The Missionary's Journey - Episode 22

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Two months later, the residents of the Onyimadu household packed their belongings as they prepared to move back to the city. They were being transferred to another branch in Lagos. Gabriel was finally going to see his friends again. His heart bubbled with excitement as he packed his load into the truck. He glanced at the necklace Ifeyinwa gave him. Ifeyinwa was taken in by the church, baptised and accepted into the church’s home for orphans
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. He was able to call her and see her during weekends. His father injuries were treated at the local hospital and he was almost fully healed. His mother slowly became herself again after six weeks since the incident that befell them. She often had nightmares and nervous breakdowns from time to time but she was getting better. His sister became recluse for a while and had therapeutic treatments for several weeks. She never talked about what happened to her that night or how she became naked and tied to the tree. She mostly kept to herself.

The village bubbled with gist and gossips as members of the witch community were exposed and found dead the next morning after the death of their high priest. People who appeared innocent, publicly loved and admired by the villagers were found to be members of this group and it shocked the inhabitants of the village to the core. More people gave their life to Christ and turned up for church services

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. A new pastor was appointed to lead the church. All was well in the village.

The journey back to Lagos was boring and tiring to Gabriel.

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. He saw the signboard that read ‘Goodbye. Leaving Umuahala’ and smiled. He adjusted his sitting position and tried to sleep. His father was focused on the road ahead, driving his family back to Lagos. His mother smiled as she checked the latest fashion trends online. Anita looked at the signboard and scoffed. She looked outside the window and at her phone sending a message to her friends that she was finally coming home. She turned her phone off and looked at the blank screen. The blank screen reflected her face, her pupils became slit and vertical like that of a cat. She smiled revealing fangs protruding through her mouth and one end of her braided hair stood up and swirled, shaking like a snake. She smiled and whispered to herself, "There are always more souls to trap." 

                                      THE END

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