The Dormitory (A Sequel) - Episode 4

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It was Oyindamola first day in a boarding house. She hasn't experienced life outside her parents confinements before; this would be her first. The matron helped her to carry her luggage after her mother had left while she carried other bags.

"Are you going to be in sciences, Arts or commercial?" She asked Oyindamola.

"Arts, Ma."

"Okay, I know why I asked. I want to know the room I'd take you to because each discipline have their own rooms across each classes," she said . It was a two storied building painted in navy blue colour. Junior secondary school girls one and two resided downstairs, three and senior secondary one resided at the first floor while two and three resided at the last floor. Oyindamola struggled while she followed the matron as they climbed the staircase. They got to the side written S.S.S One quarter with three compartments; Sciences, Arts and Commercial.

"This is a lodge for those in Art class," she said and pointed at Oyindamola. On the topmost above the door, was "S.S1 Art lodge" written there. Oyindamola nodded. She helped her to take her things inside. The girls that laid on their bed while they conversed with each others, greeted the matron

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. After Oyindamola had finished arranging her stuffs and took the lower bunk where she laid her bedspread and fixed the pillow case. The matron turned to her, "I am Mrs. Coker, one of your matrons. I'll be among those that will be overseeing your hostel. Have fun and read your books. Make new friends and take care of yourself," she said and waltzed out of the room.

Oyindamola looked all around the room. They all ignored her and continued talking with each others. There were five free bunk spaces. She guessed the owners haven't resumed. She wanted to make a friend, but their faces looked a bit intimidating and not accommodating. She didn't want to appear too forward. She tucked herself into the wrapper she came with and slept off.

The bell rung. She opened her eyes and it was eight PM. They all walked to the dining room. Each discipline, Sciences, Arts and Commercial of each classes always eat in the same dining room assigned to their classes.

"Hey, Oyindamola," a voice shouted. She turned and looked around. It was Ngozi.

"Hi, Ngozi. When did you resume?" Oyindamola asked and waved her hands towards her.

"I came not long ago." Oyindamola adjusted a bit on the chair she sat on, for Ngozi to seat. They sat on a long wooden chair while facing the big and spacious wooden table. They chattered away before they were interrupted by Mrs. Coker.

"Hey, girls. Happy resumption everyone," she said.

"Thank you, Ma," they chorused.
"I am here to address you all. Most especially the new students. I'm the matron that oversees the whole of S.S.S one. My name is Mrs. Erinle Coker. Preferably Mrs. Coker. As you can see, we are about to have our lunch at 8:00PM as against 6:30PM which is our usuals during the school hours. School fully resumes tomorrow. But most of y'all resumed yesterday and today. I'm glad you are all fine and kicking. It's more like yesterday and today is a free day for those that want to do whatever they want to. We will all resume fully with all our hostel routines tomorrow," Mrs. Coker said. "Welcome once again."

Immediately she left, three women walked in and served them a plate of food each. Oyindamola ate and continued chattering with Ngozi.

"You are in what discipline?" Oyindamola asked.

"I am in Art."

"Really? I never knew. I'm in Art too. I didn't see you in the room when I arrived."

"Like I told you, I came not long ago." They continued their talks.

People started dispersing to the dormitory one after the other. It was remaining Oyindamola, Ngozi and a girl that sat at the far end.

"I am happy you are in the same room with me. When I entered the room, everybody were minding their business. Maybe they didn't want to sound forward if they relate with me first," Oyindamola said and gestured.

"It's normal. I'm tired of staying here. It's dark. Let's walk to the dormitory. There is light there," Ngozi said and pointed.

"Are you just noticing? There has been light since. Those girls are playing at the corridor and making noise in the room. It will be so noisy. I prefer here."

"I am going.

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. Maybe I might make a new friend there," Ngozi laughed and walked away. Oyindamola waved at her. She embraced her solitude alone in the dark with an unknown class mate at the far end. She looked and noticed the girl at the far end had been staring at her all the while. Maybe she wants to be a friend, she can say a Hi, she thought to herself. She continued staring at her, and Oyindamola started feeling it was seemingly creepy. She couldn't see the girl body and facial features except her face. Her eyes were very white without the black eyeballs. Oyindamola stood up immediately and waltzed out of the dining room. She was tempted to look back which she did, but didn't see anybody sitting there again. She ran to the dormitory, opened the door and walked scarily into the room to the amazement of everyone there.
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  • chisom Julia picture
    chisom Julia
    Lols it's the woman ooo follow follow spirit
  • Blessed Daniel picture
    Blessed Daniel
    Lolz@chisom. That Woman Na Pain In The Ass.Kwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwa. Kudos Writer.
  • Amma picture
    Lunch at 6:30 ??
  • Olasumbo Ayodeji picture
    Olasumbo Ayodeji
    Wassup with dis ghost oo
  • Obinna Tony picture
    Obinna Tony
    Amma, it's a mistake. Admin will help me edit it. I meant dinner.
  • Obinna Tony picture
    Obinna Tony
    Thanks everyone for your comments.
  • Ify Dada picture
    Ify Dada
    But is ghost fellowing mother n daughter? Ds stroy is becoming crippy too, i hope my baby mind cn carry it. Tumbs up writter
  • Obinna Tony picture
    Obinna Tony
    Lol, thanks for commenting.
  • Bigails picture
    Biko next episode
  • Obinna Tony picture
    Obinna Tony
    Oya nau. Lol. Stressful though.
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