The fill-in wife - Episode 21

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I'm sorry for the late upload guys. Been very busy and sick. So this episode is the calm before the storm. Let's get on to it, shall we?


"Where are we going?" I ask Derrick for the hundredth time since we hit the road. It's already few minutes past 3pm and we've had so much fun all day. After breakfast, we went on a walk around the beautiful town's park and Derrick never for once, let go of my hand . I've been on Derrick's central cloud nine since morning.
  We just had lunch a while ago and when I asked Derrick what his hobby was, a mischievous glint sparked in his eyes and before I know it, he's paying for our food and pulling me out of the eatery and into the car. We have been driving for about thirty minutes.
"We are almost there. Be patient Maya." That was what he said when I asked him about twenty minutes ago.
"You could just tell me where you are taking me though." I say but he just grins.
"Trust me, you are going to like this. It's a surprise." His hand cover my hand resting on my thigh and he squeeze lightly. My eyes goes down to our entwined hands and I'm buzzing with need for my husband. If my clothes could just disappear

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. I blush at my bad thoughts and try to look out the window to hide my face.
"No dirty thoughts for now sweet girl or I'll be tempted to drive you back to the hotel. Or maybe I should just take you in the car." He muses and I have to swallow hard.
"We are here." Derrick says excitedly and all dirty thoughts using cars are gone from my mind as I look out the window. I see a few planes.
"An airport?" I ask and he nods enthusiastically. He's obviously excited.
"Come on." He gets out of the car and comes over to help me open the door.
"What are we doing in an airport?" I ask as he place his hand gently against my lower back.
"Derrick!" A really muscular guy who has tattoos crawling up both of his arms holler at Derrick as long strides bring him towards us. Derrick's smile brightens as he pulls me closer to him.
"Marshal" Derrick lets go of me to give the guy some kind of bro hug before wrapping his arm around my waist.
"This is my wife, Maya." Derrick introduce and the muscular guy grins, making him look less intimidating.
"She's beautiful. Well, we all know you always go for the beautiful ones. How bout ro--" Derrick clear his throat noisily and I see a look pass through his face that makes Marshal stop talking. Who was Marshal going to ask about? There's an awkward silence before Derrick speaks again.
"It's been a while."
"Yea, you ran away from the country and forgot about us. When I got your text, I was super excited. I've got your gears ready." At the mention of gears, my brows furrow in confusion and I fidget beside Derrick. His eyes comes to me and he grins.
"You ready?" He whispers into my ear.
"Ready for what?" I ask and Marshal chuckle.
"I'll go make sure everything is set. You should prepare her for the jump." Marshal says and saunter off.
"Jump?" I squeak
"Yea. I want to show you what I do for fun."
"You jump for fun?" I furrow my brows again then gasp.
"Oh my God!" I scream as everything clicks. We are in an airport. His hobby involves jumping and planes. He's going to jump off a plane. While I watch!
What if he dies?
"Calm down, wifey." He rubs my hand, trying to calm me down.
"What if you plummet to the ground and die? I won't be able to take that." Images of Derrick plastered to the ground with crushed bones flash through my mind and I shudder. Why can't he have a mundane hobby like reading?
"Hey, I've been skydiving for years now. I'm an expert in it and I promise not to let you fall. You just have to trus---
"Hold it! You promise not to drop me?" I ask and when he nods my mouth hit the floor in shock. He's going to make me jump off a plane with him. Over my dead body!
"I'm not jumping off a plane."
"Come on baby. You will love it." No, I wouldn't.
"Please don't make me do it." I plead.
"I know you will love it. Just trust me." I see determination in his eyes and I know he would make me do it. My eyes move from his face to the huge plane behind me and I take a run for it. He will have to catch me first! Running with this dress isn't an easy feat but my fear fuels me.
"Maya! Come on, stop running. You know you can't outrun me" I don't stop running though. I grin when I see a gate, thinking I'm finally free but strong arms envelope my waist before I make it out of the door.
"I told you, you can't outrun me. I tried asking, sweet girl. Now we do it my way." Derrick throw me unto his shoulder and match back towards the planes.
"No! Please. Drop me." I plead as I struggle but Derrick only spank my ass lightly. The nerve!


