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N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

Dad what is that noise about? Elena said as she rushed to her father sides immediately he shut the door 

What happened to your face? She asked just noticing the bruises on his face

Maria quickly rushed to her husbands sides to examine the bruises on his face 

Who is this? Elena asked pointing at Jessie who has moved a little far from all the Angels and watching them closely 

I don't know, I met her sniffing around the house, Samael said 

She did this to you, Raphael said as he came to stand close to his friend 

She is human, Raphael said

A strong one at that, Samael said with a slight chuckle 

Indeed, Raphael said putting his hand in his face, healing him instantly 

Jessie was surprised that the bruises in the Man's face was gone 

Jessie think, you are in the room full of Angels, I don't think I can fight all these people 

She took a step backward edging for the door before the door immediately opened and she fell into somebody arms

she turned to get a glimpse of the person and she was dump founded 

He is handsome, that was the only thing that came to her mind,

she did not even realize she was leaning more into his touch until the man made her stand properly 

She caused softly as she moved further into the house 

What's going on? Raguel asked 

Dad found this human sniffing around the house, Elena said pointing at jessie

Raguel turned to look at Jessie who crossed her hand and stood her ground 

I'm not going to be intimidated by these Angels 

Who are you? Raguel asked 

No one, Jessie said calmly 

Raguel raised his eyebrow at her 

Really? You are going to act dumb, Raguel said 

I said no one, Jessie said 

Fine, what are you doing here? Raguel asked 

I just wanted information, Jessie said 

Information?  Raguel repeated 

What type of information? Raguel asked 

The location of the demon zone , she said 

She watched as the entire atmosphere changed in the house, the Angels all looked at her as if she has two heads 

Why will you want to know that? 

This time Michael was the one who ask the question making Jessie snapped her head up to loom at him 

His voice is so beautiful, she said 

She looked at Michael who was waiting for her to answer the question 

Focus Jessie, she said to herself

It's none of your business, she finally answered 

You need the information, so is our business to know why you are looking for the demon zone, Michael said 

You have no right to meddle in my business, Jessie said getting annoyed at the Angel 

Even though she admit he is handsome she will never let him take her on a ride 

I have every right, Michael said moving forward and standing in her space 

Jessie tried her best not to step back,  as she glared at him 

You two cut it off, Raguel said 

Come on Michael, Raguel said pulling him backward 


What's is your name? Raguel asked 

Jessie keep her mouth sealed and refuse to answer 

If you want our help you need to answer my questions, Raguel said 

If I answer your questions will you tell me where the demons zone is located, Jessie asked

"Maybe" Raguel said 

"Fair enough" Jessie said 

What's your name? Raguel asked 

Jessie, she said 

Jessie, Raguel repeated 

Why do you want to know the location of the demon zone, Raguel asked 

Jessie hesitated for a few seconds before she spoke 

My sister was taken by them, she said as he stared hard at the ground trying not to tear up in front of the Angels 

The room went silent and Raguel felt pity for her 

Are you sure demons were the one who took your sister, Raguel asked 

Yes, I captured one of them before he left from the place where my sister was kidnapped, Jessie said 

Where is this demon? Raguel asked 

I killed him because he refused to tell me where the demons has taken my sister to 

You killed him, Raguel said sizing Jessie 

Don't look at her size son, Raphael said with a slight chuckle 

You should have seen what she did to Samael face he added 

Really? Raguel said in surprise 

She is a strong fighter, Samael said 

Now that I have given you the answer that you want, just tell me where the demon zone is and I will leave in peace, Jessie said 

Not too fast, Raphael said 

Jessie looked at him with a frown on her face, 


I have told you all you ask for, she said 

You can't just badge into the demon zone like that, Raguel said

Demons are very cunning creatures, he added

Thanks for your concern, but I can take care of myself, Jessie said 

Sure you can, Raphael said 

Jessie crossed her arms and glared at him 

You need us to help you, Raphael said 

No I don't, Jessie said 

The last thing she wants is to ask help from anybody, the last time she asked for help things did not really go well 

Yes you do and that is final, Raphael said 


No more words, Raphael said cutting the words out if her mouth 

Jessie look at him and nodded her head 


I need their help in finding my sister and they are the only one who know where the demon zone is, she said to herself 

Fine, I accept your help, she said after giving it much thought 

So when are we leaving to find my sister, she asked 

Not too fast Jessie, like I told you earlier on, demon's are cunning creature, Raguel said 

You need to be careful in order not to fall into their trap, he added 

Okay, Jessie said

I will go now and come back again, she said heading for the door 

Where do you live, Raphael asked 

I don't have any place in particular, I camp at anywhere night meets me, she said as she shrugged

She was already used to it, so its normal for her 

She made an attempt to opened the door before she heard that beautiful voice that can sweep  her off her feet 


Wait! Michael said 

Jessie turned to look at him and waited for him to speak 

You can leave with us for the time being until you find your sister, he said 

Jessie stared at him without saying anything 

Yes, you can stay with us, Elena said agreeing with Michael 

Okay, Jessie said after a minute 

I can make use of a good bed and a warm house for the time being she said to herself 

I will show you to your room, Elena said 

Jessie followed Elena's lead out of the living room


Michael was seated in the living room, he did not even know what pushed him to ask her to stay with them 

He closed his eye's as his mind drifted to the time he held her for few seconds when she slipped as he opened the door 

Her body pressed to his felt right in those few seconds

He quickly snapped his eyes opened 

What is that? He asked himself as he frowned a little

Where did that thought come from he said as he took a deep breathe to clear his mind 

"Weird" he whispered 

He stood up from the couch and notice his friend talking to his father,

the mention of Jessie's name caught his attention as he stop 

Hey, Raguel said noticing his friend 

Come here, he added making Michael moved closer to them 

What do you think about Jessie? Raguel asked

What do you mean? Michael said as he tensed up a little 

Raguel noticed Michael's body language but he just ignored it 

I mean, do you think she is telling the truth, Raguel asked 

Of course that was what he meant, gosh, what was I thinking, Michael said to himself as he shook his head 

You don't think she is telling the truth? Raguel asked 

What? Michael asked 

You just shook your head, Raguel pointed out 

No, I mean yes, I believe her, Michael said 

She is telling the truth, he added 

Don't you think so? Michael asked 

Yes I think so too, Raguel said 

I do really feel sorry for her, Raguel said 
She looks broken but she is trying hard to pull herself together, he added 

I noticed too, Michael said 

Anyway, we will just do our best to help her out, Raguel said 

Yes, Michael said agreeing with his friend

Hey honey, Elena said as she wrapped her hands around Raguel 

How is she? Michael asked 

Good I guess, Elena said 

She did not say much on our way to the room apart for saying thank you before she closed the door 

Okay, Michael said 

I will leave you two to it, he said looking at the way Raguel was staring at Elena 

I think I will join you too, Raphael said 

Better do, Michael said as they burst into laughter leaving Raguel and Elena 

Michael walked back to the living room as he sat down to watch a show on the television

. .

Read " DEMON'S FATE ( BOOK 2) " by the same author ( Igwe Aruoriwo loveth )


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N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

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