The Dormitory (A Sequel) - Episode 3

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It was a Sunday morning, Bimpe, Chief Yinka and Oyindamola had gone to church. Dolapo always went to the church down the street, because Bimpe believed they start their service early and always close on time too, so Dolapo would come back home to prepare the cuisine they will take as their lunch. The church normally starts their service by 8:00AM and ended 10:30 AM at most, while the church Bimpe went with her family, starts by 9:00AM and ends by 12:00PM.

After service, they drove back home. At the gate, Chief Yinka honked his car and the gateman ran to open the gate.
"Welcome back," the gateman greeted them while he stretched his neck to gaze through the car's window . Chief Yinka waved at him, while he drove in with the other hand. The car stopped at the garage, where he parked and they alighted. Bimpe and Oyindamola walked in to the house, while Chief Yinka stayed back, to check if all the parts of the car were properly turned off. He joined them after about some minutes.

Dolapo had properly decorated the table with plates of food. Bimpe and Oyindamola had entered the house, and saw the properly arranged table. Bimpe entered her room to get her outfits off; same as Oyindamola. Chief Yinka entered, and walked into the room

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. About some minutes after, Bimpe was back to the sitting room with her husband. They both adjusted the chairs that flanked the dining table and sat down.

"Oyindamola!" Bimpe called..

"Ma!" Oyindamola replied in a loud pitched voice.

"You are taking more than forever. Your dad that just entered now has finished pulling off his outfits and he is back in the sitting room," Bimpe said slowly. Oyindamola ran to the sitting room.

"What have you been doing in the bedroom? Are you not hungry," Chief Yinka asked.

"Help me ask her. I don't know if this is how she would be behaving in the boarding house when she finally gets there," Bimpe said and rolled her eyes.

"Not really, dad. Oh, mum, I was busy arranging my luggage. I will eat when I'm done," Oyindamola said all at once.

"Don't worry. Dolapo will assist you when you are done eating," Bimpe said. Oyindamola nodded and walked to the dining table, then adjusted a chair forward, then sat on it. She served some food from the covered pot on the table, into a flat ceramic plate and started eating. She was done eating after some minutes. She didn't waste time.

"Thank you, MA and Sir," she said to her parent, adjusted her seat and stood up.

"You can tell Dolapo to help you. She is outside. I saw her walked out not too long ago," Bimpe pointed at the door. Oyindamola wore a fluffy cotton dress that barely covered her laps and a bum short. The dress was so short that it couldn't cover the short trouser that barely enclosed her laps, she had on. She ran towards the door that led to their compound and called Dolapo who sat with the gateman while they chattered away.

"Aunty Dolapo!" She yelled.

"Any problem?" Dolapo asked.

"Mum said you should assist me with getting my things ready for resumption," Oyindamola said.

"Okay, I'm coming." Oyindamola ran to the room to continue arranging before Dolapo arrived. When she got there, what she saw shocked her. She stood a bit, and glanced all around her room, she wanted to turn back, but she collided with Dolapo and she held her. She freaked out.

"Any problem?" Dolapo asked.

"Not really. You freaked me out." Oyindamola said. Dolapo laughed, "Really?"

Oyindamola wanted to walk out of the room and Dolapo dragged her back. "Come let's arrange the stuffs nau," Dolapo said.

"Oh. My things seem to have been arranged. Did you arrange it yourself?" Oyindamola asked.

"No," Dolapo replied.

"Maybe, my mum did, but she couldn't have done it in such a little minute. I was with her throughout the time we ate, until I came to call you," Oyindamola said.

"Okay. I think I'm not needed again," Dolapo said and walked away. Oyindamiola barged into her parent's room without knocking, and saw them in a passionate kiss.

"I am sorry, mum" she said and wanted to lock the door and walk back.

"Come in.

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. You looked all worried. Any problem?" Bimpe asked.

"You helped me to arrange my luggage and stuffs in the room?"

"No. I thought I told Dolapo to help you. Any problem?"

"No, mum. I went back there and saw my things well arranged but Dolapo said she wasn't the one that arranged them," Oyindamola said and gestured.

"But the time I called you to eat, you were in the room arranging your luggage. You are too forgetful."

"No, mum. I didn't arrange all of them."

"Well, I don't know where you are driving at, but get ready, let me drive you to school."

After she was done, Bimpe drove Oyindamola to school. She handed her over to Mrs. Coker one of their hostel matron, to help her keep an eye on her.

"Good bye, mum" Oyindamola waved at her mum as she drove away. She was happy that she finally left her house. She was sure in her mind that her house was a haunted one.
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  • chisom Julia picture
    chisom Julia
    The spirit will continue to her maybe in a good way shaa but the mum will suffer it most
  • Obinna Tony picture
  • chisom Julia picture
  • Blessed Daniel picture
    Blessed Daniel
    It Might Be Worst Even After Leaving For School.. Nice 1 Writer.
  • Fabian Ibeh picture
    Fabian Ibeh
    I went and re-read the first part "She did it" because I couldn't finish it the last time due to your other story 'Outcast' distracted me. I remembered that name Bimpe when I started reading this one, I had to go back and finish it up then come back here. I am glad you continued and Bimpe is our focal point; if not I would have been depressed. Bimpe wasn't caught earlier for her numerous murders, hope this time is a time for reconing? Nice work OBINNA
  • Favour Abhatue picture
  • Obinna Tony picture
    Obinna Tony
    Thanks, Daniel.
  • Obinna Tony picture
    Obinna Tony
    Hah! Welcome, Fabian. My analyst. Lol.
  • Obinna Tony picture
    Obinna Tony
    Thanks, Favour..
  • Alice Alaba picture
    Alice Alaba
    It May Be Worse For Oyin In School Either Good Or Bad
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