.

"But your boyfriend makes fun of you all the time and you are still stuck with him", I said rolling my eyes.

"So, my point is education doesn't amount to exposure. Reading books outside your area of specialisation does

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. And again parents training surpasses all", I said to her. She gave me a look that shows she really agrees to my assertions.

I met Funmi at the mall, after I'd gotten two items I needed and she shopped lot of items, but couldn't wheel the cart. She wanted to put some in another cart, and I requested to help her, to wheel it down the cashier front. She thanked me as she smiled. I wheeled it down the cashier and paid for mine. She paid hers. After she was done, she wanted to call on the errand boy to help her carry some of the items down to her car, I requested she shouldn't worry as I helped her. After we were done putting everything inside the boot of her car, she wanted to offer me a ride, but I thanked her pointing at my car. I worked as a Human resources manager and she was an accountant in a firm after we did some introductions. She had that killing smile. I offered my card, she called after a week and we hung out. We became acquaintance after several chats on whatsapp and she started confiding in me after she found out I champion equality. We saw movies together. I chatted her up at late nights and her boyfriend started thinking she was having an affair. He never met me.

"But why haven't you left him?. Your consistent whining are becoming annoying. I don't take your type of girls seriously", I said, while standing as I removed my face from her view.

"You don't take me serious?", she asked with a beaming smile filled with rage and mixed laughter. Funmi was light skinned with a glowing skin that she could pass as a face model. Her smile always sends goosebumps down my spine.

"See, you need to make your decision. What's so special about him?. You only love him and that's normal. Get a grip of yourself and make your decision. By the way, I won't help you break up with him. Do whatever you like", I said and walked to the dining table, then diverted to the kitchen, and brought out a glass cup and poured a cupful of chilled water before I gulped it down my throat. I peered through the door.

"You care for a glass?", I asked.

"No. I'm off home", she said.

"What about a hug?", I said and made a face. She laughed. She came closer and hugged me as I plastered a peck on her cheeks. She opened the door, and I bade her goodbye; she reciprocated. I opened the door, and peeped through the louvres up from the story building I lived in, I heard the sound of her car ignition, she zoomed off immediately as the gateman opened the gate for her. I stared at her car with my mouth open, waving at her, even though she wasn't looking.
I quickly got myself when I noticed the gateman was staring at me smiling. I scratched my head, headed to the dining table and opened my laptop that laid stilly on the utable. I clicked on few buttons, and then to my Facebook homepage. I scrolled down, then refreshed my page and a message popped up.

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. The name looked weird. It looked more like a redesigned native name in a flashy way making it longer. Who gives his or her child this type of name, I said to myself. The page took time to load due to fluctuating network.

"Hey, Sir. You look cute. I like you" I read. I clicked the profile. She looked like a sixteen year old girl. Her pictures were blurry. Seemed like it was taken with a low quality camera. 

"Urghhh", I smirked, shut down the laptop and closed it. I walked into the bathroom, took my shower and laid in my bed.
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