Salvation (An Arranged Marriage ll) - Episode 5

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I pull away from him slowly, biting his lip as I go, he growls softly, pulling me back and my little clutch purse slips down my arm.

"Um.. Y'all might want to keep the reunion until later, I think the paparazzi are having a field day" Juliet whispers and ice cold realization pours through my body.

I step away and Kane is there, pulling me back into the house.

I stare into his eyes and he's staring back, his eyes leaves my face to peruse all of me, my body, my arms, everywhere.

I get pulled into into a hug and I sigh in relief, my body finally at rest.

A throat clears and I step away.

"It nice to see you again Kane" I say and his face closes down, finally realizing something but I don't know what.

"You are well?" He asks and I nod. 

"You, you are well?" I ask, so close to me he looks so weary, dark circles under his eyes. 

"I'm well now Ani" He says and I nod. 

I will take that for now, for now I will believe he's well. 

"Well, since that is done with, can we hit the road?" Yoel asks and Kane slices a look to him. 

"He's just a friend" I find myself explaining and Kane nods. 

"I know" He says and I nod, oh thank God., he believes me

"Well, I would have loved to stay and talk but we have to get going" Juliet says to him, pulling me and I throw a look at her. 

What? She couldn't let me savor a little bit of more time with my soul mate? 

"I was on my way out Kane" I say softly and he frowns. 

"Is something wrong Ani?" He asks and I shake my head. 

"Oh no, there is...." 

"She's been getting stalked by an unknown person and we have to leave this house" Juliet interrupts and Kane's eyes darkens at her words, I throw her a look. 

"What is this?" He asks me. 

"We just found out... He.

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. He took photos of me and I was about to go down to the local precinct and give a statement" I say, handing him the photos, blushing a little at my state of undress in them. 

"Maurice" He says and the dark skinned man steps into the room, a nod at me before turning to Kane. 

"Debug this house, get a team" He says and Maurice nods, his cell phone already at his ear. 

"You are coming with me" Kane says. 

"Woah there buster, my friend only goes where she wants to" Juliet says and I get the vibe that she doesn't like Kane all that much. 

"She's coming with me" Yoel says and I turn to stare at him. 

"Um.. Guys..." I begin when a staring match ensues. 

"It's totally fine, I'm not going to go with any of you, I'm going to stay with Jules, that is what I want" Kane slices a look to me, one he's never given me and my back straightens. 

"You are coming home with me Anadia" He says and I can't recall anytime in my past that Kane has used that tune with me. 

"Oh? Really? Why? Because of what exactly do I have to come to your home" I ask, my voice getting upset. 

"Don't do this woman, I ask of you, your family has missed you and the only reason they are not here with me is because they know you wouldn't be able to stomach it, so don't be selfish and come home with me" He says and my heart clenches. 

That's the last card, I've missed my sisters, I've missed Linda, I've missed Cash but I'm not being selfish, I'm just scared. 

I say nothing, just turn to Yoel and hold out my for my bag. 

"You don't mean to go with this man.." Juliet starts. 

"It's okay Julie, I'm sure the police with get him soon, I will be back before you know it, say hi to Brett for me and tell Jaze I went on an adventure" I say, referring to her husband and son. 

I turn to Yoel. 

"Thank you for your offer, but I am sorry I will have to say no" I say and he nods, glancing at Kane. 

"Call me, and let me know the minute you want to get out of there" He says and I nod, we exit together and Kane leads me to his limo with a hand on my back. 

I see an SUV drive into the garage and a team of men dressed in black exit. 

Maurice's team I presume. 

"You will be okay?" Juliet asks above the noises the papz are making. 

"Yeah babe, I will call you when I get there" I say and she blows me an air kiss, her hair blown by the wind. 

I get into the limo another driver, Maurice's replacement I'm sure, holds open and Kane gets in after me. 

When we settle and the car is in motion he turns to me. 

"You are not selfish" He says and I frown. 

"What?" I whisper, not following. 

