Resuscitated Hope

  • Romance Story
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This story is based on a Young successful Igbo business man, Emeka who against tribalism that bedevilled the society in the 80's after the civil war, got married to a Yoruba Lady.
She was hated by the family and relatives but that didn't deter the love he had for her.
Emeka later died in a ghastly motor accident and left her with their two children, Ifeoma and Emeka(jnr).
This story is centered around twenty century Nigerian culture when the law to protect women with properties wasn't taken serious, she suffered after everything was taken from her.
Ifeoma is the main character of this story, as she journeys to resuscitates her hope..
Rough life in Lagos in the 80's, the ups and down from the 20th century and becoming a woman she had craved for in 21st century.

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