The fill-in wife - Episode 22

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 Three weeks later

"Here's your clothes." I say silently then lay the black suit on the bed beside the new black long sleeve dress shirt. I stand with my eyes to the floor as I wait for Nelson to acknowledge me.
"Go get ready." He finally stays after studying the clothes to make sure I haven't messed any thing up. I breathe a deep sigh of relief . The last time I didn't iron his laundry after getting it from the dry cleaner, I received a terrible beating.
  I quickly grab a robe and hurry into the bathroom. The hot water is scalding on my bruises and for the hundredth time, I regret being in this situation. I don't stay long in the bathroom so I don't piss Nelson off. I gently towel dry my body before walking back into the room in my robe. Nelson isn't in the room when I get out and I use this time to get dressed. I blow dry my hair and let it hang across my shoulder before I apply enough makeup to hide a little bruise on my chin. Nelson wasn't happy with my short dress yesterday so he used his belt on my face. Such has become my life. I always cake on foundation just to hide bruises my monster of a husband put on me. Tears bite the back of my eyes but I don't let them fall

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. One thing this situation I am in has taught me is how to be hard.

  The bedroom door clicks open and I see  Nelson in the mirror as he walks in, looking handsome in his dark ensemble. I pull my eyes away and pull my dress up my body. Zipping it up turn out to be a hard feat as I try to maneuver my hands to reach my back.
"Let me." Nelson's cold voice as usual sends a cold shiver down my spine as his hands come up to zip my dress. I remain still till he's done.
"Thank you." I whisper. He drops a kiss on my neck and I try not to cringe. His touch disgusts me and I know that's why he keeps touching me. To rile me up so he can get a reason to mark me. I am no longer that stupid. I am getting good at this game he's playing.

"I like your dress." He says as he grabs a rubber band from the table and pull my hair up into a ponytail. I don't fight him on this.
"You truly look like you are mourning. Everyone is going to be fooled." He continues. 
 He use my shoulders to turn me to face him as he grins down at me.
"Here. You should apply a little of this into your eyes. We don't want people to know you killed her right? You need to look sad." He pushes an eye drop into my palm.
 "I'll wait for you downstairs." He says before walking out the door.
 What a mess. I drop the eye drop on the table then grab my clutch before walk downstairs. I know I wouldn't need it to cry. The thought of killing someone is enough to activate the waterworks. I still wake up in the middle of the night, sweating profusely with images of Grandma Catherine dying before my very eyes still haunting my dreams.

  I reach the mansion's garage but don't find Nelson by his car. I start to panic that he has left me which would mean hell for me but then I spot him standing at the other side of the garage and he's not alone. He's with Derrick. My heart falls into my stomach and I debate on if I should just pretend like I can't find him and  leave. The choice is made for me when Nelson turns around and spot me. His eyes harden but his lips curl up in a grin.
"Hey, honey!" He calls out to me and I know better than to ignore. I push my self to stand beside him but my eyes remain glued to the ground. Derrick and I haven't spoken since he brushed me off at the bar few weeks ago. The next time I saw him after that, he was bringing that trashcan girl into the house. It's obvious he brought her to annoy me but why use a cheap sl*t? It's a slap to my ego. I've been trying to talk to him for the little time that Nelson isn't watching me but he's always with that skunk.
"Honey, Derrick has offered to let us ride with him to the cemetery. My car wouldn't start." Nelson says as he wraps his hand around my waist. I pull my eyes up to Derrick's face and I can see he's pissed. 
"We're family right?" Derrick says sweetly and I have the sudden urge to puke all over the place.
"What are we waiting for then?" Nelson asks.
"Maya." He says as a way of explanation and I clench my fist.
"There she is." Derrick's eyes light up as trashcan girl walks to him.
"Sorry I'm late. I was feeling a little sick." She says with a little smile.
"Not again. You keep getting sick every Morning for the past week." Derrick place his hand on her forehead and a feeling of regret, longing then anger consume me. He's mine.
"Can we go now?!" I snap. Everyone's eyes go to me and I bite my lips once I see the murderous look on Nelson's face.
"I mean, we shouldn't be late for grandma's burial." I state and Derrick nods.
"We're going to the hospital first thing tomorrow." He whispers to the skunk and she nods before Derrick pull the door open for her to get in. I can't watch anymore. I pull open the back door and slam it close. Nelson enters behind me and sits too close for comfort.
"Why don't you just fall on his feet and beg him to take you back, you b*tch!" He whispers as he grabs my arm harshly. I whimper a little.
"Everything okay back there?" The skunk asks and I plaster a big smile on my face.
"Yes." I spit at her and she recoil a little at how harsh I sound. Derrick probably didn't tell her who I am to him. She's an oblivious fool who needs to be put in her place.
"It's okay, sweet girl. Don't pay her any attention" I hear Derrick tell her and my mouth falls open in shock then anger. Derrick's hand move to cover hers on her thigh and I watch in distaste as he caress it lightly. I know he's just doing this to punish me but it still hurts.
"Mind your business." Nelson whispers into my ear. I quickly remove my eyes from Derrick and focus on the passing scenery outside the window.