"You are not selfish, what I said back there I said to get you into my car, but in here I'm telling you you are not, you are perfect" He says and I nod. 

My body settling unconsciously, what he said had disturbed I just tried to hide it. 

"How's the years been Kane?" I ask and his body tenses, God, I don't know what to say. 

I'm so nervous. 

Should I ask him why he's so thin? Why he keeps bouncing his leg? Why there is a scar on his lip? 

"The years have been hell without you Ani and nothing else" He says evenly, raw emotion in his voice. 

I don't know what to say to that so I stay out of the car window. 

"You cut your hair" He says after a while and my hand goes to touch it. 

I did, him being the main reason I did it because I knew how much he loved it, I was tired of being reminded of the things he did to it, how he wrapped his hands around him while sleeping, how he braided it while we talked, how he kisses it.. I had to cut it. 

"Well, I..." 

"You got pierces" He says and I realise he's saying all this things as if he's talking to himself. 

Like he can't believe it yet. 

"I.. Uh.." 

"Where? Where the fuck were you?" He asks softly, his eyes holding mine.

"Did you know how I searched? You vanished Ani, I wasn't even sure If you were still alive but you were just three towns away?" He asks.. 


"You promised" He says softly and I frown, what is he saying? 

He doesn't say anything else and I don't too. 

Much later I realize that once, once a long time ago I had promised never to leave him, just like his mum and cabe did. 



I'm sorry for the single update, I have a half done draft so I will update it tomorrow morning. 

Just that I travelled a long distance today and I'm beat, the rain, as much as I love it is not helping. 

My bones ache. 

Thank you for reading, leave a comment and have a good night. 

Please bundle up, I personally think this cold has a plan. 

. .

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  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Haha bebe, does it have a plan for you? Maybe I could send Kane to keep you warm, Ani will understand lol. Beautiful episode dear, sorry for the rain
  • Alfreda Ephya picture
    Alfreda Ephya
    Hmmm OK will manage it for the night right up dear
  • Amma picture
    I can't imagine the scene when she meets her family.....ride on Bebe
  • Dolapo Oloyede picture
    Dolapo Oloyede
    Ehyah, sorry about it and take good care of yourself Ernest. Anaodia, please forgive and forget each other Cos you're made for Kane
  • Oke Olabisi picture
    Oke Olabisi
    Bebe sorry abt it and take good care of your self so happy that kane has to force Ani to go home with him
  • picture
    May God strengthen you dear
  • Emash picture
    Well done My Bebe! I just feel Ani took it a bit too far, I don't know her pains but...... 3yrs?
  • Abena Asima picture
    Abena Asima
    I just want pinch that girl 3yrs why did he kill anyone get warm Bebe
  • Nkechukwu Nneka picture
    Nkechukwu Nneka
    I am really feeling all the emotions...
  • Bebe Ernest picture
    Bebe Ernest
    Bene, I know right? I need to get my own Kane as soon as possible, thank you for the offer though but I don't think Ani will agree at all, lol
  • Bebe Ernest picture
    Bebe Ernest
    Thank you so much Ephya
  • Bebe Ernest picture
    Bebe Ernest
    Thank you Amma, me too
  • Bebe Ernest picture
    Bebe Ernest
    Thank you so much dolapo, and I had a good and warm night, with lots of duvet
  • Bebe Ernest picture
    Bebe Ernest
    Thank you so much dolapo, and I had a good and warm night, with lots of duvet
  • Bebe Ernest picture
    Bebe Ernest
    Me too Olabisi and thank you
  • Bebe Ernest picture
    Bebe Ernest
    Amen afolabi and thank you so much
  • Bebe Ernest picture
    Bebe Ernest
    Emash darling, it takes different people different period of time to heal
  • Bebe Ernest picture
    Bebe Ernest
    Emash darling, it takes different people different period of time to heal
  • Bebe Ernest picture
    Bebe Ernest
    I wil Abena thank you
  • Bebe Ernest picture
    Bebe Ernest
    I am too nneka, thank you for commenting darling!
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