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N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

Michael glanced around the place he has called home for years now,

he was really glad he decided to stay back on earth after helping his Raguel with the war against the demon.

He was really grateful he find a friend in Raguel, over the years their friendship has grow they are even more like brothers instead of friends

Heaven was no longer home for him, besides he has a really bad memory of things that happened when he was in heaven,

thinking about those memories makes him want him want to hide his face from the rest of the world 

He squeeze his eye's tight as a memory Washed over him 

Not now, he whispered as he tried to take a deep breathe 

No matter how long it has been, his past always hunts him, as a pure Angel he does not sleep at all,

unless he is seriously injured, so his past comes hunting him at anytime of the day,

he always tries to block them out when it comes hunting him but it's  really hard to block such memories

This is my life, he whispered as his breathe became even,

he sigh softly as he continue to walk around the house and he caught a glimpse of Ariel and her soulmate Grey making out in the living room

he smiled softly and averted his eye's from them 

These two don't know how to keep their hands from each other, he said as he continue walking but he did not get far before Ariel called out for him 

Michael turned and faced him

Hi uncle Michael, Ariel said in a cheerful tone as she made an attempt to sit up straight but Grey refuse to let her go 

Grey! Ariel whined 

What? Grey said acting innocently

Ariel rolled her eyes at him making Michael laugh 

You two are big babies, Michael said with a chuckle 

Do you want something? Michael asked

No, Ariel said, 

So why did you call me, Michael asked 

Well you have been moving around the house for few minutes now and you look bothered 

Is everything alright? She asked 

Michael smile softly as her, she is always observant just like her father nothing slips past her,

 you think she is busy with her soulmate not knowing her eyes is on you 

I'm fine Ariel, I just decided to stretch my feet, Michael said trying to sound convincing

But you face say other wise, Ariel pointed out 

Michael plastered a fake smile on his face, 

I'm really fine Ariel, Michael insisted 


Look at  Grey he really needs your attention, Michael said trying to take the conversation away from himself 

He knows Ariel will give up anything for her soulmate 

Ariel turn to look at Grey and pinched his cheek a little

He can wait, Ariel said turning back to her uncle 

No I can't Grey murmured

Ariel he needs your attention, and I'm really fine, Michael said 

Okay, Ariel said and turned back to Grey who seal their lips together 

Michael averted his eye's and walk away from them 


He is very happy for Ariel, he is glad that she has find someone she will spend the rest of her life with 

But anytime he see's them getting all lovely together it's tightens his chest and it makes his heart yearn for "love" he knows he will never get 

He quickly shook the thought of love out of his mind, thinking about it does not help him in anyway, 

I brought this upon myself and I will have to live with it he said 

Brought what upon yourself? Raguel voice came in 

Michael almost jumped out of skin, he did not even notice Raguel standing there, 

I need to be careful, I'm always in my head   he said to himself 

Raguel, I did not even know when you came in, Michael said as he smiled at his friend 

You are avoiding my question Michael, Raguel said 

Its nothing Raguel, I was just thinking out loud 

Really? Raguel said looking at him 

Don't give me that look, Michael said quietly 

Are you sure you are alright? Raguel said 

I'm fine, Michael said 

" liar" Raguel said 

Michael shurggered but he did not say any word again 

Where are you heading to? Michael asked trying to get Raguel to talk about anything that does not concerns him 

I wanted to watch a movie in the living room but Ariel and Grey has taking over that place,

I can't just sit and watch them kiss each other more than 10 times in a minute, Raguel said chuckling 

You and Elena are like that too, Michael said 

But those two are worse, Raguel said 

Definitely worse, Michael said agreeing with his friend as they laugh over it 

Come along with me, Raguel said 

To where? Michael asked as he followed his friend 

Since Elena is busy doing something with her mother, let's me spend time with my friend, Raguel said 

Hmm, Michael said looking at Raguel 

I know if Elena where to come here now you will just pounce on her like a starved lion, Michael said laughing 

No I won't, Raguel said 

Yes you will, Michael said 

Are you two planning to have any baby, Michael asked 

No, Raguel said, 

Ariel is okay for us, he added

Why? Michael asked 

I want another baby to call me uncle, Michael said 

I pray you find your soulmate so you will have a baby that will call you dad soon, Raguel said grinning widely at Michael 

Raguel's word took him off guard that he nearly dropped the smile on his face 

Yes, he finally said 

Only if he knows I will never get a soulmate, Michael said to himself 

Raguel flashed his wings, let's go, he said 

Michael immediately flashed his wings and followed Raguel out of the house 


This sun is too hot, Jessie muttered as she clean the sweat from her face, as she continue walking 

I hope I really locate the place the Angels stays, I really need  to find them they are my only hope I have in finding my sister

with that determination she walked faster heading for the Angels house 

Jessie and her younger sister have lived a very quiet lives after the death of their parents,

they only rely on each other since they don't have anyone 

But one fateful day when Jessie went out to look for something for them to eat leaving her sister in the house by herself,

on getting back she  heard her sister screamed for help but she was not fast enough to get to her sister as she was taking away 

But she was able to get hold of one of the people who kidnapped her sister, that was when she found out he was a demon, 

She could not even believe that demon's existed, she had heard rumours about Angels and demons but she never knew it was true until that fate day 

But the demon she held onto refuse to tell her anything which got her angry and she killed the demon at the spot

As a human she is a very strong person, her father used to train with her before he died, 

She regretted leaving her sister that day, she blames herself everyday for it 

I failed my parents, she said to herself 

I promise to take care of her she added as tears slip down her face, 

I will find you sunshine,  i will, she said with zeal as she pushed her tired body and head for the Angels house 


Few minutes later, she arrived at an isolated place and saw a building there 

This must be the place, she said as she looked behind her shoulder to make sure she wasn't seen even if they were Angels she still don't  trust them 

I will just have to capture one and ask them about the whereabouts of the demon zone and I will leave to find my sister she said 

She tried peeping in trying to see if she will get a glimpse of any Angel before she heard a voice that startled her 

Hey you, what are you doing there 

Jessie tense up as she size the man in front of her, 

He is big, she said to herself 

I need to play smart to avoid the attention of any other Angels 

Hey there, Jessie said in a cheerful tone

The Angel crossed his arms and stare at Jessie 

What are you doing here? The Angel asked again 

"Nothing", Jessie said trying not get scared by the big man standing in front of her,

I  have took men down his size before and this will not be any different she said trying to convince herself 

I don't want any trouble, Jessie said thinking of a way to attack the Angel 

Then What are you doing here, sniffing around, the Angel asked 

I mean no harm, Jessie said 

Explain that to everyone, the Angel said 

What? Jessie said 

Think fast, think fast she said to herself as he Angel approached her and tried to get hold of her but she quickly twisted his arm making the Angel pushed her back she stumbled and fell to the ground 

Gosh, he is so strong, Jessie said as she stood up, she is not the type of person that gives up

she immediately lunge for the Angel who dodge her punch making her hand hit the wall hard 

Ouch, she screamed in pain

But that did not stop her as she attack the Angel again landing a punch on his face,

Jessie almost danced in victory when her fist touched the Angel 

Enough young lady, the Angel said as he pushed his feet forward holding unto Jessie tightly 

Jessie tried to struggle out of his grip but the Angel held her tightly 

she gave up hope in struggling with the Angel and  she allowed him dragged her inside the house 

. .

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N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

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