Second Chance - Episode 32

This Is The End

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“So you are still with him, how does it feel?”

I thought for a while before responding.

“It was like I was with Miguel, it was as if I was still in a dream. Lucy, I do not understand. How come his name is Michael….?”

Lucy smiled. Michael had taken me to an expensive restaurant and I had gone to one of their ladies’ room to call Lucy. I just needed to be sure that this was real.

 “Well, let’s just say, you guys are destined to be together and just as you have gone back in time to be with him he is in another life to be with you.”

“So, it’s okay to be in a relationship with him?”

Lucy chuckled . “If you do not want him, I will have him.” Then we both laughed.

This was something else entirely, I couldn’t believe that all this was happening. There is nothing stopping me from saying ‘yes’ to this guy, actually, I was more than ready. I felt like I have been waiting for him all these while.

He had taken me to his home that day and shown me several pictures of myself. It was so ironical. All these years I was afraid of seeing my own reflection and now he was here to show me thousands of me portrayed in beautiful work of arts and I wasn’t even afraid.

Some minutes later, I was taking another drink while Michael was looking at me, holding my hands in that manner I loved so much.

“So, I have a feeling you were talking about me to someone.”

I laughed. “You have insecurity issues.”

He smiled and sipped another drink

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. “This may sound so strange still, but I swear to you, I have been loving you a long time ago. I don’t want to scare you but, I just  feel like I have known you for a long time and I want to tell you everything but I am so scared you may think I am crazy.”

I chuckled.

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. It was as if time was repeating itself. I remembered the part where I was the one who had to tell Miguel about a crazy story but first, I needed to ask a very important question.

“Michael, do you have a brother?”

He stared at me, surprised.

“Why did you ask that?”

“Nothing. Just needed to know.”

He shrugged. “No, I do not.”

I heaved a sigh of relief and before I knew it, I pulled him closer and kissed him… was exactly the way I had imagined he would taste. The same way he had tasted …the same way I had felt….

“Wow! You are even faster than I thought. Is the kiss an assurance that no matter how crazy I sound next, you will not run away from me”

I smiled as I wiped the smudged lipstick off my lips.  “Maybe.”Then I leaned back, arms akimbo and starring deeply into his eyes, I whispered. “Now to your story. Who knows, I may have a story to tell too.”

“Well…” He started. “Kathia, I have been having these dreams where we were married and I was a prince...



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    This is way too good. God bless you sis.
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    Well done tobiii
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    Hmmmm it's not supposed to end like this oo Kudos Tobi you are good
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    Awesomely awesome..... God bless you Tobi. More inspiration. Abeg start a new one ASAP ooo
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    Ruth ita
    Tobi u r an excellent writer,this story s very interesting keep it up!
  • Ruth ita picture
    Ruth ita
    Tobi u r an excellent writer,this story s very interesting keep it up!
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    Olaleye Adedamola
    Well done Tobi, God blessed you. I really enjoying all ur stories am been reading. You're good writer. Thank so much
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    Tobi thanks for this wonderful writeup. We are all proud of you. Waiting patiently for your next line of action. Lol Remain blessed swt
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    Tobi tobi I love u??????
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    thank you sis,love all your stories so far.go higher
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    well done
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    Thanks Tobi u are simply the best
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    All ur stories are wat many treasure chest but this wan shouldn't have ended here. the ending no gel at all, I gave up my nap just to finish and now can't sleep cuz the ending did not go well but u still superb. I need that ur level of inspiration.
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    You are wonderful, more grace to ur work dear,enjoy reading all ur stories
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    Gracious Grace
    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! End ke! I don't want it to end. Hihihihihihihi. Tobi Lona, you're the best! High five! Buh still why did you end? We could be continued like FLASH. I feared this end so much that I didn't click buh my heart dinnuh listen to my brain. Tobi naaauuu. More inspiration for a new and even better story. Much love sis. Proud of ya!!
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    Peace John
    But pls my Love don't end the story this way, i'll sure kill myslf for u if u end it this way. I want to read more pls. I will buy chin-chin for you just add more episode
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    Hmmmmm..... Nice write up Tobi.... I had to put up lots of courage for u to complete it b4 reading.... So as not to have high BP lol.... But I guess my waiting really worth it.... I hope u are posting another of ur wonderful stories soon..... Much ?....
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    Ruth Onyemauwa
    The answer is 1st FINDING SOLACE 2nd WHEN I found solace with FINDING SOLACE I found solace with WHEN WOMAN WANT I found little solace with 2ND CHANCE Its unreal ,human can not go back to'am help me find solace by telling me the title of your next story
  • Ruth Onyemauwa picture
    Ruth Onyemauwa
    The answer is 1st FINDING SOLACE 2nd WHEN I found solace with FINDING SOLACE I found solace with WHEN WOMAN WANT I found little solace with 2ND CHANCE Its unreal ,human can not go back to'am help me find solace by telling me the title of your next story
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    Tobi Loba
    Looool.. That's genius
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    Tobi, I always watch out for your story o. since "when a woman wants" to "finding solace" . my dear. u are just too good. You can turn this to a movie sef. love u..
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    Tobi Loba
    I am available for chats now! Yippe!
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    Latifa Seini
    Girl u really rock. 'Second Chance' is the best among all followed by 'When a Woman Wants'. Thanks for sharing these beautiful stories
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    Thanks everyone. I think this is the story I love mist out of all the rest. Check out my new story...Bleeding Petals
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    wow! I started this just ystdy and I am tru. saw this on fbk cos a friend shared. I enjoyed the story. nice work.
  • Emash picture
    wow! I started this just ystdy and I am tru. saw this on fbk cos a friend shared. I enjoyed the story. nice work.
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