Resuscitated Hope

This story is based on a Young successful Igbo business man, Emeka who against tribalism that bedevilled the society in the 80's after the civil war, got married to a Yoruba Lady.
She was hated by the family and relatives but that didn't deter the love he had for her.
Emeka later died in a ghastly motor accident and left her with their two children, Ifeoma and Emeka(jnr).
This story is centered around twenty century Nigerian culture when the law to protect women with properties wasn't taken serious, she suffered after everything was taken from her.
Ifeoma is the main character of this story, as she journeys to resuscitates her hope..
Rough life in Lagos in the 80's, the ups and down from the 20th century and becoming a woman she had craved for in 21st century.

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    • Resuscitated Hope - Episode 1

    • ©Obinna Tony-Francis Ochem I'm writing from 70's perspective till date.. Emeka left his hometown under the appren...
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    • Resuscitated Hope - Episode 2

    • Emeka was sitting on a plastic white chair outside his shop as he and his friends played draft, laughed and chattered away in their Igbo dialect, while their servants looked out fo...
      • Views (2,643)
      • Comments (33)
    • Resuscitated Hope - Episode 3

    • He entered his room with Yewande while they arranged their luggage's. There room had been cleaned and arranged in anticipation of their arrival. Just then, there was ...
      • Views (2,457)
      • Comments (29)
    • Resuscitated Hope - Episode 4

    • Emeka was back to his business and just a month away, his servant siphoned huge amount of money. Emeka sent him packing to his parents and forgo having a servant as a sho...
      • Views (2,421)
      • Comments (19)
    • Resuscitated Hope - Episode 5

    •   It was forty days, and after the church Thanksgiving, there was a naming ceremony as it is done in the Igbo culture. Friends came, wined and dined as they c...
      • Views (2,367)
      • Comments (20)
    • Resuscitated Hope - Episode 6

    • Yewande quickly stood but almost fell, as she was feeling dizzy. "Who is there?", she said as she held the door lock and opened it. It was Dozie and Chin...
      • Views (2,281)
      • Comments (22)
    • Resuscitated Hope - Episode 7

    • From afar, Yewande father could recognise Yewande coming closer but he wasn't so sure. He needed a confirmation. "Who is that coming from afar", he asked Iy...
      • Views (2,242)
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    • Resuscitated Hope - Episode 8

    • Yewande bent over to pick the white paper dropped to her by the rude guy. She opened it gently, it was a long notice and she wasn't ready to read all. She skimmed thr...
      • Views (2,343)
      • Comments (19)
    • Resuscitated Hope - Episode 9

    • So early in the morning, Yewande left the uncompleted building with ifeoma, in order for them to avoid story that touch. She had a substantial amount of money which would...
      • Views (2,321)
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    • Resuscitated Hope - Episode 10

    • A bus conveying sizeable number of crusaders failed brake and diverted to Yewande shop, crushing her and five customers who were eating. It tumbled twice and all the pass...
      • Views (3,052)
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    • Resuscitated Hope - Episode 11

    • Life wasn't easy staying with Mama Bola. Her children were of age, but Ifeoma did basically everything. They turned her to a house girl, while Bola and Bose were...
      • Views (2,627)
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    • Resuscitated Hope - Episode 12

    • Ifeoma continued to study hard against all odds, so she would ace her Senior secondary school mock examinations and West African Senior Secondary school certificate examination....
      • Views (2,777)
      • Comments (13)
    • Resuscitated Hope - Episode 13

    • "Oh well", Mrs Abayomi sighed. "Your child is brilliant", Mrs Abayomi said. The woman interrupted, "I know". It was so quick, as...
      • Views (2,708)
      • Comments (27)
    • Resuscitated Hope - Episode 14

    • May 1997 Ifeoma sat for her West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examinations with the aid of the Government who always intervened on public sch...
      • Views (2,626)
      • Comments (11)
    • Resuscitated Hope - Episode 15

    • "What's the problem?", the oga asked. "These girls bought a scratch card, gave me their details to log in for them and they are claiming it was wr...
      • Views (2,749)
      • Comments (11)
    • Resuscitated Hope - Episode 16

    • Ifeoma was seriously worried and after several attempts in begging Mama Bola to help her with JAMB form fee to no avail. Rather, she turned her to a house girl that ...
      • Views (2,408)
      • Comments (9)
    • Resuscitated Hope - Episode 17

    • Ifeoma registered for jamb and started preparations for it. She read overnight and slept during the day when the kids had gone to school after she was done with litt...
      • Views (2,089)
      • Comments (28)
    • Resuscitated Hope - Episode 18

    • Ifeoma resumed school under the scholarship of Minister Adeleke Ajayi. She made a vow not to disappoint those that believed in her. First day, week and month at sc...
      • Views (2,153)
      • Comments (14)
    • Resuscitated Hope - Episode 19

    • Ifeoma's visa and other necessary documents were done. She moved to America to start her scholarship master degree. She was to live in a well furnished ap...
      • Views (2,525)
      • Comments (12)
    • Resuscitated Hope - Episode 20

    • Ifeoma was back to Nigeria after she had completed her course of study in America. She was given a grand entrance by the Nigerians at the airport. President O...
      • Views (2,331)
      • Comments (11)
    • Resuscitated Hope - Episode 21

    • It was a happy reunion. Mama apologised for all her wrongdoing and Ifeoma forgave her. *2017* Ifeoma was to deliver a lecture for Queen's College gra...
      • Views (2,645)
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