The car ride is silent till we get to the burial grounds and alight the car. Derrick and his new toy walk ahead of us towards the small gathering already forming.
"Come here." Nelson pull on my hand as he drag me to a place void of spectator. I try my best to not fall on my ass with the speed he's walking but I get thrown against a brick wall once there is no one in view. I groan in pain at the impact of my back against the wall.
"You just have to go on and disgrace me in front of Derrick huh?!" He yells in my face.
"No--  I--he-- I mean I--"
"Shut. The. F*ck. Up!" Each words get accompanied with a punch to my gut. It's not so hard and I know that's because he wants me looking fresh for the burial.
"I don't want you to even look at him from now on." He spits as he leaves me groaning against the wall. I taste copper in my mouth and spit out a little blood. This is all that trashcan girl's fault!

"Rose?! Rose!"  My mother rush to my side and try to help me stand alright. I let her pull me upright and she starts fawning over me.
"Are you okay? I saw the both of you come this way and I followed you--- oh Rose! You are bleeding." She wails. Why is she crying now?
"You haven't been calling me or picking my calls. I had to hear of Grandma Catherine's death from that cold man, Nelson. Why don't you leave the bastard? A man shouldn't hit a woman." She rambles on and I get fed up.
"This is all your fault!" I point my index finger at her.
"It's you! I can't believe that drug was meant to kill Nelson! You lied to me!" I scream at her.
"What did you think getting him out of the picture meant? Don't be naïve."
"Naïve? You made me kill Grandma Catherine!" I whisper yell. Mother gasp in horror then connect all the dots.
"Oh my God. How--"
"Don't ask me how! It just happened. I almost died that day, mother.

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. You pushed me into this." I sob
"I didn't know it would get this out of hand. Don't out the blame on me. You did it yourself. I didn't force you." She says and for the first time I see how selfish my mother is. She was never really a mother to me. All she did was look for money. Series of nannies raised me but I have never seen it as a big deal. I've always thought that she loves me but now that I think of it, I'm just an instrument to get money for her.
"Listen, let's just leave this town. Away from Nelson. I have a few rich guys you can get this time. It'll be easier." She goes to touch me but I hit her hand away.
"What are you doing?" 
"Stay away from me mother." I grind out as I storm past her. 

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  • Emash picture
    Wow, nice one Juliet. Maya is pregnant already. Pls keep Nelson far away from Maya,I don't want hear miscarriage. Infant I trust Derrick he would insist on them moving abroad till the baby arrives . Pls relieve Rose from her misery, this suffering is just too much. But she is not even repentant, wishing Maya evil, well if that's the case more suffering to her body. Next episode pls Sorry Juliet, hope u r better now.
  • Eunice Ache picture
    Eunice Ache
    More episode please
  • Omo Ola picture
    Omo Ola
    Rose ain't seen nothing mother like daughter.... Maya, you need to watch your back o....well done, Jules
  • Busola Bolaji picture
    Busola Bolaji
    Nice 1 keep it up dear
  • Olasumbo Ayodeji picture
    Olasumbo Ayodeji
    Get well soon dear
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Julie dear, please get well soon for us, as for Rose, the earlier she repents, the better, and does she even know Maya is married to Derrick? I guess not lol. Nice one dear
  • Destiny Benson picture
    Destiny Benson
    Nice episode dear
  • Faith Benedeth picture
    Faith Benedeth
    I guess Maya is already pregnant, nice one I wish you quick recovery
  • Confy-Dencie picture
    Wish u quick recovery Juliet....Maya is probably pregnant
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    If she wasn't so greedy and waited for Derrick she wouldn't be going through this but she made her bed now it's time to lye on it,hope the truth won't cause Maya to miscarry,thumbs up dear,and get well soon!
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