Salvation (An Arranged Marriage ll) - Episode 7

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I wrap my robe around my self as I stand from the bed.

I walk out of the room and into the hallway, directly to his room.

My foot stops and I wonder what I am doing here.

It's past midnight and I didn't see him since he got angry and left me with sisters.

I don't know if he had dinner, I wouldn't know because I didn't go down for dinner.


Is this how he's been leaving? 


I slide down to the ground by the door, wondering if I could go in, I know this is the room he's staying now, Aroofa made sure I was aware.

Would he appreciate it? If I came in? 

He's probably sleeping already

I sit up, my robe falling open but stop when I see him standing at the bottom of the stairs.

He's dressed in running gear and it's obvious he just came in from running.

"It's dangerous to run alone at night all by yourself" I say.

"I don't see anyone volunteering to join me" He says, cracking a smile and I smile back.

He steps towards his door, his body brushing mine as he opens the door.

I swallow a breath.

"Do you want to come in?" He asks and I nod.

The room is empty, that's the word for it, empty except for the bed and the clothes.

"I like what you've done with the place" I say sarcastically.

"Yeah? I believe I like the personal feel to the room" He says and I laugh.

He pulls off his tank top and I bite my lip looking away.

"Are you going to wait for me to bath? You don't have to keep me company" He says.

"I wanted us to talk" I say to him and he tenses.

"About what?"

"I can wait for you to bath" I say and he nods, padding to the bathroom, not a look towards me.

I turn away from the bathroom door when the shower comes on, I have to clench my fist in my robe to force myself not to walk in that door.

My breath hitches as I remember all those moments, many nights ago.

It's been so long since I had any form of skinship and we were so good together.

I and Kane, we were good together.

I swallow the spit gathering in my mouth as I tighten the belt on my night robe.

It's no use thinking about him in that way, we haven't talked and I don't know where we we stand with each other.

I don't even know what we are going to talk about but I just know that we have to.

The shower turns off and I'm suddenly nervous, If that man comes out of that bathroom shirtless I'm liable to jumping him.

The door opens and my eyes flies to his, he's watching me and I know he knows what I am thinking about.

My face heats and I bite my lip looking away.

At least he isn't shirtless, he put on a pj before coming out and even though it leaves nothing to the imagination it's better than nothing.

"Have a seat." He says and I look around the room, wondering where there is to sit down, I look at him and he nods at the bed. 

I nod nervously before seating down 

He doesn't seat down, just lean against the only desk in the room, I wonder briefly where the chair went. 

"Why did you grow out your hair?" I ask, almost slapping myself for that foolish question. 

"It got too tedious cutting it, not when I could be closing a multi million dollar deal" He says. 

"I like it" I blurt, yeah, stick your foot in your mouth why don't you Anadia?? His eyes warms and I decide to stop beating around the bush and just talk with him. 

"I didn't come back because I was still hurting" I say and he shuts down, obviously surprised.

I don't wait for him to say something, I continue, it's best to get this out of the way. 

"When I found out what you had done I had to think, come to terms and reevaluate everything, I had to make sure I knew myself, find myself, I questioned everything and that's not something someone should ever have to do in life.

Its hard to think that maybe you fell for someone because of their money. It was hard to think that maybe you were the one made your self get hurt, maybe you deserved it? "I say and he doesn't say a word.

Just watches me as I continue. 

" I didn't return, not because I didn't love you, not because I didn't forgive you, I do, I was hurt and in pain and I had to heal

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. "I say. 

" You didn't give me the chance "He says, his eyes dar

" What?"

" You left, you didn't give me the chance to plead for your forgiveness, you didn't give me the chance to help you heal, you did not stay long enough to help me heal either "He says and my heart pangs. 

I know what he's saying is true, at the time I was so blinded by my pain and anger that I didn't think that he was in pain too. 

Shame swamps me. 

"I know, I have no excuse" I say. 

 "I searched for you, i had to make sure you were okay, but I couldn't find you, i almost ran mad, I ran mad actually, thinking that maybe I had broken you irrevocably"

"You broke me Kane" I say.

"Im sorry I did, I didn't mean all those things, I had to find a way to get you to stay with me...I had to..." 

 "I had three years to think about it, I think I came to that conclusion all by myself" I say softly. 

"If I had a chance to change things I don't know what I would do.. I almost died without you in my life Ani" 

"Me too" 

"I can't look at a baby without thinking of you, I'm sorry all the stress made us lose him or her, I'm really sorry I had a hand in that" He says. 

"You were hurt too, it was obvious, we made so many plans together, I'm sorry I was too selfish to see your pain" I say. 

He's quiet 

"But that doesn't change anything does it?" He. Asks. 


"It's not going to make you come back to me will it?"


 "How much more time do you need?" He asks. 

"I.. I... Don't know" I say, getting to my feet. 

"Will I get a chance? Another at all? Should I wait? I will take anything you give me Ani" He says, leaning away from the desk. 

I pad to the door, holding it open as I turn. 

"I have to think Kane"

"You had three years to do that, you say you forgive me". 

"Please, just give me time to settle things with my sisters, that's all I ask" I say and his face closes down. 

That wasn't the answer he was looking for but that's all I can give right now. 

As I slide into bed with Aroofa I wonder what it would take to get him to hold me in his arms again. 



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  • Amma picture
    come on Anadia..pls
  • Abena Asima picture
    Abena Asima
    Where does she come from? The day Kane will another woman she will cry pepper
  • Oke Olabisi picture
    Oke Olabisi
    Anaida what now,you better dont let another woman collect kane from you grab your hubby now,thanks bebe
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Anadia, you know you want that man, so why stress him more? Go for what you want before its too late oh
  • Angela David picture
    Angela David
    Anafia forgive him
  • Rita Ighosieta picture
    Rita Ighosieta
    Wao, Anadia, full of drama
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    What's there to think about? She had like 3 effing yrs to do that.....nd the only thing that's holding back Kane from "holding her in his arms" is none other than HERSELF.
  • Chibuzor Ugbagu Eyisi picture
    Chibuzor Ugbagu Eyisi
    Ani, don't make mistake you will later regret
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