The Odds Are Against Me - Episode 3

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"I had a girlfriend, but the relationship is over. Our thoughts didn't align; it was an irreconcilable difference. I don't waste time when I'm not compatible with someone. Maybe you should be doing same", I said.

"But I did that too", she replied.

"Oh well", I said and rolled my eyes. We both laughed . We were done eating, she held my hand and dragged me up. We left for her house. When we got there, she hugged me and gripped me tightly. She stared into my eyes, I did the same but removed my eyes in less than a minute of the staring. I freed myself from her grip, bade her goodbye, entered my car and the gateman opened the gate as I drove out. Before I left the compound, I peeped through the rear mirror, she was smiling sheepishly. I shook my head.

I got to my house, all that was in my head was funmi. This can't be happening to me, I said and shook my head. She can't be all I am thinking. My phone beeped, it was a whatsapp message. I sluggishly unlocked my phone to check. It was her; Funmi. She sent a Hi, I replied Hello. The blue tick had already registered after few minutes showing she had read it but she didn't reply back. I ignored too. I staggered to the dining area, sat on the chair and placed my laptop on the table, trying to work on some unfinished files and other things required for work on Monday

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. After I was done, I was feeling bored and decided to message her again. I picked up my phone, and tapped my keypad repeatedly.

"Hello, what about I take you to church tomorrow?", I asked.

"Yass!", she replied with dancing emoticons.

"Last I checked you are Catholic, I hope I won't be bored", she sent.

"Catholic isn't boring. We don't dance too much like you all do in your denominations. That's why you are saying so", I sent to her with a laughing emoticon. She sent it back too, and I laughed. I told her the time my sunday mass starts; 10:00AM. We continued chatting on other things before I slept off. 

The next day, she strutted into my house by 8:00AM. I welcomed her but I was shocked. I haven't started getting ready and she was already here. I looked at her once more with shock.

"How far nau?", I asked.

"Abeg, I'm bored. I need a love life. I haven't been sleeping well these days", she said.

"Oh, I see", I said with a towel tied around my waist while holding a toothbrush. I was done in thirty minutes time with some stuffs, before I started bathing, doing other things, and finally getting dressed. I got ready so quick and when we checked time, it was 9:05AM.

"You see, there is still much time ahead and you were rushing me", I said.

"What about we attend my church. It started by 9:00AM already? I can't wait here anymore", she said. I hesitated before I agreed. We got to church and the nicely dressed ushers, took us to a seat, where we sat down. Before that, the greeters at the entrance welcomed us with claps and "thank you for coming". I was wowed by the exhibition.

While Pastor was preaching, my eyes caught up with Raymond where he sat. I smiled at him, but he didn't reciprocate, I smiled again and stared at Funmi. I looked at him once more and laughed.

During the end of service, I stood when the newcomers were told to stand for welcoming, and when people were asked to welcome us, he came to me and shook me.

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. I gave him a smile, and he smiled back. After the church had ended, I was outside the church compound, waiting for Funmi who was having conversations with her Pastor. Raymond approached me.

"Hey, man, how far?", he said.

"I dey", I said, smiled and winked.

"You look nicely dressed. That costs much. How much are you extorting from Funmi?", he asked with a smile. Oh, he can smile this much, I said in my mind.

"Really?", I laughed so hard.

"Are you a graduate? I can offer you a job just for you to leave my girlfriend alone", he said.

"Uhm, last I checked, she said you are her EX, and again we are not dating", I said while laughing, then dipped my hand inside my pocket and offered him my card.

"I could be of help to you one day", I said. He looked at me with so much scorn. Funmi, came outside, saw him and removed her face immediately. I tried to worsen his scorn. 

"Hey, dear", I said as Funmi came closer, I hugged and pecked her. We entered the car and zoomed off. she drove since it was her car, and she brought it to my house before we left for church.
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