"You look great in my old gear." I tell Maya who's pouting beside me on the plane. She's been giving me the silent treatment ever since I forced my gears on her. I had to tackle her down and force the clothes on her. Even now that she's belted down beside me, she's pouting. I want her to experience this. She'll surely love it.
I trace my fingers up her arm and see her try to hide her shudder. I like how she's so responsive to me.
"Wifey" I whisper and when she doesn't answer, I poke her.
"leave me alone!" She doesn't even look at me.
"We're now a few thousand kilometres up. Get ready." Marshal announces from the pilot seat and I notice her hand grabbing the chair tightly and realize just how scared she is.
I cover her hand with mine.
"I'm sorry. You can just sit this one out if you want." I say and she finally looks at me.
"Of course. I shouldn't force you. I just wanted you to feel that rush when you jump off the plane with the wind against your face. I guess I just wanted to do one of my favourite things with you but I get that not everyone is a adrenaline junky." I press a kiss to her cheek before standing up to put on the parachute.
"Okay guys. It's now or now." Marshal comes back to inform us.
"It's a solo jump now.  Maya won't be joini--
"Maya's excited to take the jump." Maya cut me off. I look back at her but she just smile weakly.
"I'm already here so why not?" She shrugs and I can't resist the urge to kiss her. She's scared but ready to jump with me. My tongue brush across her teeth before I retreat.
"When you are done sucking face, you can make the jump. I'm outta here." Marshal Jokes and I flip him off.
Once Maya is all buckled to my front, I wrap both my arms around her waist.
"You ready?" I whisper into her ear. We are already on the edge of the plane. Maya looks down and I see her visibly shake.
"Oh my God I'm going to die." She mutter under her breath.
"Hey, look at me." When she turns her face to me, I lock my gaze with hers.
"I'll never drop you. Never. You trust me right?" I ask and she nod.
"Good. I love you." I say before I push us off the plane.
"Christ!!! Oh my God. Oh my God!!" Maya yells as we free fall. My grip on her tightens as I pull up the parachute.
"Open your eyes, sweet girl. Come on, it's beautiful" I whisper into her ear.
"Oh my God." She gasp. I feel her visibly relax.
"It's so beautiful up here. I feel like I'm floating on air." She squeals excitedly and I grin. I entwine our hands and we both enjoy the view in silence.
  The parachute drops us behind the airport and I quickly unbuckle us. My blood is pumping against my ears with the rush from the jump. Maya looks flushed with her cheeks glowing red and her eyes shiny. I can't gauge her reaction to the jump. I remember the first and only other time I brought a woman here. Rose wasn't all too pleased.

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. She didn't even get into the plane with me. Maybe I shouldn't have made Maya do it.
"So, how was it?" I ask nervously.
"Are you kidding?! It was awesome! I thought I was gonna have an heart attack! When next can I get up there again? Can I do it alone next time? No, I probably love it this much because you were holding me all through and I felt my heart melt and--" I stop her rambling with a crushing kiss. She just looks so beautiful with her face flustered in excitement. She moan into my mouth and I slow the kiss down to intimate and tender. Maya's hand tangle in my hair and I just wish I could kiss her forever. I've never felt this good with anyone else.
My ringing phone makes me reluctantly pull away. The call ends before I get my phone out.
I look down to see about twelve missed calls from Deana.
The phone starts ringing again and I quickly connect it.
"Deana, is everything okay over there?" I ask without preamble.
"We have been trying to reach you for a while! Where the hell are you?" She chastise. I can hear the panic in her voice and my heart drops. Deana hardly panics.
"What's wrong Deana?" I ask
"Grandma Catherine is dead. She had an heart attack." My mouth fall open in shock. Heart attack?!

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    Yea so far so good bad people need to pay
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    Hmmmm grandma Catherine is dead?
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    Hmmmmm omo see gogbe
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    Sorry dear... How you're feeling better. Chai... They've killed Grandma Catherine
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    Speedy recovery Juliet.....this episode is really the calm before the storm
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    Shit! the evil son could not even help wa oo, this na real gobe.Thanks Jules please get well soon.
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    Quick recovery Ameh
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    Chai so Nelson let grandma drink the poisoned wine and didn't even bother to help her...?? hope you're ok now dear Ameh!
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